What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

I’m thanking our Supreme Matriarch Tannis for not including stalkers in the Peak. They were mildly annoying as Maya, but I just can’t get the hang of them as sniper Zer0. I end up having to swap gear out to deal with them. I’ll realize after 5 minutes of combat I’m dealing with the same 4 stalkers I started with. LOL. I know it’s just my sucky play, but still. Fortunately they rarely crop up in places or maps where I really try to maintain CA stacks.

I realized I’ve been playing melee Zer0 fairly regularly and didn’t even have a love thumper, so I went through that mission series, which is heavy with stalkers. I don’t anticipate using it much, but I might have fun breaking it out while running through creature-heavy maps.


JSJ defeated BARex and Piston, who dropped a Sawbar- didn’t know he had it in him (literally)…Now farming Torgue tokens and just reached level 67…


Thanks to Call Me Sal and Claptrap’s secret stash, Faraday Gaige got herself a new x4 Magic Missile. Armed with the new grenade mod and more deliberate effort to use Slagga, Faraday Gaige escorted Claptrap/took care of Captain Flynt with little to no trouble. No Thunderball Fists this time, though one of Flynt’s chest presented her with… Legendary Siren mod. I guess I’ll keep it for Mahya Mahya.


OKAY, it’s been awhile, but I finally managed to boot up Borderlands and get some work in again.

Today started really strangely. Went into Caustic Caverns to search for buried treasure and while I was dealing with the first Crystallisk, the one over in the acid engaged with a Badass Varkid. I didn’t notice this fast enough, and the Badass got into a pod and started becoming a Super Badass. While I’m sitting here watching this duel between the Varkid and the Crystallisk unfold, trying to decide what to do about it, the Varkid goes into yet another pod. Out pops the Ultimate Badass and I’m just like…well, what do I do now? After awhile I just started shooting at the UBA Varkid and it just didn’t care. It really hated that Crystallisk and ignored me entirely. Which is good, I don’t know if I could’ve killed it if it was paying attention to me.

Anyway, I go through about half the cavern when I notice that while I’m fighting a bunch of Threshers near the elevator to where the buried treasure is, there are these explosions going on and I can’t figure out what it is. The Threshers weren’t doing it and Death Trap wasn’t doing it. I look up, at the top of the elevator, there’s a Super Badass Varkid waiting for me for when I flip all the remaining switches to go up there. Luckily with capped stacks that time instead of like the first time, where I had barely started getting stacks, and Death Trap grabbing the SBA Varkid’s attention, I killed it only going into FFYL once. Unsure how I got up though, the nearby Antspiders aggroed and a small one got caught in Death Trap’s Robot Rampage only to be brutally murdered is what I figure. The tubby that was up there was nowhere to be found unfortunately. I dinged 66 somewhere in this mess.

Afterwards, I quickly left the CC wanting to not run into another Ultimate Varkid and carry on shooting things. Heading to the Eridium Blight, I quickly ran about picking up side quests. Ran into King Mong twice, didn’t drop anything of note either time unfortunately. After getting all the quests, I notice a Demong. Thinking it was another unique Bullymong that drops interesting stuff I engage it. Didn’t notice until I was in FFYL and trying to finish it off they were all 2 levels higher then me. Whoops. Get my Second Wind, run away screaming in fear because I’ve got a pack of 3 Demongs on my tail, all a lot stronger then me. Did all the misc quests in the area, vendor dived a little bit and found this massive turtle shield that put me at a mighty 560k-ish shield, and called it a day. Not a bad session, all things considered. Might do more later tonight.


Sal did a bunch of farming.
First got a new Slag pimp that’s near perfect. All Maliwan parts and Banbury prefix. While he was at it, also got matching grip shock and corrosive, both Barking. Already had a Barking Fire. Upgraded his Rough Rider to one with better stats and also upgraded his Bee to OP8.

Did a little Tubby farming and got a Trickshot Unforgiven, with a Bandit grip…el yucko. Also got a Leg Titan COM. Probably never use it.

Sal also did some farming for Jakob’s Zer0. Fed Buttstallion a bunch of eridium and she crapped out an iron, a coach gun and a rifle all citrine. The Citrine Coach is my new favorite shotgun(this is subject to change…repeatedly). Sadly, I can’t get her to crap out a citrine Muck but I’ll try again soon.

Jakob’s Zer0 took his new Citrine set for a test drive. First rolled through Lynchwood, then the Rustyards. These weapons certainly do deliver. Because he had no citrine Muck he used his purple Skookum. It’s probably my favorite sniper in the game.

While I’ve been having a blast with Sal, mobbing with Jakob’s Zer0(parked at OP1) is still my favorite way to play the game. That said, he’s almost run out of Jakobs weapons to collect. I think he has all the red-text Jakobs. Needs a citrine muck and he’ll be set. Oh and a citrine gatlin gun. Then he’ll really be set.


Jakobs Assassin cleared out Aegris (all map challenges, all chests, and dropped Dexi).

Witch Doctors kept leveling these guys up and I couldn’t find them… by the time I did, there were four of these guys.

…love the Striker.

Not a chance I one-shotted this guy, but a finishing blow with a sniper rifle was satisfying.

I finally figured out how to spawn outside of a trap! In the same way you can’t walk out, you can’t walk in either (fortunately you can shoot inward through the shield to blow it up).


JSJ got to level 68 just before reaching the Mine of Avarice. Hit the loot train and sold everything; now checking mules before heading back to the mines…


Took my Jakobs Zer0 through the bloodshot dam last night. Lots of dying, lots of hoping for and kiting enemies to slag barrels.

Most tiresome thing about this run is unequipping illegal gear tbh. Oh and Madame Von Bartlseby. What a biiiiiiitch!


