What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!


Instead of doing anything productive, like finding Firehawk, Mahya Mahya played the slot in Sanctuary for what feels like forever (while I did some busy work for my job on another machine), again with assist from Call Me Sal and Claptrap’s stash. Didn’t get any good guns but had a huge of pile of eridium by the end of the session.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #9128

Unsatisfied with my Butcher as a Surveyors killer. I dug a purple scalable Thinking from a mule. Op1 for OP3 use… Wasn’t sure where to try it when I thought of Wilhelm, it’s Surveyors and End of the Line
Never went there outside the story. Proceed to Tundra’s Farmhouse. Couple Buzzards to try it there. Worked great against the Buzzard. Ok against the Surveyors.
Ran it a couple times. Quick and fun.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9129

NightOnKriegMT planted the Rough Rider field today. Got one on the third shot. After that he headed over to Gingerton to melt the snowman a few times. Got a Leg Psycho and specced into it. This will do for a spell. The +5 Blood Filled Guns is twisted, and 6/5 in Feed the Meat makes the FotFH even better. Mobbed through the box canyon to ding 54, hit the safe to grab that Thunderball Fist Flynt gifted me, and now about to hunt the Firehawk. Maybe tomorrow, if I get up early enough.

(Dandroid16) #9130

Well, finished Torgue’s Rocket League with my Zer0. Didn’t get anything from Badassasaurus or Piston, but oh well. Went to go get Pete.

I’ve kind of gone at it backwards in the past… I never really learned how to do Pete as Maya. Killed him a couple times by glitching him out, just to do it, and get a hoplite, but I actually had a much better feel for Hyperius, and I killed him many times. Got a lovely OP8 fire norfleet from him. Maya vs Hyperius is a lot of fun.

So I learned how to do Pete properly today, and farmed enough crystals to purchase myself a nice grounded Pun-chee.

Also got a lovely low-fuse slag O-negative.

Bless you, Pete.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9131

Got online with @kbk160008 for some co op. Turns out tethering my phone is faster than my land line. Like 20x faster. I specced out a nurse Siren (my weapons are all OP3 and we were at OP8). Cloud Kill still wrecks face, but I’m mostly on slag duty, with some Res and a ton of Restoration (and picking up random enemies because ten points in Elated makes his health skyrocket, and 10 points in Sweet Release leaves a huge trail of health. He’s eating lunch at the moment, then we’ll get back at it. Nurse Maya, whom I don’t get to play much, can do some serious support.

Lines I’ve never heard before: “Zerker’s doublin’ up!”

Kiting a bunch of Sweet Release orbs around the map.

There’s an Orphan Maker behind that splat.

(kbk160008) #9132

You were a reporter. :scream:

Right. it’s a rocket right. With her, it rises like a rocket. And he/she is master of Pandora mobbing, knows every thing.

I just followed the lead. Where to go, What to shoot.

Sometimes my play did not seem to be what I expected because of the delay, But just killing around without particular purpose is pretty good.

There can be detail by the reporter.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9133

We toured Sawtooth Cauldron, Caustic Caverns, The Fridge, Southpaw Steam and Power, and the Lair of Infinite Agony… heck of a run. RNG was on our side this evening. We saw a couple tubby Spiderants, a Bones, and a Varkid (two?)… lots of orange, but this was a treat:

Salvador can be brutal.

Nurse Maya 101: heal your tank.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9134

NightOnKriegMT was a real go-getter this morning. Got up early and hit the field for a Harold. Got one on the fourth pass, overleveled by 1, and then thought a Kerblaster would probably out-perform the Seeker, only to realize that we hadn’t done anything on Southern Shelf. Oops. Get a fuse for Brewster, head off to Blackburn Cove, do battle with a midget riding a bullymong, get Kerblaster (underleveled, but good enough) on the mission kill, head to Frostburn. LLM dropped a heart of the ancients, everything else just died in an orderly fashion. Back to Sanctuary to pick up In Memoriam and Cult Following (for the Hellfire farm, I’ll wait on the Endkindling until 72). Boll dropped an incendiary Fastball (kept solely for proccing Bloodbath at opportune monents) on the mission kill. Off to Gingerton to try that out. Who needs a Bee when you’ve got Bloodbath? I want to try it with a Ladyfist next. Stopped there for the day. Cult Following up to Scorch next time.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #9135

Yeah lot of people jump on the hype training and got themselves heartbroken when no bl3 info in the gameawards. Luckily i didn’t :wink:.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9136

So I had two goals for my latest Sal session. Get all the stuff needed for the Pimperduurp bufoonery and complete the Pirate DLC.

Got the True Neutral COM, already had the Pimpernel so only need a Deep Duuurp. I farmed the Torgue machines for quite a bit and only came up with a blue rarity Duuurp. Will have to keep trying, but figured I’d try the blue just to see. I also bought a Hard Harold with matching grip and I’ll probably never use it.
So anywho, it was off to test the Pimperduuurp. My first test subject was Teramorphous. It was a success…three times. Not as quick and easy as I had seen it done in videos, but still pretty fast. I’m guess that the purple variety gives more in the mag thus maxing out Money Shot. The blue gave me a total mag size of 10 whereas the purple would be 12.
Next I headed over to the Badlands to give it a try on Saturn. Ridiculous…he went down in 3 shots.
So now it was time to start the Pirate DLC. Sal absolutely plowed through it. It went pretty fast. Especially compared to my Jakobs Zer0 playthrough of the DLC.
With that done we can now try the Pimpdurp on Hyperius. I wasn’t expecting it to work too smoothly…I was wrong. It worked perfectly…about 50 times. No norfleet, but did upgrade Sal’s Evo…good stuff.

