What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Got lucky earlier. One of my buddies didn’t know about the Rocko’s Modern Strife thing to eliminate enemies for midget farming, so he started doing it. But thankfully, I travelled so it made it “fail” the mission. I thought that would still mess it up, but it did not. As long as you either a) don’t talk to Rocko or B) fail the mission midway, the exploit still works.

And also…working on my BAR so there’s that.


Day 10 - More quests. Three Horns. Southpaw. Fridge. Fink. Maya graduated to Zero’s old level 64 Buster, then on to 66. Farmed some eridium on GunMule01. (I wonder what other people do? The Leprechaun seems fastest to me for a solo level 15; good for a quick 8 to 12.) Found runner skin #68; one to go. About 1200 kills left to AR skin.


Day 11 - More quest grinding for Maya. Highlands. Clan War. Tundra. Level 68. 900 AR kills left. Grind grind grind.


I finally had some time to play BL2 some more.

Krieg did yet more farming, looking for Fastballs. First run, Savage Lee spawned by the fast travel and dropped a Harold at level 64, then Boll dropped a level 66 incendiary Fastball. Don’t care about the Harold, but the Fastball is nice. Unfortunately I incorrectly calculated that the level 62 explosive I’m trying to replace was still marginally better than the new fire Fastball (which would be true against loaders or element-neutral enemies, but is quite wrong if one accounts for the fire vs. flesh multiplier :dukefp: ). So I wasted time doing five more runs looking for an explosive Fastball and finding only a level 65 Harold. Lee was both generous and fond of the fast travel today, apparently.

Onwards to Haunted Hollow, where Krieg found the normal number of tubbies (0). Getting close to 67, at least.

Then Sal helped the Crestfallen Player and became a Knight of Cupcakes and Justice and Stuff (and level 54). Carpet bombing dense spawns (particularly crystal skeletons) with Double Your Fun Bonus Packages was quite entertaining. :slight_smile: :boom: Since that’s as far as he’s going in Tina’s DLC until level 72, it was time to go back to The Forest and do a bit of chest farming looking for a Monk COM he can use. No luck so far, but I have established that tagging a couple pixies and just running through without fighting anything works fine. It’s not like Sal cares about getting Bees, so no need to waste the time fighting.


Farming with Sal - three sprints through the first half of the Forest, no Monk COMs. Having a double speed buff from the two pixies was pretty amusing though.

Time to take a break and do something that isn’t farming. So Zero finished NVHM, my sixth and final character to do so. Hero’s Pass and the Warrior were the same routine as always at this level. Sniping to Save the Turrets (BAR passed 50k, woohoo!), Lady Fist for the constructors. Zero got good use out of Unforeseen, since that took out the digi-Jacks nicely and made that fight even faster. It’s convenient how Jack holds still to be Lady Fisted to death when he turns to call for reinforcements at his console. Then Lady Fist Way of the Warrior as is traditional. Ding 30, half a level left until kunai!

Then back to farming. Krieg did four HH runs, and he found a tubby! :astonished: And it dropped an orange buzz-axe blade!! :smiley: Legendary Torch… :unamused: I’m starting to wonder if Krieg will find a Legendary Reaper around the time Zed finds a usable spleen…

Since Sal and Krieg are both hunting COMs, what the heck, I’ll take Axton out to look for a Leg. Soldier. Off to the snowman, and after a looong fight mostly hiding back at the rear corner of the elevator Axton finally killed it. Nothing useful from the train, sadly. I continue to be disappointed in Axton’s wimpy dps and poor survivability.


What level is your Axton? I’ve never felt wimpy in the dps department. Guess it depends on your playstyle. But a torque build with a grenadier com. Or if you got ucp(L. grenadier which is unfair from a console user pov but more power to you). I’m trying a dahl allegiance build but if you want easy I can’t really say it is. Depends on how well you use dahl. And I’m pretty sure if your worried about skills the cookie cutter is a good mob and boss build and it has lvl50 and 61 variants I think. As for Shields the bee can add dps for you while the turrets take fire. Otherwise an antagonist from the vender or blockade from the raid boss work great or a sham.

Also to add some input for my recent session I was farming the pimp. Sandhawk and rapier. Pimps in all flavors and sandbanks with the flying prefix in fire and shock. And obviously the only good rapier which is slag. Screwed up the whoops quest by accepting it at lvl 72​:expressionless: the second run. Lucky enough the to get a Banbury fire and flying fire sandhawk in only a few runs. Next up is a slag pimp to try the offhand glitch. Used it with a fire pimp and a Ahab and it’s stupid powerful even though not maxed. Now to farm tina class mods to boost money shot potential. Basically want this stuff to :fuelpump: my raid addiction that’s about to start.


