What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(Kawashi Ultimate) #8947

For an explosive-chucker too? =|

(Santa Söze) #8948

I can’t remember but logic dictates yes. I recall taking him down very quickly with max EE and a Gub. I’m fairly sure I would have used something to get BB going.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8949

No Gub, but I bet my Aegis or Sub Malevolent Grace will have satisfactory results. I will definitely try to proc Bloodbath wit that sweet corrosive Fastball I got from Boll on my way to the Fridge before I start firing. Maybe I can self ignite on that baby skag first?

(Is this thing on?) #8950

Da Duka Nuka picked up where he left off in UVHM, and went a side-questing in the Fridge. Found some copies of Pandora Geographic (or whatever it was) for Scooter and tracked down his old flame (to no avail), then bumped into a Goliath and ended up doing “Note to Self-Person”. I had forgotten that Rakk Man’s rakk were called Zap! Pow! and Bam! Also, I’d forgotten how big some rakk can get:

Finally, did some shopping. Good golly, Miss Moxxi! Ever the Consumate bartender:

(Santa Söze) #8951

Because of the discussion on the Bee thread, I took Tisiphone (OP4 Hyperion Siren) to the Bunker to try try record a nice game-crashing Chain Reaction. I didn’t get the footage I wanted but did find this clip to be particularly cool : CR’s new pellets shooting out of the Bunker and ricocheting off the platform. I think that’s pretty neat.

She then took to Hammerlock’s DLC with her Fibber, Hybridification, Actualizer and assorted 4th slot (mostly Morningstar and iFacer). “Hybridification?” you ask? I believe it was @Adabiviak’s discovery that etech snipers have penetration which can score crits on witch doctors through their masks. I only had the shock version so it worked great on 4 out of 5 of them.

Hammy took his sweet time fixing me up a dinghy - enough time for me to contemplate this beauty :

But Alistair, Dahl grip? Do tell…

He took the missions for ze eggs und das Bulstoss. The latter mission-dropped this fail :

the former dropped this lovely thing :

Bayonet schmayonet, I think it looks badass ; besides, Jakobs grip and Hyperion stock…keeper.


Wait what? This game keeps throwing those curveballs to the end, does it not? You should put that in the random info if it’s not there already (at least I’ve missed it if it is).

(Santa Söze) #8953

I couldn’t find reference to it in your Random thread - I know he’s mentioned it this thread (and its predecessor) two or three times. I’ll let Ad post it - that’s his info - and he’s done more research on the mechanic ; although I have a somewhat less interesting other thing to post there, so incoming.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #8954

Jakob’s Zer0 farmed one of those for Sal. He uses it while waiting on his cooldown. Except mine has a Vladolf stock :roll_eyes:

I think all the Hammerlock guns look badass.

(Is this thing on?) #8955

Railers have an effect where the penetrate enemies - you can see the projectile come through when shooting a normal enemy. In the case of Witch Doctors, the mask counts as an enemy, so…

My recollection is that there’s a damage reduction on the second hit of a Railer projectile (similar to some skill-based special effects), but @Adabiviak would probably have better information.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #8956

I’ve never really used them for their pseudo-B0re capabilities, so couldn’t speak to whether or not the subsequent shot has any damage gain or loss… just sniping through the masks of the local savages in Aegris. Really - it goes right through them. Also you can crit a Goliath through it’s helmet. (which brings up some dialog about wanting to take the helmet off if it’s not a kill. “Do it! Take this thing off!” and that sort of thing.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #8957

NeglectedSal had busy session. A good part of it was re-farming and upgrading several items that Jakobs Zer0 had farmed for him.

Upgraded my ROM and slag ladyfist to matching grips. Matching grip made a substantial improvement in the performance of both guns, but really noticed it with the ROM. Actually continued to farm it, to get one for Zer0, and the last one was a Hyperion grip.
Also did the Clan Wars mission and killed the Hodunks so Sal could farm a Slagga. Out of 5 runs, Tector dropped 3 Slaggas. Grabbed what I felt was the best one(Murdering). Used with the ROM while gunzerking kills stuff fast…very fast. Rabids are now a mere nuisance.

