What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #6165

I saw that just after you put it up…it gave me a few ideas for my next Peak run and thanks for that.

  • EDIT - forgot to say that I tried to spawn OOO yesterday…almost 2 1/2 hrs and zip, zilch, nada. The struggle is real.


I’ve only ever tried once. It took about 20 minutes to spawn him using Darth’s fanboat tour method. Killed him, he dropped an OP8 bladed Twister w/ Torgue grip & stock. I grabbed it and ran for the hills never to return…

If it hadn’t dropped first try I would still have no Twister in my life.

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #6167

I was in the back part of Scylla’s Grove (the only place I’ve seen him in my game)…is it possible that the chances are any better out there in front of the lodge? I tried the fanboat method once, but it took almost 40 minutes of running around feeding the iridium furnaces before I could even begin and in that time I can get 8, maybe 10 runs done in the Grove.


Well in my experience you have a 100% chance of success! :stuck_out_tongue:

but Kurt and Darth say it’s best below the lodge

(Brian with an I) #6169

Four Peak runs at OP8. Got a Tunguska in run 1. Got a Tunguska in run 2. Got caught out of place by the Saturns in run 3. Got a Tunguska in run 4.

Thanks Obama!

(Carlton Slayer) #6170

No luck vs D’s Mom yesterday with Ultimate Krieg!! on his second attempt- didn’t really get into a good rhythm for her attacks from the start and barely made a dent on her. 2x6 Gaige did finish normal though and after nearly 40 minutes dashboarding the Warrior she started TVHM with this:

I think it will last for a few levels :grin:

Dee Lightful got her OP8 Storm Front (Longbow with 0.0 fuse time). She died snatching it up but I consider it worthwhile as the TMNRats are rats and tend to snatch up loose gear. Mike Irons is still searching Torgueland vending machines for an OP8 DPUH and I’ve started another mule (a Maya named Tuesday Kills) thru Frostburn Canyon and the Dust- she now waits at Bloodshot Stronghold to rescue Roland. I thought I was about halfway done with getting all my mules to at least Liar’s Berg in TVHM but I’m only a third of the way there- 18 in TVHM and 36 still in normal. I’ve a long way to go…

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #6171

54 mules?! Do they all end up with max bank and storage space?

(Rumplebunny) #6172

The Quest to Throw Eridium In Furnaces Spread Over A 2000 Square Mile Area is kind of a PITA, agreed, but I ended up going that route after several fruitless runs through Scylla’s Grove done here and there. I don’t think the chances are necessarily better, I just wanted to try something different (and zipping around in a fanboat seemed like a somewhat less hazardous method while waiting for the witch doctors to level up the badasses.)

That said, like Jefe I’ve only done it once and I was lucky enough that OOO dropped the one and only Twister in my possession. :wink:

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #6173

Since both of you had what seems like odds-breaking luck out in front, I’m gonna give the Fanboat Tour another try…Scylla’s Grove isn’t doing much for me aside from wasting my time. Gaige can use the Tour to build her Anarchy stacks along the way, at least.

(Rumplebunny) #6174

Did a little tubby hunting at Ellie’s. Two tubbies right off the bat from the two spawn points by the car ramp in front. :smiley: Nothing but a Tunguska and a couple class mods though.

P.S.: I unintentionally Grog-drunk-fired that Tunguska (gunzerk on cooldown, swapped from Grog to Tunguska) later on in the map (even though Tunguskas aren’t really that super I always like to dick around with them when I find one.) That was quite the fireworks show that downed me and second winded me almost simultaneously. :smiley:

(Brian with an I) #6175

Reset my playthrough so I don’t have to run OP8 Peak with mostly OP5 and 6 gear. +10 Fleet, Thoughtlock, Fire BotA and OP8 Fire infinity on OP0 is comical.

(Carlton Slayer) #6176

Yes they do, thanks to my alt account on the 360 and the Ancient Dragons :grin:

(help please my dad is a ford explorer) #6177

Wrong. He’s just a jerk in general. No, I mean a JERK. NOBODY LIKES HIM. I tried farming him for the hive about 50 times and I got nothing. Even worse, my only high level character at the time was my op2 siren. boy, did I have fun suspending him in midair with phaselock. it was a joke

(...died for pizza.) #6178

Day 41 - Gaige has attained UVHM-dom, merrily chewing through everything with twin Verucs (gotta farm that AR skin!) and a Practical Conference Call for those extra tough spots. As well as ye olde 50 DPUH and Grog. Despite reaching 400 stacks, I’m still not seeing much difference in how the DPUH works.

Anyway, the long climb to Crouching Tiger has begun. 100 more kills left… for level 4. Which means 3700 for the skin, IIRC. On a high note, Gaige just found enough eridium to max out her pack. Should be about 500 more to max the bank.

Level 53, just past Wilhelm.

(Carlton Slayer) #6179

I got a Hive from Saturn on 2 occasions- and one of them was from a Peak run…

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #6180

Torgue Commando went to Thousand Cuts and went after BNK3R. I’m sure I didn’t know that those mines would bounce off the Phalanx shield.

I kept pummeling BNK3R with the Nukem. This shot popped both his turrets.

Hyperion Siren went to Thousand Cuts: came across this Bruiser carrying an Orphan Maker :grimacing:

Goliaths might be my favorite enemy of all time. They’re hilarious and challenging at the same time. The way their helmets pop straight off with that ping sound :laughing:


From Digi-Saturn A

and Digi-Saturn B

I guess I’m the jerk :stuck_out_tongue:

(Flesh Crunch) #6182

I’m also very lucky when hunting for his items :sweat_smile:

By the way your pimpernel is beautiful cries in endless farming pain

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #6183

You certainly are! I don’t know how you always manage to find the gear that other people are farming endlessly for! :laughing:

(help please my dad is a ford explorer) #6184

Well, I do only have my siren at op6. I think he (Saturn) comes in at op7, but whatever. Siren is my highest. I should really work on her, but I don’t have any friends that play it, and siren is almost useless against the bosses on solo. That’s why I’m working on zero. Because he can actually solo most bosses. Also, yes, you are the jerk. :grinning: