What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

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If there was a way for me to get a set on PS3 without UVHM resets (there might be, but my odd brand of lazy hasn’t let me look for an answer to that) or being way past 50 when I started UVHM (I don’t mind a level or two, but anymore and I’d be pretty nervous), I totally would. But if I was gonna do that I’d probably just set it up to do it at 72.

Also, you just wrote my new search term for me. Thank you @Jefe,

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Just… casual… damage caps… sneaking inside. On level 72. Yeah, balanced. Nice one. @Jefe!

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@Sun_Tsunami @Dr_Do-Little if I happen to be around for your peak run(s), perhaps I can join you?

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It will happen. :+1:

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Trio Brawn looks nice to see. First time to see you run the Magic Slaughter. :+1:

Depends on the mood, most of the time we like to go slow and smooth. :wink:

Nothing compares with expertise Axton :rofl:

I am always game. PM is the key!

I Agree, Who is it if I may ask?

Just for @FailyFailracer? I will add this to my watchlist nonetheless.

Get it soon, it is a big improvement from PS3 especially farming via save and quitting, also capturing screenshots and videos is easier.

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Not only that, but you get to play with the real MVPs of these forums! To clarify, I don’t mean me :rofl:

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He asked me to record it after I told him (through Steam) about the damage caps. You’re allowed to watch it…if you want. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, that’s the dream right there. You too, buddy, are in that list. I think for me I consider everyone on the forums MVP material. Whether disseminating information or sharing failures for everyone to learn from, the good folks here are certainly the MVP’s of me losing my noobinity. And y’all were gentle, too. Even when I was jamming a foot in my mouth. :wink:

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I’d love to coop at some point. I’ve been alone 99% for my Borderlands 1/2/PS playing time, and it would be a nice change of pace to mess around with others sometime. Currently I have just an OP8 Maya and a 72 Zer0. Still learning the ropes on the Zer0.

meinkamphychair is the handle. Or is it Four of Ten… I can’t remember. Shows how much coop I’ve played.

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You get 11 out of 10 for your Steam user name :rofl:

Edit : @Dandroid16 - I couldn’t find you under either handle , but here’s me

I’ve got an Axton and a melee Zer0 at 72 , multiple at OP4 and OP8. My availability is pretty erratic - sometimes I’m around a lot ; sometimes very little.

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(Dandroid16) #9038

Request sent.

(Santa Söze) #9039

And received. You are now blessed.


I’m just practicing dying horrible deaths at the moment, but I’m available for whatever for about an hour.

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That and the graphics. Might not “officially” mean much for us old fart but they are better and you can increase the field of view. That help gameplay.
… And B0re!
B0re now works! Maybe not enough to crash your game but O.M.G !

Oh yeah. Topic!
Chessing Pete for crystals. Halfway thru and found something for the Item find thread.
Come with three barrels and non elemental.

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Interestingly Pete has black market crystals… Ones dropped by him don’t count towards the BAR challenge. You’re welcome for that dose of pointless information :joy:

@Jefe do you think the Stinkpot can b0re Bunker?

(Santa Söze) #9042

hmmm…where’d that stock response go…I swear I had it right here.

Oh! Here it is!

(actual response : probably somewhat, in other words I have no idea)

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I’m going to stand there until either Bunker is dead or I am. Then I’m going to throw the Stinkpot off the side :sunglasses:

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Hey, is it just me or is the forum out of whack?

It says 9044 in the URL but 8998 on the bar on the right.

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i had a great experience with the Stinkpot!
With Gaige… and a AR COM.
While leveling in TVHM.

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I’m going to do the peak with a 72 Stinkpot. Maybe. Ok maybe not. :joy: