What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(Dandroid16) #9107

I just got the Faraday Gaige pun. Very nice.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #9108

Update us on your melee-ing here

And you can also get a partner and join here.

(Santa Söze) #9109

I remembered a character from one of the regulars in the old 80’s Epic comics (The Yellow Hat) called Poppy the Waif.


At the time I thought it was a hilarious name (I was very young) and it stuck with me - so it seemed appropriate to rename my one and only Gaige that.
I just had enough time to run the Peak with her.

She did go down a couple times along the way. I wasn’t recording, otherwise a pic from a vid would make this shot a lot cooler.

Death by Scorch.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9110

After of a couple rounds of killing the Handsome Sorcerer and collecting a bladed(yuk) Conference Call, Neglected Sal headed out to the Peak.

As I predicted, Sal really didn’t have much trouble completing the task. One FFYL courtesy of Reeth. Fortunately I had wittle his health considerably and easily got a second wind off him.
While it was still in his possession, the Grog was left unused. He did, however, use a slag Kitten.

Spent the rest of the night farming for an OP3 ROM. Got 3 so far, but none suitable. Did get one with a Bandit grip, but once you’ve had Jakobs, you can’t go back.

Now I have to get Zer0 caught up…

(Carlton Slayer) #9111

OK, so what is the pun with Faraday Gaige? ‘Fair-a-day’? ‘phara-day’? ‘Far(for)-a-day?’ I don’t get it…

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #9112

Faraday Cage, Gaige has a shock affinity so… :wink: (Unless it’s something more obscure and then I don’t know either :joy:)


This is it.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #9114

After two days of trying to get a Chaotic Evil Monk COM with +5 Asbestos, FINALLY I got this!

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #9115

What world do we live in if people don’t know our good ol’ Michael! :wink:

Wednesday I have the afternoon off so… @Sun_Tsunami & @Kuolemanlaakso got a hold of me and forced me to do a Peak run! :smiley:
Ok, they didn’t had to insist. :slight_smile:
I do wonder now thou. How do you pronounce Kuolemanlaakso? I mean quick?
All wen’t well. Had a lot of fun and Retsam is now at OP3. I’ll probably go farm some fastballs as some of mines are getting older. Definitely need a good anti surveyors shottie. My NE Butcher (OP1) never really performed to my hopes. (Hopes are always a little higher than expectations.)

(Is this thing on?) #9116

Shocking, isn’t it? :cloud_with_lightning: :wink:

(Carlton Slayer) #9117

Just looked up ‘Faraday cage’- NOW, I get it :smiley:

(Santa Söze) #9118

It’s Finnish - so just like it looks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Enter the word ( it means valley of death ) and hit the speaker icon - you’ll have a lovely woman say it for you.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #9119

Ah, I didn’t see this question. Santa Söze saved the day though :wink:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9120

Spent a little time with Salvester smothering Pete in cheese for crystals. Got a better Big Boom Blaster for AxTNT in the process. Then went shopping in TVHM for level 50 seraph gear. Infection, Seeker, and Florentine gotten. And then off to UVHM with NightOnKriegMT to get to Sanctuary. Went well, until Flynt. Eventually we just sat by the vending machine and fired the Seeker into Flynt’s little area. When Flynt passed on he dropped a Thunderball Fist (3 levels above? I thought 2 was the max.) as well as the mandatory Tinderbox. Then off to find and avenge Reiss, get home to Sanctuary, and do all of the getting to know you stuff. Off to Aegrus next time to plant the Rough Rider field.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #9121

Give us a shorter “nickname” while on mic. “kuole” pronounced “cool” ok?

(Carlton Slayer) #9122

So anyone hear about a certain site claiming to be ‘in the know’ announckyng exclusive BL3 info? Soldier, Siren, Hunter and- Beast Master? Do you think they may have gotten their source confused with a new He-Man game? :wink:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9123

You mean this?

Tediore Siren ran a couple story missions. I find the ability to hit anything with Tediore rocket reloads (outside of a safe distance away from me) fairly challenging. This might be the second time ever I’ve lucked into a Buzzard kill with one.

(Is this thing on?) #9124

Yeah, we seem to have a few of those threads scattered around right about now! Time for a bit of clean-up, methinks.

(Dandroid16) #9125

See now, yer problem is yer not usin’ the Bunny. Bunny does all the work for ya - it’ll be there for ya from cradle to untimely New-U!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9126

It certainly worked on the Gluttonous Thresher with the following equation: Matriarch COM, Tediore Allegiance relic, Bandit-y parts with mag-size accesories on the launcher, and 20% BAR to give it a mag size of 10, plus a high place from which to safely deploy it.

Fire once, switch to shock weapon (Spark in this case), de-shield him until it stops trying to recharge, switch back to Bunny and do a reload toss: damage of 9 rockets per grenade and toss for the cost of one rocket. The “hard” part here is hoping RNG throws a grenade (or two) on target… works better in confined spaces.

For the record, despite this description of Tediore launcher reloads, the actual damage output is not actually 9 X damage, but a bit less… haven’t done the math to figure out why (UVHM damage reduction probably), but it still hits hard AF.