Well I just started my first allegiance playthrough, I have made it more difficult by using a character that I am unfamiliar with, Kreig (manufacturer Vladof). I have only played him once and that was only through normal mode. This has been a steep learning curve on many fronts. Have reached level 14 but am still lacking a shield and relic. I may have made a mistake with choosing Vladof for the manufacturer but I didn’t want to make it to easy with Torgue or Bandit, now I am thinking I should have just made it easy.
Any suggestions on what some good items are that I should target? I picked up an infinity (level 9) and have a storm front (level 13) for the grenade mod so that is pretty much how I am surviving right now.


@kiwigjt any Meat Man is a good Meat Man, but my first concern is what com ? I don’t think they make one.
Here:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: That used to be a simple link until a few days ago … Anyhow if you look down in the BL2 section it has all Vladof’s gear. From it i think you’ll be ok for weapons, a Transformer or any absorb shield offering resistance to elements (maybe not fire in the long run), the 1340 Shield can come with that. You might need to bend the self imposed rules a tiny bit :wink: Good luck and i hope that helps, and i didn’t just mention something you already know :+1:


Axton is 56, building towards Double Up/Gemini (currently has Double Up, Longbow, and about halfway through the survival tree). Regarding the UCP, as noted in other threads, my position is disinterest and mild disdain. :slight_smile: The Bee - if Axton needs it in situations where other VHs don’t, that’s pretty much the definition of wimpy dps right there. Anyway, he’s been mostly retired for about six months now. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that he’s a very poor match for me. If he could get a Leg. Soldier and/or reach 68, he’d probably be OK, but neither is very likely to happen.

On topic:

Sal did a couple more Forest runs looking for a Monk COM. The second time he went all the way down to the mimic chest in the orc camp, and it had three Monks! All purple with +4 M$, sadly, but one was CE with +5 Asbestos. Comparing performance on treants with the Leg. Berserker, the Monk wins handily, even a garbage purple like that. Good enough for now.

Next, he did the Ol’ Slappy quest to unlock Striker farming. Naturally a Striker dropped, and equally obviously it had useless parts (mag size 3). :roll_eyes: Then Sal chilled with some bandits because I like that side quest, and went back to Sanctuary while I decide what to do next with him.

Gaige did the WEP and reached level 42. One death, because unlike Krieg and Sal she does not laugh at rabid stalkers. She did get the Pimon & Tumbaa challenge done, though. Lots of purples and blues during the run, but by far the best loot drop was a perfect parts green Coach Gun. That’s a nice gun! :heart_eyes:

Then one more HH run with Krieg before logging off. Nothing, as usual.

I’d just suggest that you do casual allegiance rather than strict allegiance. I believe every single one of Krieg’s COMs is from Bandit, so you’re going to have at least one empty slot if you go strict allegiance. Items - I think the only Vladof gear my Krieg has right now is the Rapier. It’s fairly easy to get and you’ll never need to replace it (it’s for stabbing things, so gun damage is irrelevant). Good luck!


Sad to here about your lonely Axton. But to give advice on Tina com farming I suggest the two chests near the flamerock map entrance at unassuming docks. You go up the stairs by the house and grab the chest there and then jump down by the nearest boat and grab that chest. I got a true neutral monk. Not preferred since the blue has more money shot. But still took it. Took me 2 runs so a bit lucky


Day 12 - Level 68 means it’s Buster farming time! 23 runs yields a 69 Horse. Sigh. Good enough I guess.

Picking up the single quests scattered all over Pandora now. Stopped in the NS Annex, and died a few times in round 2; one of them to a tubby varkid that dropped a 70 Pointman mod. Next attempt succeeded and got me a 70 Quasar for my trouble. Round 3 spawned another tubby with a 68 leg Binder. So now I have the 56 Siren for mobbing and this other one for teamplay, I guess. Then round 5 sent yet another tubby with a 70 Stocking Bunny. Then Mothrakk drops a 68 Skullmasher (meh).

Level 70. About 500 AR kills to go.

Lots of loot shuffling to make more room after all those legs filled her pack. Found out my Gaige hasn’t been selected for almost a year exactly, and hadn’t even found Claptrap’s house in TVHM. And now she has two leg COMs.


Thanks heaps, I had noticed after I imposed these rules on myself that I had to “bend the rules” to allow myself to have a com. I realised that all of the com’s for Kreig are bandit. I chose vladof as I like their sniper rifles and knew their AR’s were bullet hoses but didn’t even think of com’s at the time. I still think it should be a great challenge for me.
I thnk Pimon will be getting a few visits from me when I get to the wildlife preserve. Thanks again for the tips.


