What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #9087

I wouldn’t say that. we died twice, one of which was really odd for me to insta die with half of my FFYL time still available. it was like I got ran over by a vehicle, if you’all know what I mean. it happens in the Dust when killing the vehicles, sometimes yours blows up and you’re on foot. sometimes you’ll go into FFYL and that is when you’ll experience what I’m talking about. A vehicle can come by and actually insta kill you by running you over. That was what happened in the Peak. Which makes it very odd. there isn’t anything to run me over. so I was very puzzled by this and got a bit salty. I had to take a 5 min break after that. Upon returning, we gave it another go and I actually used MyDahl. If I had used Sal again, I would have trudged on alone and finished it. But MyDahl doesn’t have the DPS that my Dep Sal has. So, she failed just after the 4 assassin spawn. I think if you had the time last night, I would have loaded up Dep Sal again and just marched on thru. We’ll get it done tonight if you’re available.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9088

NightOnKriegMT rounded up a couple of level 50 quest rewards. A new Rubi (incendiary), and a Flame of the Firehawk. Plus Incinerator Clayton dropped a 59 Pyrophobia. And then off to Gingerton to open the train for regearing. That was pretty comical. A full fire loadout except for Magic Missiles, and everything either melted or burned very quickly. A few runs at that yielded a new blue Razed Toast com, and then cleaned out Liar’s Berg for lols. Next stop, Sanctuary, followed by the Big Game Hunt to open up the Rough Rider farm. (If I decide to complete the DLC, which I suspect i will, it will make Krieg the only toon that I’ve taken through it on level.)

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #9089

Done cheesing Pete for his crystal. The 2nd alt mule is almost ready to launch.
Nothing really special to report but i did stumble on that little thing.

20,7% slag chance with the Maliwan grip @ 10,4 fire rate…
Been some time since I used a non-conventional slagging gun. (Beside Mia’s Pitchfork.) So of course I had to try it.
First test was really really impressive! That’s when I remembered I was wearing an OP2 Bee in a 72 game! :joy:
Ok. Damage wise it doesn’t do :poop: but as a slagging tool it’s great.
Now I only need to remember that if I see a purple on level one.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #9090

Should be able to jump online later yeah.

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #9091

Today OP1 Zer0:

  • Ate cookies and crapped thunder.
  • Killed a Momma of the Motor variety.
  • Retrieved a key that 7584932 robots felt the need to defend.

Next he will kill Flyboy and ascend to #2 on the leaderboard! Unless he can simply talk to Flyboy and persuade him to amend his violent ways and peculiar vocabulary. That’d be preferable.

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #9092

1-((1-.207)^10.4) = about a 91% chance of slag in the first second. Nice.

(chris) #9093

So, the problem with no backpack runs is that I set myself up for A Damn Fine Rescue, but decided to take a detour and do Too Close for Missiles. I didn’t have a fire weapon with me to set the net on fire, and I found out that Incendiary fastballs won’t ignite it either. Back to check out all the vending machines to find one, and realized that I had a fire weapon in the bank. So, that was fun. Off to your regularly scheduled program.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #9094

Explosive can also ignite it if I remember correctly

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #9095

Give it just a little more punch…
Why Mia use the Pitchfork. ± 50% x pellet hits x burst. Plus the damage. (+ CK)

In the meantime. Working on the “original mule” I just deleted some good stuff.
Nothing crucial worthy of the “pissed me off” thread but a couple neat things.

Read somewhere that @zer0blivion leveled his Gunzerker to OP2.
Sounds like a challenge. :sunglasses:
Beside. I have to decide who’s going to benefit @Sun_Tsunami offer. Retsam the commando & team cptn or do I power level the support characters Siren and/or Gunz?
So might be time for some tryout on the Peak.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #9096

If i’m around, and you’re wanting to run the peak, I can always join you. I mean i’m not the expert that @Sun_Tsunami is, but I can get by pretty much :wink:

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #9097

I’m convinced you are and you stated earlier that’s what you like to do/co-op.
Your name is written on my agenda somewhere.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9098

I’m thinking about sending him to OP3 very soon. If I decide to use the Grog I think it won’t be too bad. Jakobs Zer0 almost made it recently with no Moxxi help and the Zerker is way more tanky…he finished the Tina DLC in a fraction of the time it took Zer0(and then killed the Dragons). Deputy Sal is a BEAST.

In his last session Sal farmed the Handsome Sorcerer, just for the hell of it. Ended up with a Non-Elemental Practicable Conference Call, Chain Lightening and blue rarity Magic Missles. Getting the blue Magic Missiles is like getting an Orphan Maker without the Rustlers prefix. Sal also maxed out his bank account and got a bunch of Eridium.

Also went through my mules and found a Skullmasher for Sal. Skookum, but not matching grip. That’s ok, Sal only snipes while he’s waiting for his Zerk cooldown.

Next session he’s going after Teramorphous again.

(kbk160008) #9099

I like this gun.


Took out Faraday Gaige for the first time in a loooooong time. Long enough I’ve mostly forgotten how Gaige works. Much to my surprise, she hadn’t finished off Jack and the Warrior yet (NVHM). Had a bit of trouble but she triumphed over Jack with her trusty Thinking shotguns. The Warrior was underwhelming as usual. Instead of calling the Moonshot, she’s watching DT kill the endless rakks (Upshot Robot Kees refilling DT duration).

(Dandroid16) #9101

Took my 72 Zer0 on his first trek through Dragon Keep. Specced out for melee with a grounded purple maylay, chain lightning, and rapier. Did not start out with a legendary ninja com, but on my way through Lair of Infinite Agony, a wild Tubby Bones appears and drops me an at-level legendary ninja com. Yay! Thanks buddy, you saved me a hundred trips through Bug Gulch.

Got to the end, and absolutely wrecked Handsome Sorcerer. I love Maya, and I can get through most of the end-game story boss fights pretty well, but a well-built melee Zer0 is another level of “holy fork is he dead already??” That was a lot of fun.

Farmed Butt Stallion afterwards with full eridium… Got absolutely nothing of interest. Ah well.

I’m thinking about farming a Hide of Terry soon, but… I don’t know. Not sure I want to put myself through all that pain at OP0 just to probably want to do it again at OP8. I can probably get by with regular maylay shields for awhile, as I get better at the deadly combat loop which is melee Zer0.

All in all, a good day. I really didn’t expect to enjoy this playstyle as much as I have. I can’t say I’ve ever done a melee character in a game before. Guys like MoLMF gave me the inspiration and the blueprint - made it look like a fun thing to perfect. I’m digging it.

(Santa Söze) #9102


I seriously need to rename mine. Maybe (Gaige) the Elephant…I’ll keep at it.

If your Maya has any crystals, you can farm the Torgue seraph vendor at OP0 for a Punchee. Great shield.

(Is this thing on?) #9103

Decided that Da Duka Nuka needed to pass down some more gear and level up a bit more, so it was off to The Dust with him. Ran into a sticky situation while trying to drive out from Ellie’s Garage though:

After that, I mostly died a lot doing Too Close for Missiles and Good, Bad, Mordecai. If only I’d remembered I had a corrosive fastball… I did manage to snag a Tubby Spiderant right outside of Ellie’s later on though. I now have a spare Red Letter Day skin for Axton (if anyone needs one).

(Dandroid16) #9104

Of course I forgot the Punchee. Ha. Thanks.

I think I’ll just run through Mr Torgue’s Rocket League and harvest crystals for myself from Pete the Vincible.

(Dandroid16) #9105

Maybe give Flyboy a timely warning about his choice in friends/mentors??

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9106

I’ll second that - well played. :smile: