What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

C0rp0rat0cracy B0red the BNK3R.

Out of sheer dumb luck too. Didn’t even use the Morningstar acquired from Contract #873.

Long story short: Between that glorious instance of one-shotting a major boss and doing wetwork in Sawtooth Cauldron, he finally picks up a brand new Thinking shotty and a new(er) Transmurdera SMG - along with a bit of a random Pandemic drop. This did not come without bumps and bruises as he took quite a beating from the Sawteeth, especially those Ambush Commanders. So much dying… no wonder Zer0 is a glass cannon.

The misery continued in Data Mining… frickin’ RPG loaders. This is the one time in all of my year or so playing Borderlands 2 where Rabid Skags were not a problem at all (I did square up with one or two but they were taken care of with both Death Bl0ss0m and Unf0rseen so no harm no foul). Also I’ll admit… he cheated to get past Saturn using a Torgue Rocket Launcher found in one of the red cheses - specifically the one above the bus stop. Sometimes you can only do so much when you have nothing to B0rekill it with. Mopped up the rest of the Nexus, including doing Una Baha a favor and getting the Lady Fist in return, and the next session will take on Jack and his Warrior directly. Stay t00ned.

Other than the aforementioned Lady Fist, the only Hyperion loot I managed to find were upgraded Singularity Grenades, not the least important of them being one of a Slag variety. That’ll be key once TVHM is completed and going into the gauntlet that is UVHM. I also think I’ve gotten likely the last Amplify Shield for Mr. Corporate until after the Warrior is dead and the hunt for the Bee Shield begins. This one - with Hyperion’s matching body - had a slightly longer recharge delay and a slightly lowered capcity but I feel it was worth the purchase since it came from a vendor in the Eridium Blight. Recharge rate when it comes to Amp Shields is more important than even Delay or Capacity IMO, especially for the Bee Shield.

(Addendum: I forgot to mention this but my Hyperion Allegiance 0 finally is equipped with one of the purple-rarity class mods from my Golden Key binge… specifically an Unpredictable Killer class mod, with a 40% Team Critical Hit Damage boost, and +4 Fearless, +3 Killer, +2 Ambush skills… I have to say wow. I’m glad I sunk my single solitary point in Fearless to be honest, feels like an Amplify Shield all on its own. It’s primarily useful in FFYL situations.)


With this one, just once. My main Maya has 13 resets.
I think I’ve reset about 35, maybe 40 times in total.


The 977 per day surprised me when I worked it out. Going through normal I’ll run through an area again after the missions, eg Caustic Caverns to boost up the count for Crys’s & Threshers, make sure I get to level 5 eventually.
A lot of using one gun type, maxing it, then moving to the next one. It makes it a touch more interesting & challenging instead of just completing the missions & farming.


sounds about like I do when I play the game, though I use the BarRoom Brawl a lot to finish off a lot of the Gun, Shield and Nade Challenges, as it is quicker then just running around the maps for them


@BrisbaneGreg- and here I thought Prestige-ing my Original 6 3x each was a lot! :rofl: Congrats!
@LunaticOne- that’s a good tip- I’m about to start Prestige-ing my second generation VH’s- none of them will get the trading or dueling challenges unfortunately as I mostly play solo (guess I’ll just have to max out a couple other challenges- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle anyone? :grin:).


Don’t worry its normal. 1 Peak run using melee zero and my hands will cramp already.

This is the reason why I like Melee zero better raiding than mobbing, raiding it will only take you 5-10 minutes but for mobbing like the peak maybe 20-40 minutes.


Zer0 finished Hunting the Firehawk at level 12. Did this along the way:

First time leveling up a Goliath more than twice :stuck_out_tongue:


Official: C0rp0rat0cracy is a Certified Badass (Again)

But wow did the journey’s ending suck. So… getting to and entering Hero’s Pass was not all too difficult. Then it ceased being all unicorns and rainbows when it came time to deal with both the SBA Loader at the midpoint of the map, and the SBA Constructor right at the end (counted six deaths in total on just those two nuisances alone). And it was more of the mobs surrounding it that caused problems, not the big game themselves ironically enough.

Those were peanuts however compared to the Warrior. The fight becomes increasingly more difficult compared to NVHM when the Warrior gets stronger and Zer0, frankly, gets no more rigid without Adaptive and Turtle Shields. Add in Crystalisks that continue to throw explosive shards at you and you’ve got one tedious, long, infuriating final boss fight. Eventually, with C0rp0rat0cracy’s positioning and well-timed usage of said Crystalisks for second winds, the faceless one felled the alien god, and spent the better part of four hours trying to get a Conference Call. He finally got it at the fourth hour. Social prefix, Hyperion grip (good for world-record reloads!), Bandit stock. Would have loved the stock to match too but it’s usable.

Since killing the Warrior, the man has been on a mission to collect three more key Hyperion pieces of gear, the Bitch SMG (not yet), the Bee Shield (Get!), and the Invader (WIP, Saturn goes down like a you-know-what to the Conference Bee combo but he refuses to yield my beloved sniper rifle >_>).


I’ve not been here for a bit, but I did help someone deal with Terra yesterday :slight_smile:


Kriegtopher decided he was gonna get Salvester a Rough Rider as a good luck gift for his hikes on the Peak, but first he figured he’d grab an on level Harold to keep the playing field level, maybe a Fastball for good measure. The search for a Harold only took 2 save/quits, but an on-level Fastball eluded him for the next 2. So off to Aegrus he went. 2 swipes at the Bulwark, no dice. Try again tomorrow I guess.

Update: Back to Pandora this afternoon. Kriegtopher got Salvester Rough Rider, and told Maytastrophe about it. Not to be outdone, she set out to get him a new Neogenator as a peak-warming gift. On the way she got, and accidentally sold (oh noes), an on level Hellfire. 2 tries later she came up with an updated Neogenator that she left in Claptrap’s stash next to the Rough Rider from Kriegtopher. Now to watch Salvester get settled in at the peak in the am. Laters, players. :sunglasses:


Bloodsplosion is fair right?


Maxed out the Hurly Burley and killing thresher challenges as well as picking up another rank of Quick Draw, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle and Blue Sparks…


Saturn Finally C0ncedes /Terramorphous Gets C0ns0lidated (or, my first Raid Boss)

Finally, after what seems like an eternity more of farming for it, Saturn concedes the Invader sniper rifle. It’s far from perfect, but the prefix (Venture) is good, it’s corrosive (good against Hyperion enemies) and after constantly Bee Calling Saturn you start to not care what parts are on your prize. Vladof grip, Jakobs stock in this case. Now all that remains is bashing, busting, and b0ring the BNK3R to get the Bitch SMG. Afterwards it’s time to charge headfirst into UVHM.

Figured that now that the seemingly perpetual search for the Conference Call was done (and having already had The Bee at that point in time), it was time to take on that ugly, hideous blight on the world known as Terramorphous. Man, was it glorious to have the Conference Call make thresher meat out of the so-called Invincible Terra, and him missing blind as a bat trying to hit up close. Unfortunately what had emerged out of his sinkhole wasn’t too great (only Zer0’s Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mod, virtually useless considering C0rp0rate has an Unpredictable Killer and Legendary Hunter mod to his name already).


Salvester unlocked OP3 this morning, much to my amusement. Taking a little break from the peak, Salvester gave CrAxton his level 72 Pocket Rocket, which he promptly took for a tropical sojourn on Wam Bam Island. Injected some varkid pods, followed some drunken varkids, killed some pirates that were bullying our buddy Crazy Earl, swatted Son of Craw, found some corpses and punted Flynt’s progeny, all while getting a tan with a buzz on. That’s how we do beach vacations on Pandora. :sunglasses:


About to take DAHLvador out for a spin and trying some stupid high res streaming - jump on if you can for some feedback. Oh and watching me die. A lot.

As always twitch.tv/psymonkee


So just before starting UVHM with C0rp0rat0cracy, here’s the skill build thus far. Level 52.
Note: Still using the Unpredictable Killer Class Mod, keeping the Legendary Hunter in the sack for now.

Current Gear:
Conference Call(non-elemental), Hyperion Grip, Bandit Stock, Social prefix (general boost), Hyperion sights
Apparatus pistol(non-elemental), Maliwan Grip, Win-Win prefix(damage), Jakobs sights
Invader(corrosive), Vladof grip, Jakobs stock, Venture prefix(+120% Crit Damage YEAAAAAAAAAAAH), Jakobs scope
Projectile Convergence SMG, Hyperion grip AND stock, Social prefix(reload speed, egads that reload speed), Bandit sights

Four sets of Singularity Grenades (all elements minus Slag), Inflammable Bee shield, and Stockpile Relic (+54.5% Shotty ammo).


Maliwan Mechromancer went to Wurmwater, did a bunch of missions, Tundra Express for some map challenges, and finished off killing Jackenstein. I don’t recall the UCP buffing the Crit, but it totally ruined Jackenstein.

I went after him with a Bad Touch at first (all loaded for corrosive for the loaders, and it’s got a crit buff), and it took a “normal” amount of time to drop the canisters and eat into his health, but I died.

I came back with a Crit, and it popped those things super fast and killed him quick. I was wearing a Chaotic Necromancer COM, and maybe it was the shock damage buff from her skills (like Wires Don’t Talk, which was buffed with the UCP) that did it, but man… fastest I’ve ever killed him.

These two guys are goners, and the third on the right will die from their Shock Storms. :zap:

More Shock Storm as we pop another One Two Boom on these guys. I really want to break allegiance and let her play with a singularity grenade for some of this.

I think if Deathtrap is spawned right on top of an enemy, he will go straight up for the combat, as was the case with this LLMM. DT threw his One Two Boom orb straight down, which is bulletproof in case you didn’t know. It’s rare that one can use this to one’s advantage, but it’s a thing. Here are the shots ricocheting off it as the LLMM fires up at DT.


Farmed Saturn, Bone Head 2.0, and the Arid Nexus Badlands for chubbies. Did 4 runs, got nothing from either Bone Head 2.0 and Saturn but eridium and a few blues that were junk. Did however get one Chubby that dropped an OP8 Legendary Sniper COM, and I got an OP8 Neogenator from the chest in Dr. Mercy’s office behind the shock force field. Only getting one chubby to spawn was a big letdown, but I was solo for 3 of the 4 runs. (It spawned on the non solo run)

Also farmed Sheriff of Lynchwood to try to get an op8 pistol relic with no success (3 tries). And farmed Savage Lee for an OP8 DPUH (6 times) Did get a DPUH but it was OP6 for some reason. While farming Savage Lee I also farmed Boll along the way each time and he dropped a better damage OP8 Shock Fastball for me so I did get an upgrade there.


Zer0 finished Bandit Slaughter at level 23. Too bad the reward is at level 20.

Had some melee practice on big targets and it was fun. Couldn’t do it full time yet because I have B0re in left tree + 3/5 Fast Hands - only 4 points are left for Bloodshed tree. Also I don’t have any healing. (EDIT: I have a transfusion grenade in my backpack but I forgot to use it :roll_eyes:) Gonna use a bladed Hail until I get Rubi.

BTW: Advanced Melee Zer0 Guide: from lvl 1 to OP8 is the best leveling guide I’ve read!


Too bad you’re not on XB1 - I could have dropped you some stuff!