What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!



I think the better way to test it is near an archway such as you were trying to fire under when you were fighting BARex.

It’s possible it’s coincidence that they are the same : the arcs may be different but happen to come down to hit the wall at the same height.

I’ll try that with Zer0 later ( Velocity is much more extreme and can show results more dramatically ).

Either way it looks like it’s not a big deal.


Took a break from peaking with Salvester, Maytastrophe, and Kriegtopher, so back to the misadventures of (Im)Patient Zer0 and his imaginary friend. Also, I think my repeated fails with Kriegtopher may have taught (Im)Patient Zer0 a little patience.

I realized that (Im)Patient Zer0 had quite a bit of unfinished vanilla business, so I goaded him into getting a voice box in Opportunity. Jack’s double made him respawn once, and I guess I was overly harsh as I cackled at his misfortune, so he played it cautious the next time. After that he snuck around getting audio samples and dialed in to email said samples to Angel. After that, disgusted by the sound of his new voice, he began the climb to the bunker. He grabbed a Longbow 0.0 Pandemic from the red chest by the bridge and then tore ass up the hill. With an on level Teapot, an on level Bee, an on level corrosive Bandit quad, and an underleveled corrosive Lyuda he tackled the hill head on. All that sweet gear made short work of the constructors, and now it’s time for the BNK3R. Bore is sweet. :grin: 1 respawn in the Control Core, and then he bore witness to the death of Roland. :disappointed_relieved: After looting Marcus’s store room he got a new objective from Mordecai and decided that was enough jogging for one day, so I let him settle in for a nap.


Trying to finish DLC4 at OP8, but all those annoying enemies are driving me crazy… I need to use Bee shield constantly for non-boss fights - even rabid skags are better than that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I will drop down to OP0 & rush through the story…

(The only map I like is Hatred’s Shadow, which feels like “normal” BL2 mobbing)

Relax time: I started my Zer0 playthrough tonight!

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MayaHelpYou volunteered to run a couple of errands for Marcus and Ailstair, both of which were conveniently in Caustic Caverns. On the way, she dropped in on some old friends, one of whom gave her a lovely parting gift:

Onwards to the Caverns, which turned out to be great fun. Echoes recovered, photos found, and a minecart moved. Returning to Sanctuary, though, and MayaHelpYou decided it would be better to help Moxxi than Marcus. This turned out to be a good move:

Moxxi was so greatful, she actually pulled out a Heart Breaker with an accessory! Wow! :heart: :two_hearts:


C0rp0rate 0pp0rtunity, More Bandit Bl00dshed

A lot of destruction in Opportunity left in the wake of C0rp0rat0cracy’s brief arrival. Loaderes dismantled, Engineers laying in fountains of their own blood, and a certain body double of a well-known dictator painted with the bullets of his own company’s weaponry. Our faceless hero bore witness to how craven Handsome Jack truly is (again) seeing him taze his own daughter to regain control. Before taking on the Handsome Dictator again directly, though, leveling needed to be done (currently 45, Chapter 14’s requirement is 46).

For that, it was back to Fink’s Slaugherhouse for Round 4. Unlike Round 3 where it was a struggle to stay alive after what seemed like an endless amount of ambushes, only two attempts were needed to clear the round, with the first attempt being cut short thanks to corrosive guns of Midget Goliaths. The second attempt, while by no means perfect (still got into some pickes that put him on the edge of death at least twice), was objectively exceptional. Gotta love the Kunai to whittle down Nomads and Goliaths, along with Unf0rseen to take down charging Midgets, and making swiss cheese out of Buzzards with the SMG - with a few instances of B0re triggering with stray bullets hitting the Bandits on the side.


You got 2 Vermi’s to spawn solo? Madness…

I played both TPS and BL2 today. I finally managed to drag my second character (Wilhelm) to 70 in TPS. Leveling up in that game is such a drag.

In BL2 I didn’t really know what I’d go for so I just made a new Zer0 to poke around with a bit. I farmed for a bonus package and Midgemong dropped me a KerBlaster. I might go for a Harold next time. Not the most finesse assassin style but at least Mr. Torgue approves.


Yesterday one of our wholesalers gave us some prepaid Visa cards as thanks for being awesome. What did I do?

I bought every single DLC head & skin.
Life complete.


@iwinux - here’s a quick test to watch the Hail’s arc difference with Velocity.

