What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

JSJ did the Lilith quest to find some lost ECHO’s and then wiped out a lot of varkids and bandits in Tundra Express while making notes on varkid evolution. Declined an offer to join a tea party and then KO’ed Wilhelm. Next time will be preparing to launch a flying city…


NeglectedSal started out the evening at 69. Hit 70 farming Scorch for a Hellfire. When it finally dropped it was 2 levels under and Sal hit 70.

Farmed Lee for another Harold but quit after a couple runs. Don’t really need another Harold.

Next went after King Mong. No Baddaboom, but did get to 71.

Next stop…the Beatdown and Petes Bar…started racking up XP and Torgue Tokens.

After sifting through the aftermath of a couple Bar Brawls Sal found an Ornery Bushwack, so I spec’d out an impromptu Deputy Build and used that until he hit 72.

Headed back to Sanctuary and loaded Sal up with stuff I have a number of mules. Gave him a bunch of stuff. Well Kept Triquetra, Huntin Coach Gun and even a couple sniper rifles. Upgraded his shield to an Antagonist and gave him a Quasar. Had a 72 Deputies Badge for him, but it’s almost identical to the lvl 50 one he already has.

Sent him to Southpaw for a Deputy test run…holy schmoly!

The Rubi he’s using really needs to be upgraded, so that’ll likely be farmed in the coming days. Also going to send Zer0 out and see if we can’t farm him a Chaotic Evil Monk Com of some sort as well as an Evolution Shield to replace the Antagonist. It’s my understanding that the Evolution is a good fit for Sal.

Out of curiosity I swapped the subpar Rubi for a Slag Kitten…Went to Southern Shelf and killed a bunch of stuff. Even did a little sniping with a Buffalo Gun, definitely not the sniper that Zer0 is, but if they’re slagged Sal can take em down.

I’m definitely not the best Sal player and it’s gonna take some time to get used to how he handles(compared to Zer0) but it looks like it’ll be fun. It’s really like playing an entirely different game.


decided to try a tech seen in an old demonite vid

turned out pretty well


I thought UVHM missions rewarded the level you pick them up? Maybe i’m wrong…

ANyhoo, got to the end of UVHM play through last night, long way to go to 72 now. I don’t do missions during the story so plenty of them to get on with whilst farming the usual for gear until 61 appears, then mostly Frostburn, Dust, and Arid Skag bashing with Saturn and the Ult Constructure for huge xp.

The hardest part so far in UVHM? Getting to pick up Carson’s echo in The Dust. Was 3 Goliath Blasters there…death…death…death…death.


They do. I’m holding off on turning in the penultimate stage of the quest line so I don’t accidentally pick up the final stage before I’m ready.


Ha, same head and skin I chose. :smiley: Kittehzerk sounds fun. The drawback with dual-Lyudaing is of course I don’t have health regen outside of zerking (not specced into Hard to Kill but that health regen certainly won’t keep you up during a fight anyway), so playing a little more cautiously that I normally do with Sal is in order. It’s so satisfying though. :smiley:

Edit: that Sponge tho. I farmed up a fire-resistance one for myself but the best I got before I started losing my mind was one with 40-something chance with 3.something delay.


:point_up_2: This is why I’ve got one of each toon at OP{>/=2}, am working a second set of six to 72, and can see myself repeating the process again, whether doing UVHM resets or leveling new toons into different builds. So many ways to end Hyperion’s reign of terror, gotta try 'em all.


Yes, I will probably end up starting another character sooner than later. I actually started Sal a long time ago then left him by the wayside in favor of Zer0. I’m thinking either Maya or Axton next…probably Maya since she seems to work well with snipers. That is the one thing I’m missing with Sal.

Sent Jakob’s Zer0 out to pick up a couple things for NeglectedSal. Got a couple Evolution sheilds(From Hyperius) to try and also farmed a Slag Rubi with matching grip(didn’t take near as long as I feared it would). He also made a couple runs for the Monk COMs but decided they would be more likely to drop if Sal was actually farming them(I was right…).

Gave Sal his new sheild and Rubi and sent him to look for Class Mods. He was somewhat successful in that he found about 7 Lawful Evil COMs. What I really want is the Chaotic Evil, so Sal will continue in his hunt. I had a similar experience with Zer0 and the Rogue COMs.

The Evolution shield made a huge difference. The upgraded Rubi did as well, but the Evolution just about made Sal a tank.
Sent Sal with his new Lawful Evil Class Mod/Evolution/Rubi to Southpaw to take on the first couple assassins. I kept expecting him to FFYL…but never did. He basically was toe to toe with Oney and his suicide bombers. So far he’s only used a Rubi/Triqeutra combo and it has proven to be very effective.

Running a Deputy build I’m still getting used to having my shotgun in my off hand. It’s starting to feel better but still doesn’t feel natural. It’ll take some getting used to. I did try swapping my buttons for gunzerking, but that just made things worse. I’m not worried about it as I’m already seeing improvement.

All in all I’m glad I stuck it out. I was about to give up on Sal altogether. Getting him the right gear made all the difference. Can’t wait till I feel comfortable enough to run the Peak with him.


Wouldn’t a Dahl stock be OK?

Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been coming here almost every day to borrow ideas from everyone. Figured it was time to join the fun.


We did sort of talk about that after.

Dahl is definitely the one for sustained fire. Hyperion is good for single shot (like Muckamucks).


