What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Have you tried a Hammer Buster before?

As soon as I read the wiki page for it after I got one at level 64, I gave it a try. Killed stuff so fast I farmed for another one at 68. I treat it as a weapon you wield in place of acid and shock, and often fire. Nails anything you slag, and often doesn’t even require that.

Is there a good link somewhere I can read that describes “standard” BL co-op etiquette? I’m at the point where I should probably get the revive skins, and I almost always solo…

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I could have sworn that we had one here, but I’m having trouble finding it? If there isn’t one, we really should start one.

@Ninja_Mrrr is it for any platform?

I found these?


As of now we’re only on 360, but might possibly be extending across platforms to include as many people as possible. However this may exclude PC contenders for a bit longer than the console players. But the plan is to eventually be able to provide access to all.

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This is the thread that came to my mind: Things that annoy you in online play

Presumably that covers all the “what not to do” info…

Personally, I’m with TheRAbbi. After many years of MMOs, “PUGs are bad, mmmkay, don’t do PUGs!” (PUG = pick-up group, aka playing with randos, in case that jargon isn’t well known outside the MMO genre). So my Steam achievements max out at 67/69, oh well.


I’ve been quoted on an internet forum in a non-bad way?! Bucket list update commencing!

Oh, and Little Sis ran the WEP today. One midget, no drops. Didn’t have Doctor’s Orders active. Just wanted to get it over with; it’s the last time I have to see rabid stalkers for a bit. Got gangpiled by 4 at once in the Highlands yesterday, so I’m kinda over those. At one point, had three UBA loaders on me at once too. Like the game’s trying to tell me something…

I realized earlier that I’ve gotten more pearlescent weapons from random lootables than I have legendaries from Bloodwing’s loot room. Is that not the stingiest pair of red chests in the game?!

And I’m spent. Got an early meeting tomorrow. (I normally work 2-10:30pm, and I’ve got an 8:15-12:00 marathon tomorrow, and once a month for at least the next two years. I am NOT a morning person.)


With the chatting over on the Cloud Kill thread ( is it overpowered? Yes, it is ) , I thought I’d just say that at my current level (62), Unf0rseen is damn near perfect.

At 5/5 it’s a fantastic finisher and at 11/5 it’s a weapon. Love it.

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Day 7 - another short day. Maya takes on the Bunker. Replaced her 50 Flamehawk shield with the 56 Black Hole. Meanwhile, a 50 Cuting Slagga combined with her elemental build means she’s been melting damn near everything. Nothing special dropped from BNK3R or Marcus’ shop after Angel, but at the end of Sawtooth, I had a loot midget drop a Homing Bonus Package, and the chest at Anna’s hideout had a Leg Siren mod.

Cloud Kill is indeed OP. Esp. combined with Converge and Ruin. And then, ohh, I dunno, a few rockets.

Also OP: hand-me-down legendaries. UVHM’s getting easier and easier. That said, I foresee a brief haitus in my BL2, since I bought Wolfenstein on a lark. We’ll see.


Has anyone been to the Gearbox Facebook page to take their survey? It seems the survey is about favorite weapon (and why), favorite manufacturer and a couple of other things as well. Can’t say that I do the social media thing so I’m curious as to how that is going…

Took a friend and his buddy along for the ride today (one at lv.46 the other at lv.54) We went from Wildlife Exploitation Preserve and Bloodwing all the way to the beginning of Hero’s Pass. And by the powers were these two heavy passengers with no common sense…they keep making the mistake of trying to keep up with me and the mobs I was sort of bypassing/fighting halfass…just basically in the fast lane trying to get these missions DONE.

Only when we reached Saturn had they finally figured out to stay back where it’s safe. So. Many. Revives. But it was comical to hear them cussing at how overwhelmed they were by just a single enemy.

Mental stress aside, they finished out at lv. 55 and lv. 51…not too shabby.

Also! Project partner is possibly going to be streaming a test run of Punishment, giving viewers complete control over the run. Our next, new projects will be about a week away when he can use Xbox live again and co-op with me for them. I’ll happily provide his channel should any of you wanna take a gander!

His channel is: Vanilla Gaming

Soon as I know when he is gonna live stream, I’ll update you guys!


