What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

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Snipped for brevity, but excellent post. And I agree with it pretty much except that then you get “novelty” items (like the DPUH) which punch far and above their novelty value, which undercut the concept of rarity being solely about a novel mechanism. Whether this is intended or otherwise is a question only the developers can answer, though.

Anyways, my last session saw MayaHelpYou starting the bits of UVHM she missed by jumping in to @Carlton_Slayer’s game. She’s got an interesting selection of level 54 hand-me-downs she just worked herself in to by completing the Liars Berg missions not done in co-op. I left her off ready to go hunt Midge-Mong before tackling the long run through B&B and Flynt.

BTW I know we discussed this somewhere recently, but the Helena Pierce lost echo on the roof of Hammerlock’s place: you can smash it before the previous recording finishes playing and it’s just a regular bullymong pile with no echo; the instant the mission advances, it respawns with the echo spike in it.

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Yeah i’ve been smashing that early for about 2 years since I noticed this haha

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One of these days it WILL contain a Community Day skin, dammit!

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NeglectedSal started out doing a couple runs at Teramorphous. Out of 3 tries he was victorious twice. Using the default Deputy build but not using the default weapons…so i bet I could respec more appropriately for the fight. Did change to the Legendary Beserker COM from the Chaotic Evil, and used a fire BoTA.

Next he pushed on through to the end of the Tiny Tina DLC. After finishing the main story did some research on fighting the Dragons. My first attempt ended quickly and badly…and I was using an Orphan/Grog combo. My second try was a success. I wonder if I would have been successful using the Rubi instead of the Grog. That’ll be something I try very soon. I still think the Grog is way OP. I know it’s likely the reason I was able to tackle the Dragons.
So that’s my next goal with Sal, to start weening him off of the Moxxi stuff. I was able to do it with Zer0, so I’m sure I can do it with Sal.

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I’m close to 570 hours in the game, I know not as much as other people, all solo. One day, I will have to give it try.

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Been messing around doing nothing in particular. Ended up doing a run of the Peak with Deputy Samael, and got nothing until the end.

Did some tubby farming earlier but only got one tubby, which dropped a Bunny (didn’t take it).


Took out Call Me Sal to farm the chests in the Unassuming Docks again, while waiting for a friend for what would’ve been the first co-op session in several months. Much to my disappointment, the friend couldn’t make it. At least I got close-to-perfect Vitality and Proficiency relics from the chest farming.

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Wow, I just went to the Unassuming Docks from Flamerock Refuge to farm the two chests… In the first group of enemies I got 2 Tubby Bones, each of them dropped an legendary and a pearl!

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According to some certain web sites Gearbox has been teasing BL3 news- anyone hear anything?

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Rumour has it that something will be revealed at the event on the 6th, but that’s based on an annoying YouTuber so take it with a grain of salt :joy:

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NightOnKriegMT tore ass through the end of TVHM today. Decided against trying to update any gear. Sawtooth Cauldron was clean. No FFYL, no respawn, 4 loot midgets, 1 Pandemic (second this playthrough, longbow this time, both from loot midgets). Hit 50 during Data Mining. Grabbed some level 50 stuff from other toons. Lvl 50 Bad Touch and a corrosive Rubi. After that it was a sprint through Hero’s Pass, and on to Jack and the Warrior’s second whupping on this toon. No shiny from the Warrior, oh well. Started UVHM and stopped in Liar’s Berg. Interesting side note, this is the first time I have started UVHM at exactly level 50. Next time will be all about opening farms, and taking those first few steps.

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MayaHelpYou defeated MidgeMong handily, thanks to her cunning use of phaselock and a Valdof explosive launcher. Oh looky here:

Evil laugh

Here’s how the run through Boom’n’Bewm went with a full Cataclysm Maya and that KerBlaster:

Flynt was similarly no match for MayaHelpYou, who is now waiting to grab a ride to Sanctuary.

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FTFY :wink:

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I think it was Derch who mentioned that it wasn’t necessarily that the Flakker was bad, but combined with its drop source and what it was usually farmed for (the Warrior/CC), it got stuck with a disappointing label. I’d also add that the lack of a proper explosive bone of the ancients makes it less appealing as well. Maybe Axton could get some good use out of it, but there’s just usually better options for most other characters.

That’s a different matter in TPS, where Claptrap can boost the hell out of explosive damage and be a monster with it, but it doesn’t quite have that niche in BL2.

Which is an interesting point, perhaps, in comparing the games. I feel like they made a few more of these synergies in TPS, which is awesome, but in practice it ended up highlighting TPS’ other issues. Like scaling.

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Incorrect. The Flakker is the only option. FLAKKER. That is all.

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Well, that and the extreme OP-ness of the pre-nerfFIX Bee + CC combo. I mean, who’d want a Flakker, Volcano, etc. after seeing that?

And any character can benefit from Oz kits that adds/boosts damage against flying enemies, which makes the Flakker particularly lethal. It can still be a monster in BL2 though - almost a cult, in fact!

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Yeah, almost a cult, and if it was ever to really exist, that guy would totally be the leader. :wink:

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Did some farming for a Chaotic Evil Monk COM (still not got one with the right stats), ended up getting a Legendary Torch COM from a Tubby Bones and and Volcano from the Handsome Sorcerer. Then randomly remembered I still hadn’t finished the story of the Pirate’s Booty DLC on PS4, so did that, followed by killing Hyperius and Gee. Got an Evolution and Ahab from them. Screenshots posted in the other thread

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Made it to OP 7 thanks to my bro @Kurtdawg13. We are currently having issues with the final push to OP8 but we will make it eventually.