Got new Bee, then went into Hammerlocks for Rough Rider. Then spent 1:06hrs trying to get a Blockhead…super trolled. Maybe one of the worst attempts by earth people, ever :tired_face:

thnx @nat_zero_six for popping in, hope you weren’t there too long lol…maybe you fell asleep. Death by creeper! Was the stream looking ok if you don’t mind me asking…


I was there for only a couple of minutes. stream quality is good, i bet you got yourself a high end PC. :+1:


I played with my brother this evening for the first time in over a year. He hadn’t played BL that whole time, so naturally we decided to make a Peak run to get his Maya and my Axton up to OP3.

The first time through, we died in the very first area, both of us falling to a SBA Slag spiderant. Oy, we said. Let’s try again, we said. I gently reminded him to phaselock the surveyors and unpredictable guys first. He took it to heart, and the second run was a … not a breeze, no, but a high-stress pleasure. After about 45 minutes we both graduated to OP3. Sweet.

So now I have Maya-Sal-Axton at OP3 and Zer0 at OP1. I’m planning to get Zer0 to at least OP2 by myself. I sure did have fun playing co-op, though. Maybe I can persuade my bro to do some more of it.


Since I was on the allegiance kick, I thought I’d try out a Dahl Commando.


Now I’m an avid disliker (yes that’s a word online dictionary, because I say so) of Dahl but thought perhaps with a relic they could be tolerable.


I took OP0 Steve Austin the $6m Army Man - who has been through a Jakobs allegiance and was most recently made into the Bandit Specialist, which incidentally was completely wicked - and gave him some Dahl gear

  • relic with burst delay and mag size
  • explosive Crossfire (by far the best thing about this build)
  • booster shield which, while sort of fun to pluck them while still in the air, was a paper thin POS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  • Legendary Pointman to start but moved over to a Tactician COM for better shield health
  • a Bearcat (yes!), Hornet and Plasma Caster he already had , corrosive Veruc and n.e. Sloth were on mules and got a Seraphim from the vendor. A n.e. Emerald minigun was also on a mule - this was a big reason for me to try this. It was…ok.

I ran through the Fridge. Actually no, I backpedaled through the Fridge.
Frankly it was pretty brutal. I don’t think I died but enjoyed FFYL rather frequently.

I will say that at least the Plasma Caster with 8/5 in Battlefront (from the Tactician COM) was great ; and it’s always fun to use the Bearcat - especially against rakk.

I think however that he’s going back to his Specialist COM and his Bone Shredder and Tattler.


Jakobs Assassin went to hook TK Baja up with some candy and rolled the dice with Clark.

This is the floating head stage of the Pumpkin Kingpin, which dropped comfortably fast with a Skullmasher backed by healthy stacks of Critical Ascension, Rising Sh0t, and Kill C0nfirmed.

This is only the second time I’ve seen the witch.

I also found one of these guys, which I call, “Rabid Skeleton Mages”. I don’t get to play with them often, so I cleared out his buddies and practiced dodging his attacks.


I think he’s pretty fun, but that’s because I really like Dahl’s gimmick… he might be my hardest character to play. Those Booster shields can be soft, but if you can reliably catch those boosters, you can shrug off some seriously nasty DoT.


Hiroto, the ninja wannabe, borrowed a Bee and fire PBFG for 2nd wind and made another attempt at the snowman. It wasn’t pretty but the snowman melted. The train was very good. Almost made a short clip for the Item found! A Bee. Slightly better capacity and Amp damage but 6.58 recharge delay… A pure DAHL corrosive railer, Shock PBFT (Tediore grip, sight and exhaust :frowning: ) , matching grip fire Night Terror (crit, DAHL SR with Jackobs barrel) wich will probably replace the the blue Night Scout. (Vladof barrel) and blue pure Maliwan slag smg for the collector’s bin. Plus some other odd parts goodies.
Tried the new Bee and DAHL SR. The second run was… slightly… better. Mostly because I palyed a little better. That delay on the Bee…
He’ll probably borrow a fire Lyuda and go back for more melting and loot.


I must be missing something here: I see what appear to be a flying cat silhouetted against the moon, and the letters O and R on the Hyperion moon base (what?!), but no witch.

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I was never a Dahl fan but my Dahl siren is working well into UVHM, partly because the slow bullet speed can be made up for with her skills/COMs, and partly because it’s easy to farm Gwen’s Head, Hornet, and Lascaux repeatedly (and later, Verucs). And a Sand Hawk with a purple Dahl relic and a Cat mod…!

Pitchfork or Sloth helps fill out the range, and a slag Betty is useful. I hate Dahl shields though.

My Axtons did Torque and Tediore runs.


NightOnKriegMT torched the Tundra. The level 30 Infection started showing its age, but still put out enough DOT’S to make face tanking Wilhelm doable via Elemental Empathy. After thoroughly defrosting the Fridge it was off to the Highlands. The Overeating Tentacle monster would have been an issue if we hadn’t grabbed a tesla nade from the Outwash vendor. A couple of nades and a few hundred rounds from a Hellfire made relatively short work of it. After repairing the beacon enough that Jack had to point out my ineptitude we made it back to Sanctuary. About to go back to the Highlands for the Overlooked and Hidden Journals. Should I finish it out for a Deadly Bloom or save the last leg for level 50? I suppose the question is can I continue to use the level 36 Rough Rider until level 50 because the damage reduction is always 20%, or should I get a shield with an actual capacity? My instinct says that the RR will see me through TVHM and that the Deadly Bloom may prove a liability while I’m on fire without the damage reduction. Spec at 43 for reference: