What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Once upon a time I did, though it was before I played allegiance and Gaige was using it, but I was more using it to offset the health drop from Blood Soaked Shields than the Orphan Maker. Doesn’t the Orphan Maker hit your shields before your health (or are you using a Rough Rider)?


Practicing some Melee Zer0 again and … I just realised Opportunity is cyberpunk as ■■■■ :


Being stuck at OP4 while waiting on my friend has some benefits.
I have finally started to clear all sidequests by area, which makes the game considerably more methodical and enjoyable!
Also aiming towards some Prestige after 295 hours of gameplay lol :sweat_smile:

After finishing all quests in Tundra Express Spicy “BBQ” Hiro my good ol’ psycho went for Lynchwood. Loved the western themed missions, died once against Dukino’s Mom, love the Sheriff and Deputy’s badges and oh how i missed hearing the joyful chant of the Bane! It’s a fire version and damn is it accurate :heart_eyes: it went on my 4th slot right where it had to be.

Next: facing the horrors of the Lair of Infinitely long play session to eventually make something of all the Eridium I’ll get now that all of my ammo and stores maxed out! Soon Butt Stallion and Mr. K shall meet again!


I have renewed my PS Plus subscription. @Sun_Tsunami I am always on if you are free on your mornings, @Kuolemanlaakso we can do now that TPS playthrough from scratch.

So I jumped in on some random games and all the 3 games I joined they are all busy looking at modded loot drops. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

So I save and quit and just do Level 72 Voracidous with Gaige and Zero. Gun Zero vs Master Gee left for my Level 72 raiding checklist and I can focus now on OP8 raiding.

Gun Zero vs Voracidous L72

Gaige vs Voracidous L72




I haven’t run the Peak with Thoughtlock for while, but I figured I should if I’m to recommend it for @paulothead :

This is with the L Cat on. Obviously I otherwise ran it with the L Binder.
It’s slower and requires a bit more work than my regular Peak build but it uses a lot more brain - and that’s a good thing.

That’s not a bad Stalker by the way - Dahl grip, corrosive - almost identical to the last one I got ( which Cinco happens to have ).

It seems I’ve made Kali and Cinco practically identical - I need to make them different somehow but not sure. Scorn has the melee build , the Rough Rider build and the Backdraft build - all using the Banshee COM.
Cinco and Kali both do SS, TL and my Peak build and tend to just use the Legendary COMs only.
Maybe Cinco can be a dedicated Trickster?

Also , found this :

That was a welcome upgrade for Mifune ( Jakobs Zer0 ).


Dee Lightful realized that her Homing Storm Front was only OP6 so she left it for Ultimate Krieg!! (who did get his on level The Transformer shield while in the WEP- and little else) and started to farm an OP8 version for herself (she also dropped off an OP6 Chain Lightning and Fire Storm for UK!!). Woke up Mike Irons (my Nuke/Gemini Axton) and started farming for OP8 versions of Fastballs but no luck yet…


Day 32 - Sal does Dragon Keep. The usual Heart Breaker + Grog combo worked great for orcs and some humans, but the skellies were naturally harder - they’d fall, but it took a while. So much of Sal’s run consisted of him hunting for something suitably explosive. The best he had was a 57 epic shotgun; not bad, but still slow for levels 63-66. So naturally Swordsplosion became a priority once he reached the White Knight.

On the way back to turn it in, Sal ran into a respawn of Boney Pants, and more importantly, tubby bones. I’d never seen that before. Cleared out the archers (still with that slow 57 shotgun), then Boney, then finally the tubby. Dropped a 66 Legendary Hoarder.

Know what sucks? I think my current mod beats this. The legendary gives me only Locked & Loaded and Incite: 25% more fire rate after reload, 25% more reload speed and 30% more move after damage, and that’s it. I could get the other three skills if I respec. The other mod gives me 18 more seconds of zerk and 3 more seconds of zerk per kill. Such a shame. Into the stash you go.

Also, Butt Stallion dropped a 67 Reactive Conference Call that I don’t think will be much help either. OTOH, I got almost 200 eridium out of the run, so that’s not bad.

P.S.: Swordsplosion when you’re drunk from Grog is ridonkulous.


was running the LLM in WEP at OP0 looking for max stat BoA in all elements.

This is the best stat so far, not sure if its max or not. I only know the max stats at OP8. This isn’t bad however.

Jefe had some lag in loading into my game…

@Jefe is asking if I can see him, cause he’s not loading in. I can see you…

Now i see you with you head/skin…

Now I see you and your gear is now equipped/showing… lol

the Nasty Surprise and Quasar look a lot alike, imo. I was really excited for a brief moment. :expressionless:


Guess what Salvester got today!!!

Hyperion stock, Jakobs grip, no scope, I’m in love!!! :heart_eyes: Is it your ROM’s long lost twin? I think it might be.:wink: And it only took 8 or so dashboards. Praise RNGsus, hallelujah!!!

I think Salvester is going to vaporize every bandit that he sees in Fink’s Slaughterhouse when he goes there at OP6 for Maytastrophe tomorrow.


Damn, that’s a perfect one !


I know! I didn’t believe it was real at first. I spent 4 minutes just staring at the parts for shotties infographic before I accepted it. I expected that it would take me a lot longer to get my forever ROM, or that I’d settle for something less than perfect, like with a scope or a less than ideal stock. I’m really excited to go make paste of some baddies with it. I know it’s the red text on the legendary Soldier com, but this feels like Christmas. :slightly_smiling_face:


You lucky dawg! Lol. Its the finest Jakobs Shotgun I’ve ever used. I’m glad you have yourself a perfect ROM. Congrats! :star_struck:


Dahl Commando went to Lynchwood and came across an unslaggable Field Rat with a fire Chopper… dude was nigh invincible. He could destroy both of my Sentries in seconds.


Question.: why no sight on the ROM is rhar important. Is it just for the view when scoping or is there something else?

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When rolling as Sal you can’t ads in gunzerk (which is why Dahlvador is so painful to play and fun to watch), all a scope does at that point is get in the way. No scope = better field of view during gunzerk.

I’ll take it a step further, I only like scopes on sniper rifles, pseudo sniper rifles (Jakobs AR’S that aren’t gatling guns or cannons), and the occasional Dahl AR (although I don’t mind them on RLs), regardless of character. On most pistols, smgs, and shotguns they just feel unnecessary (this is my opinion). Sort of like your doctor telling you that they also do home repair on the side.

TL;DR unless you’re using a weapon at range putting a scope on it is like putting lipstick on a pig. Except that putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t get in the way, but putting a scope on a weapon reduces field of view and can hamper situational awareness, at least for me.


Dahl Commando rolled Rotgut Distillery and did the Learning To Love mission.

I always forget to look up to see the balloon pop after the wedding fight… caught it this time.

The wedding fight was mostly to get the orange fish to open this chest. Does anyone else save all the trophies until the end before hanging them?


I did it the last couple of times I went through that map. It’s pretty satisfying to hang them all up one time.


This is such a wonderful analogy that I’m stealing it and using it forever. You can’t stop me. I’m doing it.


I wouldn’t dream of it. Enjoy. However, I believe a turn of phrase can exist for its own sake, so make sure you get its permission. :wink:

OT- running Fink’s with my brand spanking new ROM. I haven’t done these rounds since my very first playthrough, and I’m loving it. I am doing it at OP6 so I can get Maytastrophe a Hail, so it’s kinda like swatting flies with a sledgehammer, but it’s still great fun to watch assorted bandits turn into a fine red mist before my eyes.