To end the session he ran the Peak and unlocked OP1. Now I know unlocking OP1 isn’t really that hard, but Deputy Sal made it trivial. I have a feeling he’ll breeze through unlocking OP2 and possibly OP3.

That said, I plan to continue to play him at 72(OP0) for the time being as I have alot to learn about Sal and gunzerking.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8958

This and that…
Some Tinder train farming with Hiroto my melee Zero. In hope of a better relic but I just found out, according to the forums threads that I’m better with a Bone. A good Launcher for 2nd wind (The only character I have ever used one.) would had be good but borrowing a fire PBFG from my Sniper Zero was so much more effective!
Quickly tried Blodshot Stronghold… ouch! I’ll need more time and probably be a little more patient too.
Mia still on her quest to find a slag evisciration Ruby for Hiroto…
Aparently this will take a while. :frowning:
Shadow Pimped Doc Mercy a few more time. Still stuck at only one lousy Infinity.
Friday off but my Sister/Landlord/part time roomate is coming with the brother in law.
Some cleaning on the agenda! (and grocery and cooking and… “social life”

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8959

I fixed that for you :wink: also i’m back so expect me to give you all the clap again soon!

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8960

NightOnKriegMT had a little time today, so he picked up Dr’s Orders and Animal Rights before heading back to the preserve to do some TVHM midget farming, the intent being to go for 1 level worth of XP and no more. First two runs netted a rubberized Pandemic (I’m letting him use Vladof AOE nades where helpful, so YAY!!!) and a Marxman’s Gub (less yay, but seeing as I used Flynt’s Tinderbox for a minute I figured why not?). The Gub is absolutely lethal pumped up on Elemental Elation (mag size of 300+improved fire rate. Can you say :star_struck:?). It completely owned every bot it met. Headed to Thousand Cuts to meet the Slab King in the next session, I can’t wait to see how that Gub does with buzzards.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8961

The Clap® finally made some more progress, and is now about to pass through The Fridge. He’s somewhat underleveled, the quest is a level 40 and he just dinged 37, but i’m sure it’ll be fine :rofl:

Edit: Got this as I progressed

Here’s The Clap® taking on Gluttonous Thresher (with one death included)

(LootHunter_twitch) #8962

I’ve always liked those Dahl Plasma Casters. Nice gunzzz!

Started my end game lootpocalypse yesterday, but one thing suddenly came to mind, still don’t have a Legendary Siren com. Can’t remember ever taking a Siren from 0-72 and not getting one. Huh. Might do some red chest farming, chance for good coms and quasar etc.

edit: yep, got the Leg Siren. Also a homing storm front with 0.0 fuse. And a nice longbow slag bouncing betty, purple with 0.0 fuse

Need to assemble a PC squad for Vermi hunting (72) . Be a while before i do any peak runs though.

(Carlton Slayer) #8963

Junior Senior Jr completed A Train to Catch and Rising Action and returned safely to Sanctuary, where he picked up the Overlook missions. He’s nearly at level 56 and is slowly swapping out the level 50 gear with new finds. Will do a few more side quest while skipping the ones with quest rewards I want at level 72- or beyond :wink:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8964

NightOnKriegMT met the Slab King today. That was, dare I say, easy. One FFYL, second wind off of a buzzard with the Gub, and what amounted to a light aerobic workout for the initiation. Turned it in, grabbed Rocko’s Modern Strife and Poetic License, then went back to Thousand Cuts. Save/quit so I could check for loot midgets while I got a skin mag and inspiration for Scooter. 2 loot midgets, one ammo and cash, one Practicable NE Conference Call. Bore witness to Daisy’s rejection of Scooter, picked up Home Movies and Hell Hath No Fury, and stopped just short of heading to Opportunity. That’s for next time.

(Rumplebunny) #8965

Started farming for a new ROM for my regular Deputy Sal. His current one has a bandit grip, must get a Jakobs!

Also started farming the train for Molokos, for my sniper-Sal. This is gonna take a while…

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8966

So, I just had one of THOSE moments… You know what i’m talking about. Doing the medicine quest in Overlook, heading to the third machine and suddenly a Super Badass Pyre Thresher shows up… welp :smiley:

Here’s the death and subsequent revenge… I guess it was 4 levels above me so that might explain the struggle :rofl: