What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!


I always find it funny how that works. I’ve never really tried to farm a Hive and I’ve seriously had at least 15-20 drop.

Maybe it’s just the shear volume of Badlands and Peak runs I’ve done? I dunno, never thought it was that rare though.

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Well, all peak bosses/minibosses have a higher chance of dropping their respective legendary weapons, so maybe that’s the reason?

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That is the first time he spawns.

Same. But she feels more durable than Zer0 to me, if only because of sweet release and elated.

If you’re on PS3 I’ll try it with you. I’ve never played coop before, but I bet twin sirens would wreck some stuff. Or, if you’re on a different platform you could post in the platform specific sub section looking for partners. The peeps here on the forum are helpful in most any way you can imagine, and there’s a bunch of us that just enjoy running the peak.

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Sorry, Xbox one.

I, personally like Zer0 because of Innervate, Resurgence, and F0ll0wthr0ugh more, plus resurgence and F0ll0wthr0ugh are boosted by my legendary ninja, so I can kill someone and either move to the next person or get to cover extremely quickly


What’ll really grind you is I didn’t even pick either of them up :smirk:

You never forgave me for that corrosive Lyuda did you? :laughing:

Honestly though, the Peak runs are really the source of most of the Hives I’ve found. I’ve gotten a few from Arid Nexus, but his loot pool is pretty huge ( meaning 10% chance of getting a drop that could be a Hive, Invader or skin - which makes for ~3% for a Hive ).

And no, I don’t believe the Peak counterparts have a higher drop rate. I’ve never seen any stats on this, but in my experience it’s the same : 10%. But if this is a thing , let me know.

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No big. I hear this, or some variation of it, every time I make the offer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Zer0, he just feels less durable than my other toons. But when it works, it really works. :grinning: I’m not ready for ninjaing Pandora, but that’s probably because I expect that shield stripping will cause suicide at a frustrating rate before I get it right. I do have a Leg Ninja in the safe for when I feel ready, though.

I agree. I think it may feel higher because you encounter them more often more quickly there than in the regular maps.


Actually sometimes it feels like the chances are divided between the clones ( Scorch, BQ, Dick Mercy, etc. ) - I don’t seem to get twice as many Hellfires, Infinitys or Nukems.

Edit - actually, I also can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a Mongol or Emperor…

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I thought I read it somewhere; but I also seem to get more legendaries in my own experience. I’ve gotten many hellfires and even a corrosive rapid infinity, along with other bad ones. Also lots of nukems, but I always throw them away. I’d rather have Norfleet

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Sometimes. Sometimes not. The first time I hit the double black queen spawn I got 2 Nuke Ems, and the same for Infinity pistols with the Dick Mercy twins. But that could just be RNGsus messing with us.

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Not a response to the above replies
Farming the handsome sorcerer for CC, and I got more than I expected. Too bad I’m a gunzerker :wink:

my 6th run I got this. I’m not disappointed, though. If I was maya I would wreck ass. I was even more surprised to see the item next to it… Holy hell! I thought pitchfork only dropped from terra!
this is from another one of my runs. It’s not social, but it has a Hyperion grip! Hell yeah. Jakob’s stock. Eh… but it’s not the worst. What?! An infinity from the warrior?! Okay… it’s Dahl grip and fast fire rate, so, uh… cool. 2nd time farming him. I wasn’t even looking for a dpuh! With a torgue grip! Just any uk would do, but I’m not complaining.

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From last week’s failed run…

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its been a while since i fired up Maya, but I recall not being able to suspend Saturn in midair while PL. Saturn is too big/heavy iirc. Saturn also cannot be slagged.

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No crit, either.

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we had an Emporer drop in the Assassins arena. was OP6 or 5 iirc. that would be the last time you saw one in the Peak. :wink:

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I think you need to use your ‘sarcastic’ voice here… :smiley:

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My bad. I left out. “You S.O.B.” lmao :wink:


True true…but before that and since I’ve not seen one - so I’ll continue to spin my tale as a see fit.

** cough ** fake news ** cough **

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Alternative facts FT…something…!

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LMAO! I remember that. :laughing:
@farsight37 had been at that for a while too. Hopefully this wasn’t traumatizing and it’ll be ok to ask how long had you been farming the elusive ‘last element’ of your Lyuda collection(corrosive), if you remember?

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OP8 raiding continues! Done with Hyperius, Pete and Terra with all characters :wink::wink:. Now let’s level up the difficulty and face the ancient dragons and voracidous. Gee is last.

Oh and this is my latest victim. Damage Cap!!! You know what happens next.