What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

You noticed that too? :smirk:
That’s when he doesn’t jump on you. Got that one figured most of the time now tho.
500+ runs and the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::skull_and_crossbones::space_invader::japanese_ogre::poop::woozy_face::alien: still get on my nerve… Just stay still for a freak’n second! You’re going to die one way or another anyways.


Welcome in the forums @APE-160. You will see lots of Badass players in here.


Thanks Bloke, your a champion :hugs:   Glad one of us could finally get it to drop :laughing:

I think we all felt that way the first time we visited this forum, and it’s the reason why most of us have stayed because i’ve said it before just like many others have … “this community is the best community out there by a long way” :metal:   And yes, we all still love this game just as much as you do, crazy hey :laughing:, so we look forward to hearing about your future adventures on Pandora.

@Kurtdawg13 you just need to throw Sal into Decepti0n, then your Kunai and then Execute will close the gap quickly so you can finish him with a Backstab :ok_hand:     Sal can do that yeah?     What do you mean no?   :confused:

I hear you sir :+1: but if there’s one thing i can say about the Peak (i’m prolly preaching to the choir here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) it’s that just like other challenges in this game we love, it gets progressively less daunting the more you do it and can even be something you can learn to enjoy, so don’t be afraid of dying ok, embrace it :grin:

Oh, and bring lots of ca$h and spare/expensive weapons $$$$$ :rofl:

                                    :bagel:    :point_left:   That is about all that i achieved yesterday on Pandora


Not quite preaching to the choir, but I’m definitely in the clergy. The peak is quite possibly my favorite map. I like the mixed terrain, the mixed spawns, it’s a blast everytime, and the respawns are only part of the fun. It’s like shopping your cares away, except instead of new tech or clothes you get a freshly Digistructed body. I’ve just been a little burnt out on it and decided to unwind by starting a new toon or 2. I’ll be back, eventually. Maybe soon, I’ve only got 6 levels to a full set of skill points on my latest Axton.


Okay, that was nice:


                                            :sparkler::tada: Congrats @Singlestone :tada::sparkler:

That’s a nice haul of Rid Rock there, and unlike the (possibly) poorly parted/prefixed and what would soon be under-levelled Legendary you may have scored, ammo and storage upgrades last a lifetime :grin:

How are you finding Zer0?     Have you played him before?


@nat_zero_six thanks I appreciate it. 🖒


you crack me up Bloke! :joy:

Last night I power leveled @Stouty22 for a few until LIFE got in my way. :sweat_smile:

I had started out with the Fleets…it wasn’t getting it done consistently, mostly due to the very long reload they have. I really need to go get matching grips. it’s really slow on the reload.
Changed back to Dep Sal and destroyed that bar over and over again. I was trying to be lazy about the power leveling, and that just wasn’t working out. lol I ended up having more fun working a bit harder, anyways. :grin:

Those are my weapons of choice. :wink:
Was using a Sham, but changed back to the Evo.

I came back a bit later and saw this.

I took it for a spin…it performed well. :blush:
I decided to start farming a Cobra, for no real reason other than to do it. :smile:

Fail! lol

then I started playing around with going outside the map.

Looks like the road to T-Bone Junction down there.


Thanks for getting me to 55 man.


Did another Peak run to unlock OP3. Unfortunately I didn’t make it. That said, not going to count it as a complete failure as I progressed farther than I have in the past. Made it too the assassins.
The arena started with 2 war loaders, which I surprisingly took out pretty easily. I think my runs through Outwash and Washburn have me conditioned to handle loaders pretty efficiently.
It was when Rouf, Oney and the Surveyors spawned that I was downed. To be honest, not really sure what happened. It’s definitely a situation I’ll need to better prep for in future runs.
Everything up to the assassins went very well. There where some tough spots but all pretty managable. It’s been the rabids that usually get me but I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on them now. Always prioritize them and always create distance.
Scorch gave me an under-leveled Hellfire, so theres that. I never use the Hellfire anyways.
Anywho, I have a feeling I’ll be unlocking OP3 sooner than later.


These are not smart men:

So far he’s been fun. I think he was the first toon I selected, lo these many years ago, but I don’t remember a whole lot about him. It’s as if I’m playing him new, but with more-experienced eyes.

I’ve chosen to go down the Cunning tree first, like so:

  • Fast Hands
  • Fearless
  • Unf0reseen
  • Innervate
  • Tw0 Fang
  • Death Bl0ss0m

Rising Sh0t and Ambush look good, too. I’m not a fan of melee past NVHM, so I’ll no doubt go down the Sniping tree next - something like this, of course adjusting as I go. (I’m also not a fan of the Critical Ascensi0n mechanic.) The other four points, I dunno.

Zer0 himself is sitting in Lynchwood (Lynchw00d?). Dukino needs some attention, as does Mad Dog. I expect to have an up close and personal chat with Nisha as well.


Last night I discovered that I like the foregrip on Torgue shotguns. I know the fire rate increase isn’t as noticeable on these and Bandit shotguns but damn if it doesn’t add to DPS with those two extra pellets and the 66% base damage increase.

Sadly it was merely a Bangstick variety of Torgue shotgun (the Tediore barrel, with a Tediore grip and what I think is a Bandit stock, need to check on my next session to be absolutely sure).

Also got a Stret Sweper for the offhand. Iron Zerker gonna be a tanking close range monster, since after sweeping through both In Memoriam, Splinter Group, and Out of Body Experience, he is that much closer to not only 16, but a respec into Hard To Kill, Asbestos, and Fistful of Hurt.

Speaking of Brawn, he also tracked down a green Tank Class Mod. +2 Hard To Kill, +102 Shield Capacity, +22% Recharge Rate


That’s the only skill that I recommend ditching. Zer0 is a defensive player so attempting to be aggressive when your shield is down will end in tears. To my knowledge the only time people spec that is to go with the Love Thumper for raids like Terra.

I highly recommend considering Grim and Followthrough (and KB to get there). They are his best defensive skills.

Rising Shot, Unforseen and Two Fang : they don’t necessarily all go together in the real world.
Rising Shot and Two Fang pair naturally w/ high rate of fire guns / Unforseen and OSOK pair naturally w/ shotguns.

Much of the Sniping tree is preference - all the skills have a place (Optics least of all though).


Wait say what?

I wasn’t aware the one guy with no survival skills (Grim aside) was defensive. =|


:+1: to this. And Execute. I don’t melee often, but when I do it’s always an Execute. It closes distance which I like for my shotguns, and it knocks them back if it doesn’t kill them which is nice for readjustment.

@Singlestone Grim was a game changer for my Zer0. I can’t emphasize that enough. Those were the skill points that saved me enough respawn fees to buy a corrosive Fastball from a vending machine.


That is exactly why.
If you’re loaded with defensive skills you’re a tank.
When you don’t have any you’re probably a glass cannon and you better play defensively.


Also :+1:
Works great with Unforseen too : decoy in front, Execute from behind which will toss him into the decoy’s explosion. Adabiviak would add some Landscaper mines too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If nothing else, as a gap closer it’s fantastic. You can usually hit it three times before it expires - so if your guy is far away you can Execute-Execute-Execute and still have time to whip off a shotgun blast.


Decided to take my level 72 Ultimate Gaige out for a spin to try @Adabiviak’s suggestion of Grog-Storming. First thing off, I didn’t have a Grog, so heigh-ho heigh-ho it’s off to the Mines of Avarice we go. Shock Kitten with full elemental build and IO is killer to start off with; add the Storm and a Homing Quasar and the orcs and dwarves didn’t stand a chance - not even an FFYL.

Grabbed the Grog from the Not-Bearded Wonder, and off to see Goldie. I think I only got the true Grog-Storm effect a couple of times but man, that’s some serious visual pollution! The only moment I had trouble was when one of the two Golems outside Goldie’s area bounced me off a cliff edge and it was instadeath.

Ended up with ~280 stacks, never had to Discord loop, and got to hear drunk Gaige (cute hiccups!) yell “I WILL NEVER HIT ANYTHING!” Except, of course, she hit LITERALLY everything.

Thanks Ada for the suggestion! Now all I have to figure out is how to properly trigger the grog drunk effect, and it’ll be time to hit something else.


I am not sure myself. I see people swapping to and from the gun a bunch, but I’m not sure if that works. If the weapon rolls the dice for “drunk or not” whenever it becomes equipped, and you can re-roll those dice by weapon swapping faster than it would otherwise roll it, there’s an advantage to this behavior. :confused:



I do this quite a bit actually. This and wait for them to be in KB range to perform the coup de grace. Those are the things that make we want to try melee Zer0 one day. They’re both so satisfying when they come off. But I’m a little intimidated by the prospect. So much to coordinate, so much opportunity for operator error. Maybe one day.