What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

You mean Do or Die? :wink:
I considered spec-ing it but this was specifically a raid build. If I go down with Pete the raid’s over no matter what I throw at him. I also wanted to avoid his novae so I could avoid opening the valves so I could avoid random fire breaking my Bee - so I wasn’t going to count on SWs from minions.

Otherwise if I’m running a double Nuke build, it’s one of those no-brainer skills.

I just found a very nice one. Normally I discard them, but this time it got me thinking I very much need to do something with it :thinking:


Well, I came across a Vladof allegiance relic (just a plain-jane white one from a random white chest) and while the damage bonus isn’t quite as good as the Heart, the recoil reduction it gave is definitely noticeable so I stuck with it. Which led me to think, hell with it, let’s go all Vladof and so I’ve made my first-ever allegiance character, heh. :smiley: Gave him a Legendary Hoarder COM from the backpack of my main Deputy Sal who is never going to use it, and Claptrap-stashed over a couple of Sponges (shock and corrosive resistance), a Sham, longbow Fire Bee and Pandemic (nades I seldom use but have lying around), and a lobbed Storm Front (don’t have a spare longbow one to give him) and respecced to play to the strengths of the COM (and gave him a Vladof skin of course.) Endless Lyuda barrages ho!


Pesky real life got in the way of BL2 for a while. When I got back I decided to take it easy and advance all my mules to level 10. I got a lot of BAR in the process. Everything is at 19.9% or 20.2% now. Noice.

Oh, and Sal made it to OP3. :smiley:


Vladof and Hoarder Salvador are a match made in heaven. Good decision. :smiley:

In regards to my own efforts with Hoarder Sal, speaking of, I have at one point considered using a Heart of the Ancients myself, with an Assault Rifle Damage. I would think Spiniguns in particular could use that since they kick immensely and it would allow one to get more shots on target without it being all over the place.


MayaHelpYou dropped in on @Carlton_Slayer and, well, helped. We blasted through a chunk of story and side missions, then finished by melting a snow man. I know have quite a collection of Siren Class Mods to sort through! Also dinged two levels along the way.

One of the missions was Medical Mystery, and I quickly remembered that MayaHelpYou is a full on elemental siren… Fortunately, she’s also specced into Res and healing, so I adopted the strategy of running behind tossing out slag transfusion grenades and generally keeping Carlton’s Salvador on his feet while he made plenty of bullet holes in bandits.

The other thing with that was that I didn’t have too many on-level weapons. I probably got the most use out of a level 50 slag Scorpio which, between burst fire mode, slag-on-slag damage, and Clould Kill, remained highly effective even against level 54 enemies. I knew I’d been collecting Scorpios for a reason!


Sure hope you enjoy her, she’s my favorite character in all games ever created :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gave the story a good run tonight, got new Bee from treants, then picked up another Hornet from Mong Jnr. Then headed into the WEP, had a nice welcoming committee from Tumbaa although Pimon kinda got squished. Bloodwing was ultra liquefied Siren style.

Managed to race through all the way to Sawtooth, quick Mong bash for Badaboom (not so quick grrrr). So left it there ready for the nasty bandit fest up next.


After taking Zer0 through both the Scarlett and the Tiny Tina DLC (and the Hammerlock last week) I decided it was time to get back on track with my neglected Sal.

Since he’s finished the main story, I sent him out to do a bunch of side quests as well as farming a Harold every three levels or so.

At this point he is at 69.

The Harold/Rubi combo started to get tiresome, so I set him up with a Heartbreaker.

My experience with Sal so far has been pretty hit or miss. I’m getting better, but still have a long way to go. I’ve probably changed my build a couple dozen times and have been doing alot of reading here. Ultimately will be going for a Deputy Sal I think, but I’m definitely open.

Still like Zer0 better by a long shot, but Sal is growing on me.

I also had a short Zer0 session. Took Zer0 to Lynchwood using the Hammerlock loadout. Of course the Elephant Gun and Hydra I use all the time anyways, but the Rex and Damned Cowboy not so much. Getting much better with the Rex, and it’s proving to be quite effective. Got a couple kills with the Damned Cowboy, but its probably not a gun I’ll use very much.