Honestly i dont care it what im looking.for has no prefix its better than nothing…

Not Really, but that’s why I only use the BarRoom Brawl to Power Level anyone, and of the few games I do let randoms into, I’ve already completed that mission, as that’s the first place they run to if they enter my game

the only times I join Random Games is if I’m having trouble joining a friends game and I try that work around, otherwise I allow Randoms to select games I host

On Topic
Power Leveling people last night I did allow :wink: @Kurtdawg13 to join in the fun, he even found a Relic he could use. And a First, had an OP 8 Baby Maker Drop in the Bar


What’s funny is I saw you in my menu with a full party 4/4 in the Pete’s Bar Tier 3. I was co-oping with @farsight37 with dual Axtons trying to finish up Fink’s Slaughter. I brought up that I was meaning to join one of your sessions to go down and punk Pete. farsight said you’ll get your chance. and he was right. I waited till a spot opened up on the menu and joined. asked if it was cool and LunaticOne said “come on in”

Before doing so I want to recap my co-op with farsight: Made it to the Badass round before farsight had to sign off. Something about needing to eat, yada yada. LMAO, I gave him ■■■■ for it. lol
I was having a blast with my Axton so if farsight wasn’t going to stay to finish the badass round, I’d take my Axton on through the OP8 UVHM storyline. Made it to WEP and decided to pick up Doctor’s Orders before heading to WEP for obvious reasons. :wink: farsight is still in my game cause we are having a great time just chatting and bullshitting. :slight_smile:

When we made it to the cardboard boxes, i stopped and asked farsight if he’d mind if I opened all the boxes at the same time? We’ll make this exciting! :smile: He was game. So, what ensued was hilariously awesome. When he signed off for the night, I continued this method on my own with moderate success. Both of us doing it was pretty easy. Solo, this was a bit of a challenge depening on RNG and what Loot Midgets spawned. Some, are tougher than others. And when flying ones spawn, especially multiple, it gets tough. Died twice in a row on 1 run just to put it in perspective. lol
I recorded that but forgot to upload it last night. prob. because I jumped into @LunaticOne powerleveling session.

Here are some of the drops from the LLM in WEP:

So, back to my joining @LunaticOne powerleveling sesh. I went down to Pete and died. :astonished: I was completely flabbergasted over this. Can’t remember last time I died fighting Pete. Keep in mind i was ahab/pimping him which typically kills him in seconds. For some reason, my money shot chain that proc’d did NO damage to him at all. I chalked it up to co-op lag. what I was seeing didn’t make a lot of sense. I was on target. I was hitting him but his health did not move. I acutally laughed and starting discussing this with Lunatic who also, seemed surprised at my death. Well, needless to say, I went back and took care of him the way I should have the first time. nothing of note dropped. killed myself to get back up top and Lunatic can continue his powerleveling. I decided to re-join with my Axton and helped LunaticOne powerlevel. We had some cool drops in there. First time i’d seen a Baby Maker drop in there. Here’s the Allegiance relic I think is an upgrade to what I have on my relic mule.

Here’s the Baby Maker


another Friend who Fell asleep, then woke up and left, he would turn the mission in to speed the process up. Knew something was up when he quit turning it in and I heard snoring in the party chat


Sent Sparx rampaging in our signature chaotic style with the gamer crew in Sawtooth Cauldron. We were experimenting with loot midget spawn numbers and the number of players involved. It was good fun - so much so that we forgot to record data and ended up just goofing around.

And I have apparently acquired a couple of catchphrases. I didn’t realize that I said them as much as I did, but I guess my cohorts thought they were funny and iconic enough to deem them so. The only one that I can share in typographical form that will make sense is the one I say when something catches me off guard. Like getting jumped by an unseen enemy or a loot midget popping out. But when that I happens I usually exclaim:
“What the cold cut combo!?”

The other one will have to wait for footage to reveal. And for those interested, my partner Jonas will be live streaming via Facebook a co-op one life run tonight very soon. And possibly play Punishment I think.


Subway may have a sponsorship offer soon!


“I swear I had something for this…” -Sterling Archer, aka ‘Duchess’


Here’s the stream guys! He’s playing Brink right now, but getting ready to switch to BL2.

Lol joined a game and saw more of those blue legendary coms and even a legendary ranger com with no skill point bonuses…the hell is with those things