What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(Santa Söze) #8987

Guero El Superbeasto had a chance to come out of the toy box today.

FIrst up : my most belovèd quest ever - Clan Wars. I set my jaw and sprinted through until I waxed that Bagman and got this on my first try :

Good enough! Yes, I must have Doc’s, but that can wait. Really he’s so OP now with a Triquetra in the right hand (mag size 10 with the Monk) and ROM in the left - no Moxxi, no slag.

Then to Sawtooth to wrap up Kai


set up a flag


and get my map pieces

“Off to Caustic Caverns with you!”

Then a little Gee action

…um…er…um, wrong image…I swear I have no idea where that came from…really, I meant this guy :

Got a crappy Tediore gripped Devastator and a crappy Pitchfork

(Dandroid16) #8988

Well Micheal was generous as hell today. #RIP

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8989

WTF :smiley: :rofl: I usually get either some terrible Bandit Assault Rifle, or a crappy sniper rifle…

(Dandroid16) #8990

I’ve gotten a couple of decent things from him but never this generosity!

Sanctuary has been fairly kind to me in general, though…

(Rumplebunny) #8991

Nice one, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a legendary from him. :slight_smile:

My favorite Sanctuary find was an Unending Infinity in the cardboard box in the corner by the fast travel station. Completely useless prefix (Unending = mag size :crazy_face: ) but ‘Unending Infinity’ had a nice ring to it. :smiley:

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #8992

Are you using the UCP?

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #8993

Nice find. that is one in a million.

Also welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay here like we do. :wink::wink:

(Dandroid16) #8994

The redundancy is pleasing.

(Dandroid16) #8995

Yes. But I still almost never see him, even though I check every single time I return home. Mainly it’s just nice to see him. Kinda like a loot midget, except it’s a stab of happy/sad, and he doesn’t try to kill you.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8996

That we know of… For all we know, he could be one of the pilots(?) of Saturn!

Also I’m sure I’m not the first to think this but could Zer0 be a secret Salarian from the Mass Effect universe??

(Santa Söze) #8997

Wow - spectacular. He totally is.

(Carlton Slayer) #8998

Well JSJ is now at WEP and Nurse Ratchet rescued Roland. Feeling a bit bummed at waking up and finding the Steelers lost AGAIN! :rage: Allow me to get into the holiday spirit by saying bah- humbug! Maybe an announcement on any BL3 news might cheer me up…

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8999

@Dandroid16 @Jefe meanwhile I meet Michael and get this…

Also… Face McShooty went crazy today.

(Rumplebunny) #9000

A couple weeks ago or so I was going through Once and Future Slab and did Face McShooty along the way. Nothing weird so far. But once I got through the beacon smashing sequence and got to the end with Brick, there was Face’s body behind Brick. :smiley:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #9001

Haha that’s great :joy:

(Santa Söze) #9002

Last night had a pretty awesome Brawn Sal session with @kbk160008.
I was hoping to wrangle @Kurtdawg13 in for a trio, but alas it was not to be.

This was our first co-op so naturally we started with the Peak. His setup is usually Slagga, ROM and Quasar ; mine was Triquetra, ROM and Magic Missiles. I kept the Grog in slot three for those panic moments.

It went flawlessly. We even face-tanked the Saturns - we both went down once or twice each but were in good spots for a safe revive. It otherwise took quite a long time to take them down (obviously we both decided no DuurPimp nonsense and since we were running Brawn builds, we couldn’t pop a turret for NKLO). Everything else was a breeze.

I didn’t record because both Nvidia’s Shadowplay and Win10’s built-in recorder have been giving me grief and I figured it was safer to not record ; but kbk did. Here’s his POV (watch how effectively he uses CAMB by the way) :

Next was Magic Slaughter…oh yes.
I should have just gone with the Grog/ROM and either Chain Lightning or Quasar, but the idea was to do it no-Moxxi. I bled out in round two (of six), but kbk kept going like a hero!! I stood up at the lookout and was sort of able to snipe through the bars with a couple Pimpernels. It’s not easy to land any shots from there but I think I helped :laughing:

Again, his POV - you can see what a badass player he is :

Finally off to the Dragons. I’m sure most of you know they’re a joke to a Deputy Sal - even at OP8. So a minute and a half later they were done. An Impaler dropped - that was neat. No vid at this time.

(chris) #9003

I was bored and didn’t want to do anything stressful, so I took level 40 axton back to normal mode to farm for skins. I should be doing that for a while.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #9004

Nice Peak run. :slight_smile: Would really like to see Kurtdawg join you guys next time. Enjoy watching forum members co-op vids.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #9005

Me too. The only reason I don’t collaborate on more of them is because I tend to be a bit slower than people prefer to be :smiley:

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #9006

Not true kuole. Had a great time with you on our Peak run.