So now I’ll keep looking for a purple duurp, but use this setup in the meantime. Of course I’m only using this on Raid bosses not regular play.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #9137

That is something I still have to do. Given Retsam just leveled to OP3, I might stumble on a good Kerblaster too.
Speaking of Retsam…
Because he was my first character and alcool helping… Missed on a few mission rewards
I decided to reset his playthrough. I might regret this later but… who cares!
First it was incredibly easy. Then I realized he was still on lvl 72 from Pete farming. Almost left it there for speed sake but that would mean good drops would be under leveled. Seriously annoying. Beside Boom Bewm & Flynt are already done so… Back on OP3.
That also mean my corrosive Hyperion shottie test were done at 72. :roll_eyes: That’s probably why Wilhelm went down so easily. Oh well…

(Dandroid16) #9138

I didn’t do much today… Started tubby farming in Caustic Caverns, then managed to get two ultimate badass varkids and tried to get them to turn into vermy. No luck. Boo.

(Santa Söze) #9139

I just checked. My purple Deep Duurp with Torgue grip also gets 10 with a Neutral Evil and 5/5. The exhaust is also Torgue but a Bandit exhaust will get to 12 (if your COM has enough boost - mine’s 54%).

Terra has a sweet spot - if you can hit it so all the pellets get under the jaw it can go very fast. Otherwise it can take three “risings”.

You can also keep your peeps open for a True Neutral and/or a Torgue relic with mag size. Credit to @Kurtdawg13 for the confirmation.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #9140

all of this :point_up_2:

will get you this :slight_smile: :point_up_2:
mag size of 17, which is overkill since i believe the moneyshot cap is 12 in the mag for full damage. pretty sure it says 10 but is actually 12, iirc.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9141

I got lucky and stumbled upon a blue True Neutral has +78%, and +5 MS. There’s one similar that has +6 MS I think…maybe I’m wrong.

I just need the Purple duuurp and I’m set…but even without I’m doing ok.

@Dr_Do-Little got a OP3 Slag Pitchfork if you’re interested.

This game just keeps getting better.

(Carlton Slayer) #9142

Junior Senior Jr knocked out WEP with only a couple of setbacks and dinged level 58, whereupon he hit the loot train and sold everything he found. He then recruited Brick and headed for Opportunity after picking up the Home Movies quest from Lilith. Still trying to avoid the rewarding side quest so for now he’s going no Moxxie anything (I most likely do have Moxxi weapons at his level but I want to see how successful I can be w/o them or a full bath into the Brawn tree). May at least start Clan Wars to pick up some extra XP or start the Torgue dlc for Torgue token farming…

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9143

NightOnKriegMT checked into the Happy Pig this morning after using Bloodbath and the Ladyfist to melt the snowman (Maliwan incendiary Railer for his trouble), and using the bandits across from the hotel to collect ashes for Clayton. Onto Scorch, who was a PITA. Eventually he followed us back toward the camp, so we Magic Missiled him and sent some Kerblaster rounds to open negotiations. Harold closed the deal, but no Hellfire. Then back to the Soaring Dragon to incinerate Matchstick. Probably a few rounds at the snowman hoping to replace some level 50 gear that’s starting to show its age, and then a resumption of the trek to 72. Next stop, Ellie’s.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #9144

:laughing: Sure!
… And why did I reset the playthrough again?
Oh yes. For Sandhaws and Triquetra…
Rescued Lillith. Restored power in Three Horns Valley. Rescued Roland and recovered some missing echo.All went well beside one death by Fastball when some cannon fodder pushed me and I ended up throwing it right on a railing in front of me. To add t the insult I fell back in the trench (2nd room of Bloodshot Stronghold.)

Now I need to unlock a couple Torgues vending machine. Start Scarlet DLC and Eridium is piling up… Which mean I’ll have to do TTAoDK once again.
… And the Lair of infinite you know what…
At least I know what I have to do!

(Rumplebunny) #9145

“Blade’s log: Had to stage another fake execution today…”

Lots of that today.* :smiley: Also, I just noticed this while doing all that:

*no good results. :frowning: After a billion years I got a ROM, but it had a Hyperion grip. Decided to quit for now. :wink:

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9146

NeglectedSal probably needs his name changed. He’s been extremely busy.

First, he unlocked OP4. Took 2 attempts. Honestly not sure what happened on the first run. I was in the assassins arena and then I was dead. I normally won’t do another attempt immediately after a failed one, but I was determined. Still haven’t used the Grog. Did use the Slag Kitten which gets alternated with the Slag Lady Fist as needed for healing. That’s what he rolls with most of the time. Also has a muckamuck to pick off bad guys between zerking.

Finally got a ROM without an ugly scope.

I know, I know, it didn’t need to be upgraded, but I did it anyways. Gonna try to stick with this one through OP8.

Still no luck on finding a purple Duuurp. So have been using a blue one and killing the crud out of Hyperius. PimperDuuurpin’ him. He finally dropped a Norfleet and I have an over abundance of Seraph crystals(999). Almost missed the Norfleet as he threw it far away from the loot pile. The excessive farming also allowed Sal to buy up all upgrades Earl had to offer.

Also learned how to reliably farm the chain lightning so I can keep that at level. This has become Sal’s go-to grenade.

So Sal’s been busy and I definitely see him getting to OP8 sooner than later.

Saturn also gave me a Hive and one of the red chest from the same map gave a fire Pitchfork.