What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

I’d farm for days for a Twister, just for the fun of it. Ogre, I hate that Murderlin’s Temple SOOOO BAD lol

Well my maiden voyage on the PC has gotten to UVHM, just getting some gear together now. Was too tired to play last night, been doing a lot on the PTR for Diablo. So might have a run later, get Pimpernel, Sandhawk and make that do. Already got to the Forest in Tina’s for Bee updates, so will just Bee Pimp my way through. Upgrade stuff like Harold and Hornet.


That’s where I was for the last couple days. :zipper_mouth_face:
Back on topic. Coop with my good friend. Ready to tackle Murderlin’s Temple round 3 and up.
Having an OP8 Zero with me should help. :slight_smile:


Public test realm. I know right?

Regarding Magic Slaughter : on one hand it is the single most irritating thing in the game. The traps, the mages sniping you then disappearing, the suicide orcs and skeletons, the noise, noise, noise…


On the other hand, it’s the finest place to get good at situational awareness, so there’s that.

I find the spawning process for OOO/Dex to be drudgery. At least with Magic Slaughter, Sal can go Über Käse mode.


Ah, Diablo III. I keep thinking about dusting off my archon wizard but I haven’t played since season 10. I’d imagine they’ve neefed the archon build to death by now.

Sal sure… But I don’t want to rely on Sal for everything…
Managed to make it to round 4… More deaths than success.
I still have a Siren…
And Zorg the Gunzerker.
But they are one op lvl below. Would still be good thou.
I might ask for help at some point. Either for that or to get Retsam the commando to OP… high. :wink:
We’re going to chill finishing all side quest in Hammerlock.
… In Normal! :stuck_out_tongue: (or is it TVHM? Not sure.)


Psycho Naut navigated the sand seas of the Arid Boneyard in search of pumping stations, which were duly shut down. Across to Arid Nexus and it’s skag scavenging, followed by data theft. All done and dinged level 64 on the way. And Bonecrusher 2.0 was crushed as well!


Got my Pimp (shock) Sandhawk (Fire) rampaged into UVHM. Managed to get all the way to the WEP and i’m not even level 53, close but that’s sweet. Our old buddy Claptrap managed to do his party trick just before Flynt, got himself stuck on the lift…much swearing and anger, restart.

Might do some treant farming next, get a 53 Bee if possible and a Harold just to ensure Bloodwing hits the deck promptly.


Jakobs Zer0 v2 finished the Tiny Tina DLC, the main story. Got hung up at Dragon Keep. I thought I had to kill everything before progressing to the Handsome Sorcerer. Many New-U fees later and a Google search I learned you can run past all that stuff. Handsome sorcerer went down fairly quick.

I did play about 3/4 of the story without using a pimp for slagging, but gave in near the end. I think I could have completed it without using the Pimpernel, but it would have taken much longer. The game kept putting me up against those awful skeleton mages. I killed a couple of them, but mostly just ran from them if it was an option. I also went back after finishing and fought the Handsome Sorcerer again sans Pimpernel. Had a couple second winds, but put him down just the same.

Again, I used the Triquetra as my main shotty. I did pull out the Twister near the end when there are just mobs of skeletons. Bore for days.

Didn’t get any magic missiles, but did get a Fireball and Lightning Bolt that regenerate grenades. I see some farming in Jakob Zer0’s future.

Farmed Buttstallion for a bit. Got a few non Jakobs gemstones and a purple rarity coach gun and Gatling Gun. Really would like a citrine Muck, so I’ll farm that at a later time.

Overall it was a fun play through, but did get tedious at times. Fun story and probably my favorite DLC. It was the only one that I hadn’t completed yet.


How do you drop these guys? Other manufacturers use rockets for a one-shot kill, but I like the Orphan Maker or some other high damage shotgun for my Jakobs Assassin, since you tend to only get one shot. My Dahl Commando has a rougher time (no rockets and no shotguns).


Awesome vid!

