What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Modded items that do more than they are actually supposed to. Try to keep clear of them, they can corrupt data. Best to save and quit to get out of a lobby with them just in case.

I’d honestly be tempted to dashboard, unless I knew I had something critical unsaved that I really wanted to keep.


Yeah good advice from the both of you…my sniper com may not be perfect but its more than good enough


I always forget about the dashboard option. But yes, if you’re at a point where you can do this, do it. If I had picked up it up, I would drop it, force save my character (disable, then re-enable my BAR), then dashboard out. Just in case it decided to somehow latch on to my character’s inventory.

Finally had a bit of time to play. Krieg did another farming round in the Dust. Killing the Black Queen dinged him to 66, yay. No tubbies, and no Slagga drop in ten runs at the Hodunks.


Today’s activity - shifting a lot of gear around. Zero will have to figure out what level 29-30 stuff to keep and what to sell, since it has pretty much filled his backpack now. :slight_smile: Gaige and Sal also have a few new goodies to work with.

Sal rescued Roland. Very fast run as usual with him these days. He died once when the only enemy left was a nomad torturer who was hiding behind his shield while standing behind a pipe. Too much cover for Sal to get around on his knees. At the end Sal got the fastest possible W4R-D3N kill, one-shotting it (he had the Lady Fist in the main hand instead of the Rubi, so tons of crit for the ROM). Back to Sanctuary for milkshakes, I mean the start of the next quest. Level 52 now, and only a few more quests before he’s free to divert into DLCs.


Is everyone on vacation? :confused: I know some folks are still finishing off the old thread, but there were a bunch of us here just a few days ago…

On topic - Krieg farmed the Hodunks six times, and finally got a new Slagga. Only one level under (65), so yay, sort of… Then he did a Dust tubby run, finding nothing as usual, and farmed Boll six times looking for new Fastballs, without result. The way things are going he might end up reaching 72 just by cycling between the Hodunks, Boll, Bulwark, and tubby runs. Need higher drop rates!

Since Sal was fun and fast last night, I took him out again today. Tundra Express went very well, one of the few times Mighty Morphin wasn’t dangerous (even with two mutants out at once). Money-shotting buzzards out of the sky was fun, too. :slight_smile: Onwards to Wilhelm, who lasted about five seconds. One ROM cycle while the Rubi was getting slag to proc, then swap to the Lady Fist as the ROM reloaded, bang-BANG! Wilhelm’s dead (about 75% of his health bar in one M$). Finally got the Wilhelm BAR challenge with Sal, too.

Onwards to BLFC. Inspired by another thread today, I tried to do it without visiting the Fridge. Doesn’t quite work though. After turning in Rising Action you have to step inside to progress the waypoint, but then technically you can fast travel to Lynchwood, say Heyooo! to Steve, drive to the Outwash exit, and not find the Gluttonous Thresher. So I did the map backwards, then forwards again. Lady Fist + ROM two-shotted the constructor as you’d expect. Sal almost took out GT before it could dive and generate the shield - I suspect that’s scripted and you’re not allowed to kill it that fast. But full shield and health-gate sized sliver of health didn’t last long.

Then Sal had the best Overlook defense since I had characters doing it in NVHM - no snarky comments from Jack about how I suck at defending the beacon! :astonished: :grinning:

I’m loving the Deputy, as you can probably tell. Level 53 now, unlocked farming for Strikers whenever I start to need an upgrade to the ROM, time to head over to Tina’s and start looking for a Monk COM next time.


tumbleweed rolls quietly past


I agree with the drops being stingy.

There’s still things I want to try out but with limited game time , I cant waste too much farming the same things over & over.

I think its getting to the point where I might just have to trade.

Once you get to where the Gluttonous Thresher is supposed to spawn, you can jog over to the big door where the Constructor spawns in to trigger the New-U station. Then, Mr. Thresher should appear for your dispatching pleasure.

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Tried farming the fastball and striker yesterday. No results sadly. I haven’t had a fastball ever that I can remember

Day 8 - After a brief hiatus where I played through Wolfenstein: The New Order after getting it on sale, Maya beat the Warrior around level 58, then went to 60 on Eridium Blight quests, then started clearing Lynchwood. McNally dropped a 61 Cowboy Hammer Buster - oh well, one more level until she can use it. Shot a bunch of cars in the Dust before remembering she had the Hyperion Contract quest, crap. Oh well. With her ruin build, it’ll be hard as hell to control what bandits die of anyway.

Lynchwood’s now about half done. Two of the four optional goals for Hyperion done. I would’ve done a third, but way too many bandits died of that crazy corruption DoT.


You have to trigger the fast travel at the Fridge side of Outwash first.


if I had known you was taking pictures, Iwould have cleaned up some of the trash off the floor :relaxed:
now everyone knows what a trashy Bar I keep :joy: :wink:


You may not be aware but…People have started to murmur…

We’ve all known about how you keep your BAR…



Snowman has been stingy the last few days so I am running tubbies in the Dust today. Not sure what I’m looking for, but fun nonetheless!


Did a few Midget farming runs in Thousand Cuts with my Rough Rider/Banshee Maya, got a Shock Bone, only OP6 though

Respecced my mid 50s Zero to melee for the first time since NVHM and ran the Tina DLC up to the Kings. Most fun I’ve had in that DLC dealing with the skeletons. Not looking forward to the Kings, but only a half level from Kunai which should help


Short night tonight, just Sal starting up Tina’s DLC, ending at the start of Immortal Woods. One FFYL, against the Warlord, but it wasn’t hard to get back up (second wind off the warlord - style points! :stuck_out_tongue: ). No Monk COM yet, not that I expected any. The Forest seems like the best farming area, though I’ll finish IW first in case chests there contain anything useful. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a painful and lengthy ordeal like Ninja_Mrrr’s CN Necromancer saga!


Day 9 - Lynchwood. Bloodshot. Sawtooth. Caverns. Quests and their XP dropping like rain. Maya went from 61 to 63, and anything she even paints with her level 50 Cuting Slagga melts between the slag and Acid Cloud, let alone phaselock. I’ve deliberately tried to stick to phaselock to slow down the death and let her farm the crouching achievement and skin with her Hammer Buster. …she’s got about 1400 to go now. I keep thinking about just bagging UVHM for now and taking her back to normal to farm, but I figure I may as well get XP while I’m at it.

Noticed the huge difference my leg COM makes in letting me kill Blue. Without it, I can’t kill his legs before he regrows them, even with the Buster. Meanwhile, threshers are my bane, since I can’t heal off of them. Bleah.


I finished pushing myself through op8 with a friend on my Krieg and we headed out to kill Pete. With 2 other randoms it wasn’t too hard although we had a casualty rate (I was one of the 2 that made it so score)
We didn’t find too much in terms of loot from him. I managed to get an op7 corrosive fastball from boll witch is kinda helping me force my way through the story mode.