I’m at my girlfriend’s for Christmas but she said bring my PS4… So I’m still playing! Her internet is crap so won’t be able to collaborate with people for much other than maybe trading but at least I can still play :grinning:

I just died to Doc Mercy again…


That would be fun. I only see one problem…

Yeah… That problem. :roll_eyes::grin: If only the thing could crit.

Just a little backpedaling into the past…
Prior to BARex there was Motor Momma and The Forge.
The 2nd biggest rack on Pandora almost went perfectly. Almost. She denied me a 2nd wind by hiding behind a structure. Was able to create some distance when I came back. Had turret on each side and peppered her with the Kerblaster. Didn’t last long.
Didn’t die at The Forge and I think it was a first for me. Not at the Junkyard where I usually celebrate too fast. Not at the tower where I usually get pushed over. Came close once or twice but I managed to stay on.

Now back in story mode. Woke up an inebriated sniper. Made a city fly and made it back to said city.
I probably broke a new record in term of beacon’s repair but I made it without any respawn. Which is a good thing.



Portia the Hunter is finally pretty ok with his melee gear and getting comfortable with exclusively-melee runs. He managed to string together a x8 MMF chain at Magnys’ Lighthouse, which included 3 whalers/sappers. This pleases me. Only died twice on the map, once to a stalker, and the other time to suicide (not my own kunai this time!) Lol. Getting better. It’s so much fun.

Finished the clan war quest line so I could farm a Maggie. Got a loaded one with a Jakob’s grip. Then found a blue stalker COM with 6 rising sh0t/5 vel0city, and played around with a Jakob’s build along with an allegiance relic and a citrine coach gun. Ran through Lynchwood. Didn’t even bother slagging most things, for science. It’s not quite the wrecking ball like a CA run with a purple diab or something. But 5/5 precision and 10/5 in vel0city means you can basically snipe things with the Maggie, and it’s hella fun.


Yeah the Forge doesn’t have much of interest to make you want to return there and farm something (is there a single dedicated item drop in there, anywhere?), but it’s one of the more difficult and diverse maps. Not dying in the Forge is a pretty darn good accomplishment!


I’ve been on a Wam Bam kick lately. Been sending a lot of characters there to beat up the lobster. It was Gaige’s turn today. She had to complete the DLC first because I had reset her playthrough some time ago and hadn’t gotten around to redoing this one yet.

Unleash Deathtrap for a distraction and then unleash the shock Hail juiced up with tons o’ anarchy stacks. :smiley: The story mode Craw melted really quickly to it. Went back and did the raid version a few times to see what loot turned up. The only real bumps in the road were those electrocuter Varkids who are resistant to both fire and shock but I switched to a corrosive Hail to take care of those buttheads. No neat loot drops by Craw or in the chests except for a cute Cuting Barfy, hehe: :smiley:


Knocked out OP 2 with my hunter zero. Really wasnt a problem with a shock bone, shock lyuda, longbow .7 fuse storm front, corrosive confrence call, a bullets fasterfied slagga, a quick drawler badaboom, DPUH, and of course i switched to a fire fastball for all those freaks at the end. Got a 72 hellfire to speak of from scorch but that was all. I gotta say a quick drawler varient badaboom with zero and his weapon swap speed is insane


…for loot; 12 O’Clock High is second only to the Bar Room Blitz as my favorite battles in that entire DLC. That’s where I farm Torgue Tokens.

I get on a kick like this when I’m flush with Eridium… those chest syringes are a fun way to burn Eridium with a fun little mission.

Purple, nice! I’ve only seen blue ones.


I had to look that one up because I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that name in-game or elsewhere. Lol

This game doesn’t quite have the sheer madness of gun possibilities that BL1 has, but there’s still a good bit. I still remember randomly picking up a fairly normal looking BL1 Hyperion SMG, and seeing the bullets corkscrew out of the barrel when I first fired it. Not a gun I ended up using much but it still makes me happy that that’s a thing out there. I of course found out later that it’s a barrel from one of the DLC boss’ guns, so of course it had a chance of appearing elsewhere. Kind of amusing.


Usually I just sell these off (or leave them where I found them) after I take a pic but I’m hanging on to this one since it is a purple (it has a Maliwan grip too, perhaps would have prefered Bandit but I’ll take it). I’ve been collecting various allegiance relics when I come across a good one and it just so happens I had just found a decent Bandit one (damage and reload speed) on a previous session. I’m having a lot of fun with my Vladof-allegiance Sal and I’m probably gonna start some more allegiance characters. Also I just want a good excuse to actually use a Barfy heh. :smiley:

It’s my favorite gun name in the game. :smiley: The Maliwan-barreled SMGs aren’t super-rare or anything but I love finding them just because of their unique names.

I love BL1 for that. :smiley: Baron Flynt once dropped a Boom Stick that had the Friendly Fire accessory which threw me for a loop at first, but then I learned that it’s a thing, heh. One of these days I’ll nab that Ajax Ogre I want so much…


This seems weird, but we may be looking at different weapon aspects. When I think ‘madness of gun possibilities’, I think of the available weapon gimmicks (hidden pellets, weird flight patterns, split shot, homing, penetrating, etc.), and while I remember a handful from BL1, it really seems like BL2 has way more (not to mention more shield and grenade variety too). Am I remembering BL1 wrong?


Junior Senior Jr picked up his GN and reached Hatred’s Shadow, where he is looking to smack the bastard out of a certain Prince (he also reached level 68)… Also, a couple of clips:

This is only the second time I’ve completed the jumping puzzle…

If you can make him out you’ll see a quick kill of Spiderpants (after I quit goofing around with my gear)