What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

If you’re on PC, you can set your save to read-only and get Pimpernels in every element (put the ones you like in Claptrap’s Stash). I thought Zeros generally liked their Pimps to be slag?


Zero did the Arid Nexus maps, going from 27 to 29. I’m definitely liking him now that he has some skill points to work with. One death, right at the start, since I forgot that Hellquist’s studio has fictitious walls (as per the recent video about killing him twice). I killed HH, tossed a Pandemic at the reinforcements, and ducked into “cover”, only to get killed by the grenade splash through the wall.

No real problem with the rest of the run though. Saturn took 1.2x Zero’s AR ammo supply to Hail down, but that’s what the nearby ammo chests are for.

He got a decent Hyperion slag PC from a red chest, and a “loot” midget dropped a Madhous for my seventh ever drop below UVHM. Yay.

Krieg’s luck was less-bad today. His Haunted Hollow run contained two tubbies! :astonished: Making that a grand total of three there in all the time he’s been hunting them this past week or more… And the first one dropped a class mod for him. Granted, not the one he wanted (Sickle; he wants Reaper), and it was at 63 (he’s 65, almost 66), but at least it’s not a useless COM for a different VH. Though in general Krieg’s legendary COMs make me think “Why ya gotta do that?!” in Ellie’s voice, the way they insist on wasting points over in Hellborn… Still, 20 points from a Leg. Reaper should be better than 11 from a blue Crunch, if I can ever find the Reaper.

Tubby #2 dropped a WTF, also at level 63. Sigh. :unamused: Pondering whether to keep it around for Gaige someday, but probably not.

Then he went five rounds with the Hodunks, continuing to not find a Slagga. Then a quick drive around the Dust looking for more tubbies and not finding any.


Sparx has been busy. After the 47489273793392th run through TTAoDK, a brief, but annoying encounter with Spiderpants, and a repeatedly disappearing black chest in Hatred’s Shadow.
(the first one you find on the map, just as you see the first orcs of the level)
When I hit the button to open it, it just vanished with a slight rising motion and then nothing…???

But anyways after (see above number) runs in this DLC chasing a COM that now deserves legendary status for enraging reasons, I have still not found it.

Other news, I’ve been using my newly acquired data for my secret project to do some farming and field testing. Lots of surveillance on map areas, enemy locations, spawn triggers, etc etc…tedious work that’s necessary. Oh, and I dropped a new hint for you guys in my loot survey thread as a thanks for all the help so far :wink:


[quote=“Worblehat, post:422, topic:1562986”]I thought Zeros generally liked their Pimps to be slag?[/quote]image

[quote=“Worblehat, post:422, topic:1562986”]Pondering whether to keep it around for Gaige someday, but probably not.[/quote]Axton gets more out of the shield IEDs if you’re actually considering it for combat. :wink:

[quote=“Ninja_Mrrr, post:423, topic:1562986”](the first one you find on the map, just as you see the first orcs of the level)[/quote]At the top of the first uphill climb at the elbow of that right hairpin turn for the next climb? White chest, no?


I can see why you would, what with the flower spreading it around. In my case, I already have a slag rifle I like (an epic Vladof), and for my first 72 Pimp, I wanted something I would shoot more than once before switching. That meant either acid or shock. (Fire would’ve been super spiffy on Leviathan, but that’s what the Butcher was for.)

If I decide I want a slag Pimp later, I could always reset UVHM, I suppose. Or find someone willing to split theirs.

Day 6: Zer0 finished killing Leviathan. Nothing great drop-wise, aside from a decent upgrade to the slag sniper.

Onward to Maya, 55. Short night. Chewed through all the Opportunity quests and got 56 out of that, as well as a Black Hole from the Foreman. Next up: the BNK3R.


It’s one of the black chest/mimic ones.
It’s the one in a sort of circular shaped short drop off to the left of the main path. Before you reach the guy who got loot ninja’d and the shadow wall you use Magic Missile on to open. The main path has a bit of an incline and sits between said chest and and orc hut.

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Been doing that for years. Occasional bug/glitch. Just happened to me again so many weeks back when I was taking Uncle Salvador through there in UVHM.

Anyway, back to Little Sis! Put in a short session last night. Met Tina, killed Wilhelm, watched Sanctuary disappear, found Sanctuary again. Hanging out at the entrance to WEP now and kinda dreading it.