I compared 1/5 ( 20% ) to 6/5 ( 120% ). The difference is dramatic : the latter increases the overall height by 30-50% and total trajectory distance by 100% or more. Accuracy is affected adversely as well.

By comparison, Accelerate at 1/5 is 4% and at 6/5 is 24%.

Conclusion : it’s probably fine at 6/5 with Accelerate, but very bad with Velocity.


About a year ago… literally a YEAR ago (it was early March), I decided I was going to settle in and get Athena to 70 because she was the closest there.

Spoiler alert: haven’t made it yet. :slight_smile:


There’s a UBA Sorcerer at the far end of Hatred’s Shadow - is this the target for both Chain Lightning and Magic Missile farming?

(Also, what about Fire Storm? I’m confused by the naming of mage / sorcerer / wizard and not sure about which target to farm…)


The Lair of Infinitely Annoying Layout is the best place to farm wizards. There’s a quick way to get from the FT to the spot where they all spawn. I’ll do a quick video for you when I have a chance as it’s hard to describe.

And of course there’s the Magic Slaughter.

Edit : @iwinux - here’s the conflict-free route to farming wizards, sorcerers, blah, blah.

All of the wizards that spawn on the right side are fire mages and can drop the Fireball ( or Fire Storm if UBA )
On the left side, the sorcerers can drop Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Magic Missile.

From where the elevator comes up you can turn left instead and find the spot where the My Dead Brother quest concludes ( it’s connected to the next room). After that quest a bunch of wizards spawn ending in UBAs


That place…spawns two kinds of my most hated enemies (spiders + skeletons) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(EDIT: is Mr. Boney Pants Guy the only skeleton that receives explosive damage buff?? All others just don’t die easily…)

Anyway, I just finished the DLC4 story at OP0 and now it’s time to do the farming at OP8 :yum:


So, funny idea. Dunno why I never thought about this before: minimum level Pimpernel. I’ve always just picked up a lvl 30 one at the end of NVHM for the beginning of TVHM. I kinda wish it would have been slag or lightning but I really don’t have the energy to farm for parts on a level 15 gun.

Also it’s a little funny that Censorbot is telling me to take a picture right as I’m doing so.


Thanks! This looks promising.

@Jefe UPDATE: after some digging, I found out that UBA Sorcerer / UBA Wizard are two kinds of enemy that have different loot pools:

  1. Sorcerer: Lightning Bolt / Chain Lightning
  2. Wizard: Magic Missile Blue / Purple

And there’re no wizards in Temple of Misworship (the place shown in your video) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Now I’ve got Chain Lightning and gonna check out Seer’s Sanctum (“My Dead Brother” related location).

UPDATE again: there’re no wizards in Seer’s Sanctum, either. Only Necromancer, Fire Mage, Sorcerer and their badass variants.


I got a set of tina’s grenade mod san purple magic missile in 1 run in the seer’s sanctum. :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


After getting trolled yet again by one of these:

Dee Lightful continued the mission progress in the Capt Scarlet dlc (BTW, the ‘good’ Capt should totally return for BL3). She’s now at the point where she can farm not only for the ROM but also the Sand Hawk and Pimpernel, which should make Lord of Death’s official OP8 run much, much easier :grin: She’s also collecting Crunch and Blister coms for Ultimate Krieg!!! should he eventually (I hope) reach OP8…


I took all items from Butt Stallion and put them on Sacrificial Altar, trying to summon an UBA Wizard. Results of 50+ attempts: a lot of skeletons :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, cash, explosions, and occasionally an UBA Sorcerer. No wizards.

Considering I don’t actually need a Magic Missile, I’ll farm it later when I have mood for Magic Slaughter…


L31f an Stabby, the assassins, killed Shorty, Laney, and Smash Head in NVHM.


Maytastrophe spent the morning/early afternoon on the run to unlock OP3. A few failures that were pretty comical, sort of like a Monty Python sketch. Nobody expects the SBA surveyors!! Every time except the last failure, which was my very first wall glitched surveyor. And me without a singularity nade. Restart, first eridium chest gives up a shock singularity nade, which she didn’t need on that run, a rat drops an OP1 Rolling Thunder, and then the Assassins died in a neat orderly fashion. Huzzah!, OP3 is hers!! :grin:

Salvester tomorrow. Maybe he’ll try to grab an updated Harold first. Probably not necessary yet, but it’s usually a pretty quick farm, so why not?