The COMs in the game don’t seem to have a gimmick/manufacturer correlation the way shields/weapons/grenades do, so I don’t think they add anything to the $manufacturer playstyle. Everyone draws the line somewhere for this though. Serious extremists would forego using relics, since they aren’t made by any weapon manufacturers, where the other end of the spectrum might have someone only using the four weapons in any given loadout match manufacturer. There’s no right answer.

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Yeah, I am far from a serious extremist in this regard, it is my first attempt into any sort of an allegiance run. I might find it addictive but at this stage…I think not.

Last few sessions…

Finished the Tina DLC with Melee Zero, had to restart the Handsome Sorc fight 3 or 4 times, once he would get the flying dragon out in the third stage I’d struggle to keep track of all the DoT Sources and get killed without a good FFYL gun. Eventually figured out how to get some decent executes to take him down quickly.

Killed Gettle and Mobley for about a level worth of XP without a Lyuda, brought my total with Zero to 6 Verucs and 0 Lyudas. Gave up on them and decided to try Savage Lee for a FFYL gun, got a Hard Harold on the third run.

Ran the Peak with Maya and got a Butcher :smile: in slag…:frowning: from WTF


Day 13 - Maya is now my fourth 72. Halfway through Big Game Hunt. 250 AR kills left. I’m seriously considering leaving these side quests unfinished - I obviously don’t need the XP anymore, and the side quests challenge is maxed. Might wait for prestige.

No good loot.


Thanks, I just looked at the loot map for Unassuming Docks and there are more chests than I remembered there. Definitely worth a visit as a change from all the Forest farming Sal did.

Not much activity tonight. Krieg did enough HH runs to reach 67 (six runs), and found zero tubbies as usual. :unamused: I wouldn’t mind tubby-farming so much if the tubbies would at least show up. Looking back, he’s been at this for about three weeks and has found four tubbies (Leg. Titan, Bunny, Leg. Sickle, Leg. Torch).

Then Axton did the loot train again. I thought I remembered a Bee at a level he could use, and indeed I was correct. That made the fight quite a bit faster, as you’d expect. No particularly useful loot though.

The other characters are suffering from a bit of story repetition burnout. Sal needs to progress the main story quite a bit to unlock the Neo, and he’s at about the same stage in UVHM as Gaige is in TVHM. And Zero’s next step is Tina’s DLC, which Sal just did about half of a few days ago. Ugh, bored!


I usually farm Dragon Keep, Unassuming Docks, and Mines of Avarice most out of those DLC maps. If you go to Mines of Avarice you can just backtrack to Immortal Woods and get two chests easy without much fuss. Also for Unassuming Docks, I go to Flamerock Refuge and then travel back to it for efficiency. Two chests right nearby (up the stairs and on the boat ahead. Beware that it’s in a spot where you get a boundary warning) then three way off to the left of the travel gate and just one off to the far right. And those are only black chests, I don’t bother with the side chests since I’m searching for COM’s.


Haven’t had much time this week because work but I got a few hours in.

I’m working on moving a Maya up through uvhm and up to op 8. My current main Maya did too many mission rewards at op0. So now I need to bring up a new one.

Moved her up through Wilhelm doing most sides missions along the way. Found an all Dahl corrosive pitchfork in a vending machine. Found a nice slag anarchist in bloodshot stronghold. Wilhelm dropped a nice longrider with a Jacobs grip.

Moved a zero a bit in tvhm. Can’t find any gear that I like though. I’m level 47 and just need to grind to the end so I can run for level 50 loot.

I ran the striker for an hour earlier and had four tubbie stalkers in the first three runs. Nothing good lootwise but it’s usually a tubbie every twenty runs type place lol.


Hopped into Badlands to try to Bore Saturn with a badly under-leveled Pimp and got a Tubby Skag, they have to be the least intimidating creature on Pandora. Gave me a Leg Ninja.

Failed to take down Saturn so I went and grabbed a Bee. After a couple kills with nothing dropping I went to travel back to Sanctuary and ran across another Tubby that gave me another Tubby with dropped another Leg Ninja. I think I found a replacement Tubby farming spot since I was getting tired of seeing nothing in the Dust.

Went back to Maya and ran through Southpaw. Not a good run, kept getting caught by the Lunatic Bombers, but I made it through. Had an odd thing happen, slagged myself with a bad scorn throw and it triggered one of Zero’s quotes for when he’s slagged. Never had that happen before.