Had a neat drop though. Nothing too special, just an OP6 Legendary Binder (26%, a 3% increase over her last one). From a tubby stalker in the Highlands. Thing is, I never saw the thing. Got to the building at the cliff overlooking where the first few HOT Loaders and Surveyors spawn. Peeked over, phaselocked one of the 3 or 4 loaders already engaged with stalkers, poured some bullets in from a Hornet, and backed off a little. A couple loaders and stalkers came up after me. After I killed them, I went down to loot containers and so on. Found a peculiar pile of loot. Some ammo, a health, a green item, a blue Vladof RL, and a Legendary Binder COM. Classic tubby/chubby. Odds are one of the HOT Loaders finished it, but maybe it got slagged/etc. by my phaselock. Anyhow. I can now brag that Little Sis doesn’t even have to see the tubbies to kill them. That’s badass. :wink:


not as slimy as what you described. That’s despicable. But, I have had a random join (this was in BL1) and upon joining, instantly downed me. Next thing I hear over my mic is “I’m sorry, I forgot to unequip my ‘death com’.” next thing is “kick!” out of my game. that blew my mind that someone can severely cripple you by simply joining. I am much more reserved on who joins me since then. :innocent:


Lol now i shall find you join your game AND THROW NADES FOR NO REASON

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thats a huge part of my playstyle. While ADS I am constantly moving. not even crouched, just moving while ADS and firing away. I feel that the recoil subsides a bit. I’ve always done that tho. not sure if its my subconscious taking over, but that’s how I play. :wink: constantly strafing and moving forwards/backwards while ADS or hip firing.


In all seriousness i hate people that insta kick you before you can even do ANYTHING…just ■■■■■■■ make the game invite only damnit…

to be fair, there are several scenarios that can be in play here. If you join a game and are immediately kicked, chances are they are saving a space for one of there friends, or a friend of a friend. Its happened while i"m cooping, one last space left and a friend of a friend is having troubles joining. So, you go to public and then see if that refreshed the “negotiation” process of syncing to another game. If that didn’t do it, you go back to friends only. sometimes, invite only.

The connecting to friends issue is still persistant and comes up every now and then for me still. I don’t join random games. I allow access to mine. So, I don’t get caught up in the immediately kicked thing. But, I’ve done it. and I just explained why. Keep an open mind. They aren’t personally trying to hurt your feelings or trick you. you just caught them at a bad time. :wink:


Its normally when there are 1 or 2 people and they never say why…i normally say beforehand and warn them

when I coop, I’m in a party. So, they can’t hear me. lol But, if I wasn’t in a party, I’d say sorry bro. this spot is taken.

There has been one time where is just hit the bad button and just got “who the hell are you?” at least it doesnt happen often

Honestly if im told why im insta kicked i wont care but i just hate the blank like nope no warning no nothing just bye

I hate vacuum players.

You know the ones.

They run around snatching everything without letting anyone even get a look at it.

Like, WTF I probably didn’t even want that stupid green, but I would’ve at least liked to have known what dropped just because…


I’ll be honest, if I’m playing at max level, I’ll pick up anything that’s white or green as soon as I get to it. Above that, yeah, let’s all look, but so few people are gonna be interested in white or green gear at OP8 that I don’t even think about it.

Leveling is another matter, but I don’t think I’ve ever just joined up with randoms during the leveling process.

Another side to this joining/kicking thing?

Last time I joined a random public match was … Huh … Erm …

NEVER? Yeah. Never.

It’s the internet. There’s exactly zero reason to expect it to end well. While the folks here on the forum are generally cool and all, we’re a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of a percent of the players out there, and there are some true buttmonkeys on Plizzanet Earth.

I think mine’s set to friends-only. But Steam friends can drop in without invite (as one did Sunday to help me get through WEP with my TVHM Zer0).

Open public drop-in with randos though? Nah. Also, I’ll not be kicking myself in the teeth or self-castrating with a butter knife. KTHXBAI


Got an OP 8 hammer buster. Have any use??

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Well with the data mining operation a success, I’ve returned to slowly putting along through Sparx Zwei’s UVHM playthrough. Just about to rescue Roland. But my buddy and I planning this project are stuck in a bit of a pickle when it comes to predictability for participation. We’d like for people to willing volunteer without promise of a prize, but unsure just how many actually would do so. We’re working on a boatload of new and (Possibly considered) original content to try out in Borderlands 2. Nothing to do with modding or any of that either - straight pure in-game purity, with a creative twist of course.

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