What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Day 33 - A little loot rearrangement and quest cleanup. Sal has a huge list of “(undiscovered)” quests staring at him in UVHM right now. Then a little head farming in Hollow and Gingerton. (Nothing yet.)

TIL your UVHM Grog Nozzle is only there in UVHM. Hrmph. …hmm. I’d never considered this. How might I get a leveled Grog on my hunters? Reset and get the quest over? Would it be worth it? Grog’s been super useful for Salvador, due to slag+heal, and I’d hate to give it up without a backup plan…


Chapter 1364 : Cinco continues to have an identity crisis.

Having been supplanted by Kali as lead Siren, Cinco sought to carve a niche in the roster : she donned a Blurred Trickster and did a respec. The first build was…the same :confused:

The second build was also just a copy of the same, but different.

Still, in an attempt to convince herself and the rest of us that she was now unique, she donned new gear which in fact turned out to be the same gear :roll_eyes:…and ran a few maps. This was with TL & SS, Antagonist, Butcher, Tattler, Sawbar, Hail and assorted others.

Ultimately, it was enjoyable in places ( Sawtooth ) but otherwise, it was…you guessed it…the SAME.

Her quest for unique baddassery continues. Perhaps she can apply to Jakobs as a rep. She’s got the head for it - and the skin.

Next BINKY got let out to run the Wedding Day Massacre. I was slightly concerned the OP4 was a bit too high for the build ( Mania/Bloodlust w/ roid shield ) - nope!!

Despite the StV self-damage being significant with a roid, it’s just part of the fun.

Got my fish but spawned them in pairs.


Sounds like you need a break from maya lol


If you’re just hunting for heads/skins in normal or TVHM I’d think a Rubi would suffice- no need for that mode of the GN, unless you just want to unlock the Ancient Dragons in that mode to make eridium farming easier…


yes, take a break Cinco!, cause Kali is the ■■■■! :blush:

Well, I started my Maya last night.
Knuckledragger is a good source of XP…


I went to get myself an infinity and on the way, Lee was prancing around with the local bully’s…

I didn’t capture the drop, but I’m holding(Maliwan grip) it. lol I needed it to farm Doc for an infinity, so it worked out pretty well. :blush:


So…I went with one of my standard builds with a slight variance and loaded Maya up with any OP8 Jakobs guns I could scrounge.

Oof…was that a bust. I didn’t die but it took a LOT of ammo to clear Scorch, et al. in Frostburn.

BUT, remember my good buddy Trey Manos? My OP4 Jakobs Sal? He’s got a ton of great Jakobs.
So I degraded Cinco to OP4, grabbed a few guns ( Muck , Citrine Gat, Unforgiven, and Coach ) and went back to Frostburn at OP4.


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Edit : since Cloud Kill was waaay too OP and it and Helios were mucking up my view, I respec’d to this

It’s a bit of a mess but seems to work ok.

2nd edit : I got completely tromped by the Happy Couple. :confused:


Just been mobbing around with op4 maya for better bones and a few items, with a little farming from Sal for things I can’t solo with Maya.

Got a wild hair to get Maya an Ogre, decided to run it with Sal for a little bit of an easier time. Went with a Harold (bullet speed prefix, cause you know, DPUH is entirely unnecessary) grog combo on a hoarder build. 6 successful runs, two ogres, both wild, booooooooo! Probably keep at it a few more times. So far, I can only solo magic slaughter with Krieg up to OP2 and now Sal at any OP. That is at least a plus.


Vladof Assassin went through the Tundra Express firing off all the reinforcement wheels, with Mordecai on slag duty and melee on his mind.

This guy came at me with a Teeth of Terra. At close range, that thing will wreck you, but the bite is short.

I have to say that I learned not to find out the hard way that an Ultimate Badass Marauder is wearing a nova shield by eating more than a few novas at point blank range when Execute popped the shield… now I poke that balloon from a safe distance.


…what if I plan to eventually reach OP8 and farm pearlescents?


Sorry if I’m completely missing the mark, but mission guns level with you - right up to OP8.

This is my mission Grog when I load in at OP0 :

at OP4 :

and OP8 :

You can take the mission at any level in UVHM.


Isn’t the damage of the nozzle irrelevant anyway? :smile:


Day 34 - Sal had gotten to the point where it was probably time to think about a challenge reset. How close was he? I tallied up section by section. Starting with Enemies. Noticed I needed about eight more threshers to get rank 4 on it. Went to the Highlands, shot a few, got rank 4… oh hey, reset’s available. That was fast…

More head farming. This time we’re in the drop zone - the only way for Sal to get more is to farm drops. Started with the badass creeper - I needed one more head to finish my collection. Took about five kills and about 113 BAR.

Next: Henry. 8 kills yielded Maya’s head. 24 more kills turned up nothing. 14 kills needed on Geary to drop the last two heads I needed from him. 8 kills on Mong (plus 5 Mong-less restarts) yielded nothing.

Wedding Day farming turned into BAR farming since, hey, unlimited mobs. On my 5th run, I killed the couple before either ressed, and they dropped a skin (two in fact). I wonder if the drop rate is different between Happy and GODliath. The former certainly drops a lot less loot. Anyway, 8 kills, 3 new skins. Not bad.


Not if you’re using it for healing, like I was. Check out Jefe’s screenshot: 60k at OP8. If I understand it correctly, that means each shot heals for about 36k. It’d take me quite a few shots to get up to 50%.


You don’t use the grog by itself for healing.
You combine it with a grenade, chain lighting, fast ball, etc. Or you grog swap, shoot a Harold then before the pellets hit swap to the grog.

Since you’re playing sal just have the grog in one hand and your main gun in the other.

If you want a moxxie gun that deals good damage the hail, kitten, slow hand, or creamer would be much better options


Maeve and Morgian (Bandit), the Mechromancers, cleared out Lynchwood for a level and Anarchy stacks, about 250 each. Then they climbed to the Bunker. After the badass constructer Morgian had about 150 stacks and Maeve had 400. Two loot midgets later, an engineer and a gun loader, and Morgian had 0 stacks. For Bunker Maeve handled real damage while Morgian focused on the precision work of taking out auto cannons. Then in to Control Core Angel and wondering why we can’t put a 400 stack shotgun blast into Jack’s face (cutscene logic). All in TVHM.

Edit: Autocorrect is far too often not correct.


I think maybe there’s something you know that you didn’t mention above.

A different Moxxi gun would be better, except that Grog slags. Any other element has me having to deal with some mob that won’t die fast enough.

I didn’t know that swapping in Grog right after I shoot another gun causes the other gun’s damage to heal me, so I appreciate that tip, but the reason I didn’t study Swapping for Fun and Profit in general is that in such cases, I’m just looking to survive a fight, and constantly swapping in Grog to heal when I’m constantly taking damage while zerking that might break past my health gate seems too risky. I’d be constantly hitting a number key with just the right timing to ensure the other gun actually fires while also making sure I’m aiming at whatever and that it’s in range AND hoping the swap happens before the bullets reach their target. Right? Doesn’t seem viable, if so.

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Boooo! no Res?! Booooo! :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you must be a Sal player. :wink:

But the low damage from the Grog makes its level irrelevant. For example: OP8 Rubi get roughtly 300K in damage. OP8 Grog gets roughly 60K in damage. thats a pretty large difference, imo. I’m still using my level 50 slag rubi in my Sal’s mainhand while my ROM is in my offhand. Nades do the healing damage when not ‘zerking’. when zerking, my ROM does all the damaged needed for healing and wrecking face. :sunglasses:


Depends what you mean by better. The Hail, Kitten, Slow Hand, and Rubi can all come in slag. Only the Moxxi smgs are element locked to an element other than slag. The Grog Nozzle has a higher slag chance than all of the above, and heals for a higher percentage of damage dealt(65%, the Rubi is second at around 12%IIRC, and I think they all heal off of damage dealt by DOTS and nades), but the others can all deal more damage than the grog. I think it really just depends what you need/want it to do. My Sal had a lot of fun with a slag Kitten in one hand and another automatic weapon in the other before he went deputy.


Well said, Paulothead! :acmaffirmative:


D’oh!!! I forgot the sniper, the chere amie. That comes in all flavors except NE and explosive. And the Heart breaker shotgun that only comes in fire. I’m a bit off today.