Lastly, I also picked up a Stomper. Not a great gun, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Not ever gonna replace the Hammer Buster or Bekah, but it does kill stuff. I ran it through the first couple rooms of Southpaw and I was a bit surprised at some of the kills I got with it.


Decided to change things up and did a bunch of BAR challenges. Got me running all kinds of maps I’d never normally go to: Highlands, the Fridge, Eridium Blight, Friendship Gulag, etc.

Knocked out everything in the main game on Gaige and Maya except Terra’s vault symbol, which boils down to straight up luck.


JSJ was joined by @VaultHunter101’s Maya (who allowed him to act a bit more recklessly than usual :grin:). Knocked out The Name Game and Bad Hair Day after assassinating some assassins, helped Doc Zed find out what his old rival Doc Mercy was up to, rescued Roland and finished off by melting Tinder Snowflake, who melted much like the Steelers did in the final minutes vs Denver- :rage: At least this game never disappoints me…


I took the Vladof allegiance idea and ran with it.

I also chose Sal because I don’t have any Hoarder-build Sals ( also I have enough Zer0s and Mayas ; I just finished building a Torgue Axton ; Krieg - no ; and although Gaige would make a great Vladof allegiance, she’s currently my least played character - I may do this still though the more I think about it ).

Say hello to Nikolayevich ( named after the main character in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot who suffered from epilepsy :wink: ) - he’s a clone of my OP4 Jakobs Sal. Note the mission weapon I need to turn in :smile:

  • I had the relic already - in fact I had a couple with a mule as it turned out. The accuracy recovery is fantastic - love it. The COM - same thing - found by his sire likely.
  • next I needed some guns, so El Mariachi farmed the Dragons for Stingers (I prefer the Stalker but this is OP4 so I can’t farm OMG for one) and the Hammerlock seraph vendor for Lead Storms. I took these on a trial run in Southpaw with a Brawn build but it was unpleasant - maintaining health and ammo was an issue. So clearly I needed to Kittehzerk!
  • Kali keeps the Kitten mission reward open, so she popped down to OP4 to farm one of each including slag.
  • shield was the final hurdle. Vladof makes absorbs and I wasn’t about to farm the Bunker for a Sham (which has crap capacity anyways - it’s going to drop from DoTs regularly) and since Kali was literally right there, she ran over to the Torgue seraph vendor and farmed this peach :

2x Maliwan and 1x Hyperion. Perfect!

His quick test run of Southpaw went great! I do have a few OP4 Lyudas on Zepp0 Marxman and some Topneaas strewn about, so I think this is going to get slightly awesome.

In other news, Hoyt Axton failed miserably at the OP8 Dragons…the OP6 Dragons…the OP3 Dragons…
He also took a shot at OP8 Son o’ Craw and got close but couldn’t quite finish it. This one I definitely want to complete.

Edit : I had OP4 Lyudas in all elements except fire, so took a shot at the Dust and got this first try :

That Jakobs stock is terrible though.


Long time lurker, first time poster. Just finished the Warrior in normal mode with my no backpack Zero. I will be kind to him in TVHM, and allow him one extra weapon, and either a extra class mod, shield or relic.

I was running him as a hybrid build, and will probably continue running him that way.


Welcome to the forums !


You Sir. Deserve my admiration! :smiley:
… And welcome to the forums.

Spent sunday afternoon farming for a gun I don’t even like. Just to nag my friend. RNGsus punished me and got only one underleveled, lousy parts Infinity. Was doing it with Shadow (Zero), not bad. I was able to down Doc Mercy in a few shot most of the time and not aggro any of the annoying Bandits mob. But eventually grew tired of it. I also toyed with the Skags around. As I recently played my new account/mule as a melee hybrid I kinda missed Execute.
Cuz I nearly turned myself into a Zidane!

