What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #8967

It really makes a difference. Too bad it’s such a tedious farm.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #8968

That’s awesome… since those grenades are almost never used for their own damage, for slagging and some healing purposes, that should last indefinitely?

I love that area for Thresher practice. I’m sure you know this, but when fighting a Pyre Thresher, not getting back to half health before it dives again is almost a guaranteed FFYL. If you’d switch to the Bad Touch while you had those Storm Fronts out, you’d probably cross that line enough to tank the next ‘Dramatic Entrance’. However, what I learned by watching this that I never knew before: if you’re a bit downhill from the Pyre Thresher when it does its Dramatic Entrance, it won’t hit you. It may seem slight, but that attack is what makes them so lethal… this will be a huge advantage in fighting them.

Also, Did you mean to buy that grenade? That purchase was so fast.

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Ah no, I meant to just buy more grenade ammo but knocked my stick and highlighted the item of the day by mistake!


Call Me Sal went out to play Bunkers & Badasses with Tiny Tina, mostly so he can look for purple Evil Monk COMs. I’d forgotten how much I hate skeletons and that my BAR for the DLC glitches out the first time I went through it (though it now appears to be tracking correctly). Followed Davlin around for a while, indiscriminately shooting at anything that moved, but had to call it a night before finding the Queen. Did find The Cradle, of all things, though.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #8971

I’ve always farmed these from the two chests at the Unassuming Docks. I’ve had pretty good luck there. I always get the Chaotic Evil for Zer0 and more recently Sal.

My recent session(s) have been mostly farming stuff most of which I posted in the “Finds of the Day” thread.

I did get Sal to OP2 and it was actually quite easy. This means I can now let him try the Twister, which I did. Well…it was actually quite underwhelming. Now, I don’t have the best parts on the Twister, Hyperion grip…but Zer0 is pretty lethal with it. Sal killed things to be sure, but not like when using the ROM…or actually any other shotgun. Also got Sal a Tidal Wave, which I’d be more inclined to use over the Twister. Maybe I need to spend more time with it. I do love it with Zer0.

Now on the other hand, Zer0 got himself a ROM, or rather Sal got him a ROM…w/ Hyperion grip and it is actually quite good. Took it a killed Hyperius which is what I like to do anytime Zer0 gets a new shotgun.


That’s a good idea. Thanks for the tip.

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:+1: :point_down:

I know @Kurtdawg13 would be down for some Vermi. We’re both on the west coast (so 8 hours behind you).

Compared with the ROM, yes we all have agreed on that ( Kurt, Chuck, kbk and I had a chat about it recently ). Actually in general it gets used very infrequently, although I haven’t given Maya a go with it for a while.

Ahhh - wonderful.

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This is basically ROM vs Twister…

Personally i’d back Donnie Yen everytime :rofl:

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@zer0blivion I had the same experience when I tried the Twister with Zorg the gunzerker. Slow moving pellets and gunzerking? idk .
Now try it on a Mechro! I farmed it for Gaige and wasn’t dissapointed. :blush: .
On topic I did a bit of this and that once again but didn’t turn out as a good idea. Mia got killed twice in the first round of Magic Slaughter. Freakin Cystal Skeleton and their bullet reflection. Tiny Tata’s (Mechro) had similar problems in Immortal woods.

Kinda forgot to use the Quasar with Mia and the Twister with Tiny Tata’s… Maybe I should stop jumping around and stick to a character for a few days!
I think I’ll stick with simple things today like red chest or tubby farming. Not a big fan of stuff like slaughter arena or Peak. They kind of remind me of traditional shooter with long trek and no way to save in between.

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The peak isn’t so bad since it’s quite quick, but I do know what you mean.

Anyway, The Clap® made further progress. Being level 38 when I finished the Overlook part of the story, I decided to do some side missions. First off I cleared Overlook ones, specifically the three leading to blowing Dave to smithereens, and also did the Stalker of Stalkers one. Afterwards I went and did the two for Scooter in The Fridge, but the Goliath didn’t spawn on my way to the fast travel this time so I didn’t do Smash-Head for now.

