What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #6085

You rang?

( [master] of com[bate]) #6086

And who got him there? :wink:

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #6087


(I just want to be your... Yeti Bear) #6088

You boys should get a room. :wink:

Seriously though. Your Steam coop bromance is fun to watch. It makes me want to make the PC jump before it’s actually necessary.

(Pluto IS a planet!) #6089

Directed at me? If so, is that a hint?

( [master] of com[bate]) #6090

Nope - it was to me and my One True God declamation.

As a Canadian I accept all console defectors - not just XB’s :wink:

(Pluto IS a planet!) #6091

Ah…makes more sense. It’s been a rough day.

(I just want to be your... Yeti Bear) #6092

It’ll have to wait at least until after moving day. And I can afford a fresh pc, or make my old Vista machine work (I think that was the sound of Bill Gates and the fine folks at STEAM laughing at me. Did you hear it too?). Then we only have to sort out time zones. Y’all are on the west coast IIRC, and I’m sitting here on the east. But I play at odd times, so it could still work out.

(...died for pizza.) #6093

See, I’m EST, too. But I’m also PC. What to do.

(I just want to be your... Yeti Bear) #6094

We wait. And then we die, or kill, for pizza together. Someday soon. :grin:

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #6095

Nope. :wink:

Yep. :smirk:

(...died for pizza.) #6096

Day 36 - Gaige. Where did I leave her? Ah, yes. About six years ago, with an unfocused DT spec in which I’m just trying things out, at the beginning of TVHM.

Respecced her to something respectable (Discord plus some DT stuff) and set off. Died a few times learning that I’m not Sal anymore. Got to Sanctuary. Level 36.

(I just want to be your... Yeti Bear) #6097

Tried the OP7 unlock with Maytastrophe this morning. Got curb stomped by D’s mom. Blew off some steam by finishing Scarlet’s dlc with Salvester because I wanted the Greed for a possible foray into pistol focused Jakobs play. Got ambitious and took on Hyperious (Pimperdurping,FTW), got an Evolution at OP8 and some crystals. Finished the day by farming for a Harold because I accidentally sold his. No dice, but not really important either.

(Pluto IS a planet!) #6098

Oh man, do I hear that.

(I just want to be your... Yeti Bear) #6099

That spawn that starts with little skags and culminates with her just stinks. The midgets running around would help. This spawn really makes me appreciate trash mobs… My kingdom for some adds.

(Pluto IS a planet!) #6100

Seems like that’s the only spawn I get now w/my OP 6 Maya, and yeah…it sucks.

I keep thinking that I’m doing something wrong with her…I watch other peoples’ vids on how to fight her, I do my best to maintain the safe distance from her so she won’t aggro, I try different gear setups, I get REALLY brave and try to BeeHawk her (will a grounded Bee negate her shock attacks?), and I get my ass handed to me every time.

SO much fun.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #6101

When in doubt, flak,nukeum,grog swap combo

(I just want to be your... Yeti Bear) #6102

As per HD in this post it’s always that spawn OP6 to unlock OP7. The D’s mom + midgets is OP7 to unlock OP8, and the randomized spawns are in any OP8 runs you attempt. I tried to maintain that safe distance, proc cloudkill with my Grog and hit her with my SWORDSPLOSION!!! while the cloud is up. No dice so far, but now she has an on level shield. I’m gonna try a Kerblaster next. I’m going to give her Salvester’s Storm Front for heals too. With a side of @Piemanlee’s advice for flavor if I can manage it, I’ve never swapped before.

(Pluto IS a planet!) #6103

The more I run and/or study the Peak, the more I find out what I don’t know about it.

I just found that I have a Nukem in storage (a gaa dunk ga, but it’s the best I have) and I guess that’s the next step, aside from learning to use the thing to begin with.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #6104

Took a break from OP8 raiding and run the peak twice, 1st one is me using Pimp Maya and @Sun_Tsunami’s melee zero and the 2nd one is me as Ogre Axton, @Sun_Tsunami’s Melee Zero and @dogstar13’s Anarchy Gaige.

Got a pretty good runs on both, I got surprised with the 4 assassins spawn on the 2nd run and scrambled to hide in the pipes, next thing I knew the 4 assassins are dead, melee zero and anarchy gaige are badasses. :+1::+1:

Still got time, so I get Zero and finish Crawmerax at OP8. Done for now with Craw since I have killed him with all characters at OP8. :wink::wink:

Next is Hyperius, then Pete, Terra, Gee and last are the Dragons and Vora. Here is my Raid Checklist wherein I have a captured clip on. No Vermi and Dexi, because reasons.