Ok. Maybe I’m pushing it a little! :joy:

So I decided to load my abandonned ninja, Hiroto.
First glimps at the skills I notice a little … ehhh… “mistake”. 5 points in Grim! Not exactly a great synergy with a maylay shield and MMF you could say. That’s what happen when you just throw a bunch of points without thinking. Respected to this build .
Rescued the Firehawk. (OP1) Was good despite too many deaths. Most of time against the tougher guys with only a sliver of their health left. :expressionless: Not sure why but a couple times I died as I was killing stuff. Doesn’t seem to be because of Unforseen. (I suspected it at some point) . Maybe from Kunais? idk.
I want to blame Nova Shield or Deadly Bloom but… Bullymongs don’t wear shields!
Yup, Bullymongs. Cuz the guy is missing a few thing so we went to Gingerton. Story was good. Once again died in one or two area and it …:poop: me. Was doing good otherwise.
Tinder Snowman was another story. First real boss fight playing a ninja. Started horrible. Got somewhat better. Still doesn’t have a Slag Eviceration Ruby which is a problem. But I do have a corrosive and a fire one. Equipped the fire Ruby (For the blade, not the element.)
Better but… nah.
I’m probably not that far from success. Still no cigar.
I might simply re-spect him into a regular Sniper Zero for that event and lend him the PBFG (fire) Shadow is carrying.
Another thing I recently learned to appreciate. The PBFG. Never been a Launcher or 2ndwind weapon guy but that thing ROCKS!


As a Droog user, if it ain’t Hyperion or Vladof it’s bupkes. =|

Also Kitten in the main hand? Interesting.


Actually it wasn’t in slot one. It’s just when you hit GZ when you’re holding slot 2 it reverses them until you swap guns back and forth.

And you mean Dahl or Hyperion stock, no? Vladof stock isn’t bad but Dahl is the one to get.


I wouldn’t know about Dahl stocks on Droogs to be honest. I know I had a pair on my Jakobs Zer0 for elemental specialties. They both had, unfortunately (what timing here), Jakobs stocks. Which… yes, yuck.

That said I have to say I don’t use snipers ever on Salvador, Hoarder or otherwise. He just isn’t the type of character I find myself using sniper rifles, even if it’s the Lyuda. Just feels out of character. =| Even if assault rifles underachieve, I don’t use snipers as alternatives, I just find a rocket launcher and go. Because as I said, with Lay Waste and 5 Shots or 6, everything gets wiped clean off my map with the Vanquisher (Kitten on slag duty obviously). XD

Okay, enough talk. Time to push onward with EXPLOSIONS PER SECOND.


NightOnKriegMT started with Cult Following and then went to Southern Shelf to collect ashes while leaving a trail of ash in Midgemong’s general direction. Then False Gods, Scorch blessed us with a Hellfire, and lighting the match. Got a Tinderbox from Flynt, and even though it’s not Maliwan I decided to use it for a bit. I was impressed. Things burned, the mag got to around 200, more things burned, much better firearm than I expected. Off on the road to rescue Roland. For only the second time in my -mumble mumble- playthroughs I had to follow to the Gulag. Stopped there and picked up Salvester. He had started the Big Game Hunt to pick up an Infection and a Rough Rider for NightOnKriegMT, but while the missions were level 35 the Seraph vendor is only stocking level 30 gears. So he went on a speed run to see if curb stomping Jackenstein would change that. The answer is no. However, a level 30 infection amped up on Elemental Elation and Blood Filled Guns melted every single armored thing even 10 levels above, so no big deal. A mag size of 127 is downright evil with the EE fire rate buff. NightOnKriegMT will be back tomorrow to do a little dance, say what’s up to Mordecai and Bloodwing, and, of course, get down later that night.


Huh, that’s what I ended with tonight! Da Duka Nuka started off solo doing Mighty Morphin’ then Overlooked up to creating the shield parts. I left it without turning in because I’d like to get the final mission reward at higher level. Then it was off to Sanctuary to check in, and back out to the field again.

I arrived in Three Horns to do the mail delivery mission just in time for my son to join me with his Gaige, who was a bit under-geared and under-levelled (53 vs. 56/57) but whatever - got lots of revives in! We cleared the camp then delivered the mail, then off to Frostburn to deal with the cult.

Finished up a furious fight with Flynt and lit the Matchstick, then called it a night. Got a Homing Bonus Package from Bewm and a level 58 Tinderbox from Flynt.


Ah crap. I did that full questline en route to preparing for Wildlife Preservation. =|

Now my only chance of getting it is holding off until 72 for EPS. Or luck into one on the Loot Train.

(In my defense, I’m holding out for the Love Thumper.)


I’m out of my gourd. NightOnKriegMT is about to hit Tundra Express. Oops. My bad.