What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Wow, I got lazy. I had effectively enough time that I could have charged the Iron Zerker through getting the band back together and clearing the hurdles to get to Handsome Jack (Wildlife Preservation, The Once and Future Slab, and The Man Who Would Be Jack… of the three, Wildlife Preservation takes some time, but the latter two missions are a breeze by comparison). Instead I kept letting my 360 sit there and run as I was getting lazy surfing the Web.

But I did do enough to complete the “The Overlooked” questline after returning to Sanctuary. In which I had to fight TWO Badass Pyre Threshers. IN FRICKIN’ SUCCESSION.

Even the Adaptive Shield the Zerker was wearing could not hold up against that much cheap factor, and during the fight it became clear that I need better shotties as the RokSalt and Stret Sweper combo. Don’t feel like dropping more Keys trying to get them so I’ll just have to persevere.

But he did take them down. Which is the important thing. And during Shields Up, for the first time ever, required only buying one shield as opposed to five since I usually never collect shields and keep them long enough to throw them in the Grinder.

Time for a new session: finish up loose ends in the Highlands, then onto the WEP!


Let me know then, I’ll gladly rejoin and help ya progress.


I’ve never gotten anything that good there. The best was a corrosive Dahl railer that I passed down to a few toons.


I killed 3 Two-Legged Drifters. Needed 1…
And maybe a slag Spore. Not sure.

I want to believe but my faith is fading. Seem like the logical thing and I’ve heard of your double spawn. Feels like they went a big far with Norse “Almost never is an interesting concept” I know it is a very low occurrence but come on.
That’s the thing with these. A bad streak can quickly become a long boring and frustrating nightmare.

At least I was lucky with the first spawn. Everything being relative I got it rather quickly. Also with the character. I usually use the one that need the gear. Which should had been the Mechro obviously but my Gunzerker is the one that did most of the DLC. So OOO went down pretty easily and Deputy Sal have good survivability. :stuck_out_tongue: Went to the other side of the map and came back with the Savages devolved and not right on the loot.



… And he was a good boy. :star_struck:

At least I was able to play with the Striker and even experienced DualStriking Zorg! :open_mouth:


Zer0 is in Hero’s Pass, where tomorrow he plans to destroy the Warrior and b-slap Jack to death. He’s got Kunai now. What better place to experiment? :slight_smile:

Thanks to @paulothead, @Jefe, and @SomeRandomGuy11 for their build help. It’ll go a long way towards doing something sensible in TVHM, where my enthusiasm for a new character can begin to flag.


Killing the Hodunks over and over again looking for a slaga, any tips on good parts for that bad boy? After that I’m going to continue on my journey for a good sand hawk. :face_vomiting: I think is going to be a long night :confounded:


Just make sure it has a Bandit grip. The mag sizes you can get with that alone are crazy (reference: I have one with a Bandit grip - somewhere - with an absurd 142 magazine size.

As far as accessories go, I’d look for either Bulets Go Fasterfied (Fire Rate+) or Akurate (Accuracy+). You won’t be using it for outright killing so I’d look for something that makes it more efficient.

Edit: Check that, I remember that specific Slagga now. Magazine size was actually 115, it only got there because I remember I had 5 points in Filled to the Brim with Hoarder Salvador. This was when I was farming for Hodunks myself in Normal mode with one of my Gaiges.


Sweet Thank You. I’m trying not to rely on the grog and DPUH so much, try out the other means of killing, got a good ruby so health no problem. I have a good bee but I just dropped it for a 90% sham. Just having fun learning new ways to play.


Guero El Superbeasto has just popped 63 - so @Kurtdawg13 , you got some catching up to do boyo!

A certain someone has been reading Random Information today (irony not lost on me)

(I don’t know why this is compressed :man_shrugging:)

…which brought be back :grinning:
I reread quite a lot of that thread and had forgotten a lot of great stuff - highly recommended except for the derails, which get tiresome ( admittedly I’m one of the worst offenders).
It seems Bad Hair Day was a bit of a theme.

  • Rumplebunny’s legendary discovery that bladed technicals work for it
  • Hattie’s discovery that Thoughtlocked bullymongs can rip out each other’s fur and her suggestion that an enraged goliath might be able to do it
  • my recent discovery that Savage Lee can do this for you

But all these pale in comparison to the simple joy that level 63 brings :

:point_right: image :facepunch:

Next up : Bus :+1:


Deputy Zorg Spawned his third o.O.o not long after the second one.
No Twister but a decent Leg Hunter and a Longbow acid cloud.

Was left with two BA Savages. Decided to give 'till the next village respawn. Went in gun blazing. Add a couple spores and drifters into the mix.
Without the created distance and with the village’s WD help. Going straight for the Savages. (After having dispatched the gun guys.) Proved more difficult than o.O.o I had to adapt. Lot’s of action.
And the dessert. Deciduous. I saw stuff about it a while ago. The slag Pimp seemed the best (only?) good option so I replaced the Striker by a Fire Pimp for my 2nd pair.
I don’t know how I would had made it without the ammo regen. You can get to the Lodge without Deciduous despawning if I remember it right. Probably a good sniping spot too but I’m not sure with Deci poison splash balls.
Nearly bought it there a few times.
But I was rewarded with a Chopper so all is good. Slag, no prefix, but I got one.

About the “DualStriking”. With the Striker solid recoil don’t expect “fire at will” at it’s full range. But it got its uses. Worked nice with a Quasar. Probably something fun to play with a Siren.

Overall I can’t complain despite the awful bad streak between the 2nd and 3rd spawns. The other two were fast and I did get my Twister and a Chopper. Plus some trinkets and maxed out on money. Not everyone had that luck.


Maliwan or bandit grip, depending on if you just want it for slag or an actual gun.


You can (you can also Fast Travel between the lodge and the start point without him despawning). He can still reach you from across the map with his poison balls (and they seem to come through the roof often enough that staying in the lodge is a little sketchy). I usually pick him off from the start point (which kites him over there a little), then Fast Travel to the lodge where I can stock up on ammo and take a breather in relative safety.


Well, I got a Rapid Infinity and another Legendary from the Loot Midgets.
Then I went and defeated Bloodwing before Handsome Jackass 'sploded her.

…yeah. No noteworthy drops from the WEP other than the forementioned Infinity. That gun and the Shredifier are weapons Hoarder Sal could have used when he was in Normal mode. So the Iron Zerker is leaving as he came; with nada.


I took a technical all the way up to the Bunker and killed him with it.
He didn’t drop anything worthwhile.


Oh hell yes… did you fight your way up with it, or did you clear a section, drive to a safe spot, clear, drive, etc.? It seems like it would be super soft against, say, those EXP Loaders, Constructor attacks, mortar fire (to say nothing of BNK3R itself).


Drove the car up until the badass constructor portion, killed the constructor, then hopped back in and kept driving. It took multiple attempts because the Hyperion soldiers kept spawning with really good weapons that would total the car in one or two shots.

The BNK-3R itself is completely immune to the catapult technical’s barrels (they pass right through), but a single barrel hit on one of its turrets will destroy both of the turrets and damage the BNK-3R. The BNK-3R’s rockets would damage the car pretty badly, but the mortars would just bounce off and land next to it.

EDIT: My second car, blissfully unaware that it will die within the next few minutes.

This was not the nomad that killed it.


Jakobs Zer0 ran down the list of sides quests that are unfinished. Started with going out to the fridge and attempting to un-brainwash Laney White. Instead I gave her brain a thorough washing with my Skullmasher. I also used the TumTum Buffalo quite a bit. It’s awesome if as long you don’t need to get your shots off in a hurry. I was even able to build a small stack of CA with it. Using it for the long shots and the Skullmasher for medium worked out quite well.

Next couple of missions I wanted to do involved burning vollyball nets and cultists. Jakobs Zer0 has no fire weapons. Hmmm…options…go get the Greed, I need to do this but I wasn’t up to getting that deep into the Scarlett DLC w/ Jakobs Zer0 just yet. So I suppose I could just do a search for a fire weapon as they come available all the time. Heck I could get a Good Touch but I’m sworn off Moxxi weapons for the time being. Last option, go farm Gettle, maybe he’ll give me a fire Lyuda and if he doesn’t do so in a reasonable amount of time then we go back to option #2. Go big or go home I like to say.
Surprisingly Gettle gave up the goods on the 2nd or 3rd run. A Gromky even, with a Dahl grip(blah). Maybe a bit overkill for it’s intended use but who cares?
So knocked out those two missions, and I swear only used the Lyuda when the need for fire was a requirement.
After this decided to do some light farming. Killed the snowman several times and he gave me a Purple Rarity Scattergun. I’ll admit I did use the Lyuda on Tinder. I can kill him with the Skullmasher but the Lyuda is just so much more efficient.
Next I went after Ole Slappy for a fair number of runs…no Lyuda used I promise. He gave up a couple of different Purple Jakobs…I’ll go post those in the Loot of the Day thread.
After tiring of killing Slappy I went over to the Highlands. Here I like to pick a fight with the Stalkers…
Rabid stalkers used to be the bane of my Pandorin existence. When I saw one, I ran…as fast as I could. This is no longer the case:


Normally I get one or two when I pick a fight with the stalkers. This time the game gave me three. All of them dispatched with my new purple Jakobs.

My typical lodout:

(yes I totally stole this idea of posing Zer0 in Lynchwood from @Adabiviak ) . The Maggie and Skullmasher are mainstays. I rotate slots 2 & 3 with various weapons, most recently the Buffalo in 2 and one of many shotguns in 3. Yes, there is a Grog in there as well but it’s never used.
This so far is my favorite way to play Zer0.


He’s got kunai :wink:


Oh man, didn’t even think of that. I’m guessing that would light stuff on fire…sometimes. But…I’m keeping the Lyuda. I’ll admit I do sometimes miss the Lyudas and Pimps when playing Jakobs Zer0.