For one of them I used a fastball in deception. I wanna say I used the skullmasher for a kill or two, or maybe the Triquetra, I honestly don’t recall. I do remember dropping one and suprising myself.

I really, really need to get an Orphan Maker, I just can’t seem to get the Rustler’s to drop.


OP8 Axton raid #2 : Pete the Sorta Hard.

Did the first part of the fight with a shock Hail and the Rifleman COM (after Trespassing his face shield of course - which is no mean feat when you can’t see his face for mortar fire) ; the second part was with the Harold and the Leg Engineer. I could have done it with a Sandhawk but a) I didn’t feel like it and b) I didn’t have a shock one handy. This was the build, I presume it’s as good as can be expected.

Metal Storm and Onslaught (one point for the Rifleman) did come in handy the three or four times I had to wash DoTs off.
This was a nice thing to get (that I will never use) :

I did actually try Vorac briefly but…no. No I don’t think so.


Same thought process as me trying to engage in a relationship lol


EXPLOSIONS PER SECOND dinged 42, and living up to his namesake, promptly specced Buzz Axe Bombardier, along with completing the The Overlooked questline for a Deadly Bloom.

The Deadly Bloom in question has a Torgue body, Hyperion battery, and Tediore capacitor.

The good thing about Krieg is that he can go toe to toe with the Rabids and SBA Pyre Threshers without having to be tactical about things. The novas are powerful enough so that anything within sniffing distance is reduced to gibs immediately. They’re especially helpful if I can’t land a single blow with the Harold as well.

As for the journey into the WEP to save Bloodwing… Buzz Axe Bombardier really knows how to clean house on Loaders (especially on a critical hit). Skags? Unshielded stalkers? FUHGHEDABBOUDIT. Who knew toying with explosives this much could be so pleasing? The entire mission consisted of me using the Harold (which, yes, I’m still somehow using) and whatever shotgun I can get my hands on to do damage, building up Bloodlust stacks during BXR after triggering Release the Beast, and chucking MIRVs everywhere.

Although after dinging 43 thanks to a LLM kill and choosing Blood Bath instead of Fuel the Blood, I’m not sure how powerful those grenades could be. I did take my L43 Legendary Psycho Class Mod knowing E.P.S. was going to do no worse than 43.5 when all was said and done so that’s nice.

Though I do miss my sweet 70% max damage resistance from my Tasty Crunch (+4 Taste of Blood, +3 Strip the Flesh), boosting Taste of Blood to 9/5.

A Hyperion chest popped up giving me a perfect Dastardly Iron at L42. Everything Jakobs + damage boost? YES.



Sorry - I shouldn’t laugh - but I’ve gathered as much from your posts on the general threads.

Try Buddhism! :laughing:


Nah you definitely should, my life is an absolute joke. :joy:


Instead of heading to the Bloodshot Stronghold, Call Me Sal fast traveled to Oasis so he can eventually go see Hyperius. The pirates and No-Beard were quickly dispatched from Oasis, though no Stinkpot this time. After enduring Shade’s ramblings, met up with Captain Scarlett and went out to Hayter’s Folly to kill Sandman.

I think Hayter’s Folly looks really nice, but it’s one of my least favorite maps to navigate through. You’d think I’ll remember where to go by now considering how many times I’ve gone to see Sandman.

Sandman and his friends got the better of Call Me Sal when I got careless and mismanaged the Gunzerking duration. After a quick payment to Hyperion, Call Me Sal returned the favor to Sandman and the friends. For his trouble, found the second compass piece and a nice OP8 Legendary Berserker. I’ve been enjoying the reload speed bonus of Altered Beast, but I may switch over to Legendasy Berseker now that I’ve got an OP8 one.

Left Call Me Sal at Captain Scarlett’s ship to finally start up a play through with Maya. She’s only the third character I’ve started (after Gaige and Sal) and this is actually the first time I’m playing a Siren as I never played Lilith in BL1.