Turning those in allowed me to reach level 40, at which point I grabbed a new Bad Touch (thanks to my alt account) and went to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Here are some screenshots of the Bloodwing battle (in no particular order).

Also, Triquetra is love, Triquetra is life. That is all :rofl:

(Carlton Slayer) #8977

JSJ knocked out a few side quests such as Mine All Mine, TG, TB and TM, Too Close for Missiles, Positive Self Image and the Tannis ECHO quests. He’s now in the Fridge about to hunt Shorty and remind Lannie White that biting during romance isn’t kosher- at least, not w/o permission anyway :sunglasses: He just hit level 57 and will actually start WEP and Doctor’s Orders once he gets that done. Also dusted off one of my many mules to restart my attempts to get all of them to at least TVHM. Nurse Ratchet (aka Maya) is now parked at Bloodshot Stronghold on her way to rescue Roland…

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8978

NightOnKriegMT fell on Opportunity. Shot some Home Movies and broadcasted it on the Echo net, hurt way more than the foreman’s hand before demolishing his construction site, whacked an official impostor and got some samples of Jack’s verbal diarrhea, and took the first few steps of WAFTT (at Thousand Cuts to meet Clappy). Next time we’ll climb Bunker Hill.

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I ended up playing on Xbox again for the first time in ages, did a peak run because i’ve not done one for a long time and felt like a change. Got this (nothing else worth mentioning)

Best thing other than that is this (which admittedly isn’t exactly great)

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Happy Forumversary @Dr_Do-Little!


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Awww thanx! :relaxed::blush: Love the cake! <3
Did very little to none red chest/tubby farming. Retsam cheesed Pete once… At OP2 with 72 Sandhawk. :expressionless: Not the fastest way. I know I could simply lower the diff level but… Then cloned Mia into a Fleeting Banshee, something I wanted to try/have on hand. Kinda need a Rough Rider for it. She haven’t done anything in Hammerlock’s cove so I decided to send Storm’Splosion.
Kinda forgot he’s tailing at “normal” 72. His RR was still 67 thou so getting a basic 72 was already an upgrade. As I already said I’m not a fan of Krieg (That Krieg beer ref was too much!) but with the sound volume set low and listeing to some documentary on YT. It’s fine. Beside he’s not that bad to play. Bunch of options with the DPUH, Kerblaster, SwordSplosion & Fastball.
So he’s currently running his 1st Peak run. About to face the Assassins. Made it somewhat difficult for nothing in a few area but no real stress so far.
Wish me luck for the last room!

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You’re on PS4 right? I can probably grab you one easily enough if you don’t have that part available to farm yourself, let me know.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8983

I am on PS4 alright! Rough Rider is open with other characters but I might save that “out of jail” card for later… :sunglasses:
There’s a few places I’m being stumped lately.
You wouldn’t happen to have a spare evisceration (slag) Ruby btw?

In the mean time.
Will he make it or not?

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8984

I have an OP8 one, if you need lower i’m pretty sure one of my characters has that quest ready to turn in, so can get you one at whatever level.

Edit: @Dr_Do-Little I just found a level 20 one on one of my mules, i’m guessing level doesn’t matter. Let me know :+1:

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8985

Thinking about it I think you guessing right!
Apparently you beat me to the fr! :smiley:
And yes. StormSplosion made it.
Living on the edge.

(LootHunter_twitch) #8986

I’ve never liked it. I had the best drop, and never used it. Slow projectiles, ammo consumption, dps is pretty bad really. Assume some people have found use for it with Zero and Gaige though.

Been setting up all my mules today, farming Pimpernels and Sandhawks, Ladyfist too. So got to a stage where i actually have some gear, so thought i’d go looking for the one known as Miss Vermivorous :blush:

…nothing much in loot drops though. Just a ‘nasty surprise’ lol