What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

To be honest, I’m less sure of what I want than I used to be. This is for Sal, aye, and I play him more in-your-face than my other VHs, who have to make do with the swap, hang back, stay in cover, etc. So the higher slag rate probably helps, although so does using much more powerful weapons than when I was pushing my first VH to 72. Back then, my mindset was “you MUST slag”. Now, it’s “work with your class ability and burn them down with whatever”.

Sal works with his ability, but with the playstyle I’m using (keep zerk up to where I can chain them), he needs to heal. Now, another thing I didn’t know was that having a Moxxi weapon in one hand causes the other to heal too. That changes things a bit. I was aware I could get slag on something else, but I’d just never gotten around to it. I might get a slag Ruby after all. But I’ll probably wait two more levels…


Have you considered a hoarder style build? Kittyzerker comes to mind. I’ll try it myself one day, but I found the Deputy build to work best for me. Like, solo to OP8 worked best for me. I feel like it outperforms Unkempt Nozzling, and I only keep a Pimperdurp in the other pair for those “Oh S***!!!” FFYL moments. A brawn version can mitigate Moxxi reliance, even at OP8 (@Jefe has a Moxxi-less Jakobs build he runs at OP4 that is basically what I use, because better safe than sorry) The only downside is that deputy style builds use Jakobs shotties to deal most of their damage, so you can’t just hold the trigger (I don’t consider that much of a downside, personally).


I like your thinkin’ :wink:

Sub-OP levels, if you are doing sufficient damage, slag isn’t totally necessary - except for bosses.
A Heartbreaker for example will give you great DPS, great healing AND it will also add 50% crit bonus to your other gun. Grab a Kitten if you need another element ( corrosive ).

Sal doesn’t have a huge need for grenades, so you can use slag transfusions ( for slag - not healing - their slag chance is extremely good…plus healing… ) or Magic Missiles - my preference is dependent on situation.

As great as the Dep build is, it’s basically a (very) refined version of DPUH / Grog. I love it but I like seeing people branch out from the whole crappy slag gun in one hand / DPS gun in other hand thing.


I prefer to think of it as distilled. Also, more patient. I always felt rushed before I made the conversion. That being said, I am holding a Leg Hoarder com so I can branch out a bit at my leisure.


Took a lunch break run through sawtooth with Maya to try and get the thresher dropped skin and LLMs. Ran the entire map except for part of where you hit the elevator to take out the buzzards nest, and the back area where you destroy the buzzard to get the dude to come down. Hit a ridiculous amount of LLMs. Not much spectacular dropped, but got a new leg siren that is exactly 1% better on both gun damage and cool down from what I had (now at 51% cooldown and 37% gun damage on the com) and a NE shredifier with good parts (read dahl stock, torgue site, and a grip I don’t hate) but a mediocre accessory (Mag increase). Had tons of fun with it as my multi-purpose main gun. Managed to snag the thresher skin for Gaige on the run too.

Followed that up with a run through the dust. Nothing of merit, except a a shock lyuda with perfect parts that got me super excited, until I realized it was two levels below me. Oh well. Thems the breaks


Day 35 - Sal goes to the Badass Crater for the final push to 72. Did every quest in there, including repeatables, and only got to about 1/10th past 71 (from 68), so it’s time to grind Pyro Pete I guess. (It felt the fastest, maybe.)

All the while, I’m apprehensive about how to tackle B-Rex. Do I try Bee+lvl50 DPUH? Do I nix the Bee (since I read amp doesn’t work on him)? Do I cheese him from the entry like I’ve done before?

Well, Moxxi rewarded me for finding interviews with an acid Kitten - Severe, no less, to counteract the accuracy loss. So why not? (Turns out that despite its accuracy problems, it burns down copters in the Forge just fine.) Then one of Zed’s vending machines puts a 70 Fire Bee up for sale. Yaaaa. Sure, why not. Might come in handy some time (I’m using a Lightning Bolt for now).

About a dozen bar runs and exactly 60 reloads later, Sal has a 72 DPUH. Ten minutes later, I see why it’s the weapon of choice for dealing with B-Rex. No good loot, but oh well.

I appreciate the tips on playing Sal, meanwhile. I don’t intend to specialize in him - in fact, I intend to put him aside now and push Gaige, my last VH, to 72 - the whole school of ways to play him is largely new to me, and I’m sure I’ll forget a lot of it, like I kinda did with my double-turret Axton, B0reo, Ruinaya, and whatever build I had on Krieg. Hopefully this is all in some Sal-specific thread I can look at later, as I push him to OP8 someday. And probably try other variants, like aforementioned Hoarder, esp. since I have the leg mod for it. I’m using a build I saw in a video - I think the guy’s handle was Bahroo? This is the build, for the curious. I use it with a blue Two-Gun Berserker mod.


And it now has a DPUH and a Grog. I can just feel Jefe cringing, hehe. I’m actually planning to get a 72 crit Heart Breaker at some point - that combo was pure easymode. And now I have that Severe Kitten for bots.



It’s all about fun right?

Regarding the build, Bahroo is one of the traditional BL2 content creators. He’s ok but he’s got some odd ideas sometimes. A few things though :

  • Steady as She Goes is one of those one point skills you should always take. It has a very weird effect on Hyperion guns though - especially shotguns - causing the reticle to bloom out. So avoid it if you’re using a lot of Hyp, but take it otherwise. The recoil reduction is massive.
  • Lay Waste is a way better skill than Keep it Piping Hot. If you’re rockin’ a Two Gun, you generally won’t have much time outside of Gunzerk.
  • Out of Bubblegum is really only good if you have a Rough Rider. If not, move those points to Ain’t Got Time to Bleed.
  • Asbestos doesn’t really do much. Those points are better in Hard to Kill.

Phew! It’s late and I’m starting to wonder if any of this makes any sense. Guess I’ll find out in the morning!


However, if tackling raid bosses with elemental attacks, (i.e. the Ancient Dragons) Asbestos can make a difference- I’ll usually out a point or two in it for a com boost (I’ve a CE Monk com that has +6 MS, +5 Asbestos).


Doesn’t “keep it piping hot” get activated with “get some”? You can use it during gunzerk


@BuddyPharaoh This link contains links that will answer almost every question you could ever ask. For anything you can’t find there just ask. Someone, likely someone more knowledgeable than me, here on the forums will have an answer to.

It definitely does work that way. And if spraying and praying (read: Unkempt Nozzling) I would spec that instead. But if you’re taking your time and making more crits than not, @Jefe’s suggestion is more useful because it tends to do better damage. At least I would think that logic would appear to suggest that.


Can anyone confirm this? I was 100% sure amp worked on everything in the game, but now i question myself


It’s clear that’s a raiding build - probably Vorac knowing Bahroo.

@FleshCrunch, I had indeed forgotten that key bit of info but Lay Waste is still the better skill - especially as it can also be boosted by a Berserker COM - but it is a kill skill. Essentially, what @paulothead said.

Agreed, but only if you’ve got a COM to boost it. H2K and AGTtB are still better per point spent.


My only source for that is a Reddit comment, FTR.

Seems odd to me, too. I’m used to certain mobs avoiding certain elem effects, but not straight up higher damage.

When I finally tackled him, I swapped out my Bee and used a plain blue adaptive shield instead. The real factor was the DPUH (and the heal to some extent), along with constantly backpedaling and strafing to avoid B-Rex’s nastier stuff. A 72 DPUH took something like ten shots, and I didn’t even have to aim for the crit spots.

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Looks like it worked for Derch, starting at the 30:00 point.

  • EDIT - and now that the coffee is FINALLY working and I can remember things, I’ve done the same thing at least once.

Worked Maytastrophe through the Mines of Avarice to get her a Grog for purposes of the Peak. Decided that getting a SWORDSPLOSION!!! couldn’t hurt anything, so went a did the Sword in the Stoner. Dashboarded until it was dressed down, because casual Thursday, and then went to check Mr. Torgue’s geek cred. Time wasted in a semi-productive manner. We’ll see what happens when we get back to the peak.


yes BadassRex can be BeeHawk’d. :wink:

Edit: looks like @Ossie provided proof. Nice! :acmaffirmative:

Edit#2: Been scrolling through the Sal stuff that Paul,Carl,Jefe and Buddy are discussing. I just feel like throwing my 2 cents in here…
I love Asbestos in the Brawn tree. I’m probably a minority in this, but with all the RAID farming I do, Vorac, Dragons, ■■■■, most of them have elemental attacks and with the monk COM, having Asbestos up around the percentage you get from an Evo shield, saves my ass more than I’d care to admit. Watching the animation of all that splash element showering over me and having no ticks off the shield or health bar is fun to see. It doesn’t work against Pete tho. that elemental nova will not wash off without water.

  • I never spec into “keep it piping hot”-NEVER
  • always take “steady as she goes”-ALWAYS
  • if it’s a decision between Asbestos and Hard to Kill-take Hard to Kill. personally, I take both. But I don’t max out Asbestos, just a few points, maybe 2.
  • I’ve never been a fan of “I’m your Huckleberry” 15% is meh. not enough to make a difference in my opinion. I’d move those to “Quick Draw” or “Lay Waste”
    Oh man, I forgot to post this. Came to check the forum tab on my browser and saw that I didn’t post this. lol is it irrelevant now? I’m too lazy to check. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:

Gaige + 250 Anarchy stacks + Bee/Hailing = DEAD GIANT GODDAMNED METAL T-REX!


I’ve been farming Wilhelm for XP with my new Maya…

I’m currently level 18 and moved on from Wilhelm.


So, yeah…in other news, I’ve had more time to play and I’ve found a new toy - Sub-Sequence. I’ve been kinda curious about it for awhile and after getting my second Maya (now known as Maya’spheres) to 72, I ditched the planned Blurred Trickster build, rebuilt her for SS and dove into my storage to gear her up (I knew that saving stuff I didn’t necessarily need at the time would pay off at some point)…

  • Primarily elemental Bitches, elemental Lyudas, and a Heartbreaker
  • Leg. Binder, Bone(s), and an Evolution I forgot I even had

OMG, is this fun! I’m using gear that I haven’t used regularly before now, and a new way to run a character I thought I was rather familiar with. I’m doing a MQ run in what was supposed to be an extended test-bed, but I can already tell that she’s a keeper. I don’t think I’ve ever ripped thru the Bloodshots as fast as I did last night. And it’s a genuine hoot watching the bubble trying to locate its next victim sometimes!

Whole new vistas of carnage lay ahead!