After wishing for a way to skip through cutscenes, Mahya Mahya made her way to Liar’s Berg and called it a night. After playing with Deputy Sal build for so long, it was very weird to be doing actual damage with a main weapon. Also, it was nice to not have to worry about slag.


After several deaths vs the murderous ‘toys’ Hyperion gifted Gingertown Junior Senior Jr decided to retire the level 43 corrosive Deep Veruc in favor of a level 51 Torgue pistol. He also retired the level 28 Lady Fist (for now) in favor of a generic slag pistol. Being nearly on level made a great difference- the toys were sent to a kid named Sid for his enjoyment :smiling_imp: Continued the main story until he arrived in Sanctuary where he retrieved some level 50 gear from the Secret Stash (the Blockade and Redundant Lady Fist should still be effective as should be the Order, so as to do a bit of bullymong fur skinning). Quickly did the Doc Zed/Tannis get together, picked up Assinate the Assassins and made another quick trip to the loot train after dinging level 52 to get better gear. Now waiting in SS&P for the festivities to begin… @Jefe- I’d sacrifice a point from Able to get Down Not Out- being able to throw grenades while in FFL will save your bacon…


NightOnKriegMT started TVHM with a 35 Rough Rider Salvester grabbed for him (an OP 8 Greed killed Bulwark so quickly (1 shot) that the objective still shows incomplete). Lots of incendiary DOT’s trivialized everything except for armored maniacs and Boom Bewm (which an Infection amped up on Elemental Elation trivialized) and Flynt (who ate a steady stream of Seeker rounds). Did all of the introductions, Shielded Favors, and then farmed a Harold for our first trip to Frostburn. Got a Ravager from the Marcus machine in Three Horns on the run that netted an Intense Harold. Found Lilith, accepted In Memoriam, Cult Following (will leave the Endkindling for level 50), and Symbiosis. Will knock those out before heading to Three Horns Valley to start on a Dam Fine Rescue.

Things I’ve learned so far: Firestorm nades are overpowered and oh so slightly suicidal, and being on fire is as fun as setting things on fire.


Sniperdor is 72 now, so now he can use all the gear that he had on hold (a variety of Lyudas (amazingly no corrosive one that’s on-level, so using a NE one against non-fleshy enemies for now), Blockade, Quasar, etc.) Originally I was planning on using Bones as his relics but I’m liking a Heart of the Ancients that boosts all sniper damage (since he always carries a slag Lyuda in his off-hand and he swaps to a NE one in his main). Don’t need the cooldown of a Bone either. If I come across a Vladof allegiance relic I might give that a spin.


Retsam visited Tinder in order “restock” the money lost in Murderlin’s Temple. I love playing with my old pal HGG but let’s be honest. He didn’t made it to op8 by himself and his build is… Let say old school! :wink:
You things are going to get tough when your sniper (actually more a melee build I think) tell you. “Should be ok, I have an Infinity.” So yeah. Tinder. Didn’t got my vid for the Swordsplosion cult but got close a few times! :smiley:
Only a matter of time. :upside_down_face:
Three runs and nothing of interrest from the train.
Another good sign you may be in trouble is when your partner tells you he lost $30M to Doc Mercy and killed him once! So I loaded Shadow with the intention of farming him. Only to find out Shadow didn’t completed
Medical myster, x-com.
Oh well. always have a Spitter equiped because of Crouching tiger and a Florentine in the backpack. Shouldn’t be a problem.
Only it was hard. The Bandits but especially the Skags and their Rabids variety. I thought I probably had (again) a fire Bone equipped while using shock Pimp/Lyuda. Quick look at inventory and yes… But it wasn’t the only problem.


No it’s not my usual COM!

So yeah. Equipped the Leg Hunter back and everything went smooth after that! :blush:
I always enjoy going to the Split Skull Bay for that mission. Lot’s of chest. Even found a safer way to do it as it can be treacherous there.
552 Ar kills to go.