What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Rough day of BL2. This isn’t even fun anymore.

Made it to level 68 today. Did the missions Toil and Trouble + Data Mining today, and it was pain all the way.

Toil and Trouble wasn’t so bad after the initial part. I started off okay just trying to slowly fight my way through the place normally to build my Anarchy, but it just didn’t work. I’d get to 50-70 and then something stupid would happen and I’d die. Eventually I said forget it, went back to Sanctuary and pre-stacked to 200 or so. After that I made it down and tried to access the elevator. I knew that the ambush was coming and that I was going to need my Anarchy buffed to win it, and boy did I. That and a good spot to hide that the enemies can’t seem to get to when I’m almost dead. The rest of it went smoothly until I got to the top of the elevator. The top I died somewhere around 5 times or so. One of the bigger Nomads had a rocket launcher and then there was a Goliath Blaster, I have problems with the Blasters.

Then there was the part where you have to run around and make the eridium pipeline explode so you can climb into it. The very first thing that happened was indicative of how the rest of this part went. I opened some boxes in hopes of ammo for my shotgun, out pops a Legendary Lootloader midget thing. Opening random boxes is so frightening now, if I’m not paying attention the midget WILL destroy me quickly. Anyways, I’m handling the Lootloader just fine. DT is tanking it, but we go to far to the side and aggro the skags that are there. Add another death before I even leave where you spawn into the Arid Nexus Boneyard. On the bright side(I guess?), the Lootloader dropped the first pearlescent in the game I’ve ever gotten, an Unforgiven. It’s nice, but I don’t really use it because Gaige and I can’t hit things in the head accurately enough. Or I wouldn’t if I could stack Anarchy anyway. Mass death follows visiting all the pumping stations.

It didn’t get really bad until I started trying to do the Badlands half of Data Mining. Saturn just started this downward spiral of doom. I might not get this death tally right, but it was something like this. Saturn killed me I think 4 times before I got him(Yay for shack of almost invincibility, I suppose. Didn’t drop anything neat.), died twice on the road before I got to the Ultimate Badass Constructor, think that got me twice as well before I found this spot I could snipe it’s eye from and not get hit by anything it did. Think I dropped another 5 times just trying to climb the Info Stockade itself. Once I lose Anarchy everything goes downhill REALLY fast.

This is where I just gave up. After finishing Data Mining, I picked up The Talon of God and went back to the Arid Badlands to get Hungry Like the Skag since I’m still not level 72 yet and could use the xp. I kill a couple skags, then 2 rabid skags show up 2 levels higher then me with a fossil skag that’s 1 level higher then me. Fought and died to that pack 3 or 4 times before I said forget it and went the other way. More Rabid skags and Fossil skags. Die again, time to abandon this quest for now. Well, I still have one more side quest. Let’s go do that. Onto Monster Mosh part 3. I get there, notice the Skrakks are level 70. Whelp, this isn’t gonna be good. Died once there after aggroing the nearby Hyperion bots and didn’t go back. Only one thing left to do; the Talon of God awaits. Go to the Eridium Blight and towards Hero’s Pass. This is just shameful to admit, but this is what happened. The first two GUN Loaders spawn, I engage, and get killed right there in 2 shots. It took me by surprise they were so strong. Go back and realize they’re higher level then me. That makes sense, but damn, they really ate through 550k shield and some 200k hp in 2 shots. I try killing them a few more times, don’t even manage to kill one of them after I had crippled them both and called it a night.

People keep saying that UVHM gets easier once you gets past level 60 or so, and it did for a little bit, but it’s never stopped being a struggle despite getting to 68. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe Gaige just isn’t as good as it seemed like while I was blitzing through NVHM and TVHM and I should try someone else, maybe my guns aren’t good(Admittedly my corrosive shotgun is getting really underleveled, but a higher level one just hasn’t dropped, and that won’t stop my shield from disappearing in a single hit anyway, despite being an at level shield), or maybe I just suck. I could easily just suck.

Sorry for the whine post, but I needed to vent a bit after how tonight’s session went.


If you want to post your build and current weapons advice may come your way- it couldn’t hurt, right? :wink:


I could do that. Going to take me awhile to gather it all though.

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When things get like this i stop playing gaige and pass to another class xD may i ask what is your typical set up tho?


Midgets can be a pain if you aren’t actively farming them, but they aren’t that bad. They do a lot of damage but die fast. I never use Gaige, in fact i’ve not used her once since I got her to OP8, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but have you considered using a slag ricochet Fibber combined with Close Enough? That made the whole of UVHM very trivial for me.


Okay, here we go. I’m spec’d like this:


For the record I’ve only got the 1 point in FM due to the COM

and I imagine this is where a good amount of my problems lie. This is a mess of a picture, sorry about that ahead of time, but it IS my current, general load out.

I full time the Slagga, the pistol slot I tend to dedicate to a shock weapon(Which, looking at it, I kinda forgot to put that in this mess. It’s a level 66 Maliwan Shock Aegis though), and I swap out everything when I need to. Putting on the Fire shotgun when flesh enemies, etc). I KNOW it’s ugly, but it’s what the game has dropped me!


Loot midgets just don’t die that fast when I fight them since Slag doesn’t stick to them for more then a few seconds at a time. The only time I’ve killed a Loot midget fast was when I happened to land Slag on it right as Death Trap started using Robot Rampage on it. Otherwise they’re really meaty.


Call Me Sal completed Denial, Anger, Initiative at OP8. I’ve never liked the enemies with physical shield and the damn knights and skeletons are no exceptions. The last time I went through this at some point in UVHM, I dealt with all the mobs, but this time I just ran through them instead. Much easier and faster.

The fight with the Skeleton Kings went well and it was a nice worry free affair. I love the Deputy build.


If you’re using the slagga as your slagging tool, you don’t really need the slag singularity, i’d be farming for a tesla instead, or if you must have singularity, a shock singularity. The slagga will take care of spreading the purple, the grenade with remove the shield, meaning your main damage plus DT can be killing the things.

Second thing i’d suggest is get rid of The Clap, it’s awful. Buck Up is more useful than it, if you’re playing solo, otherwise it can literally go anywhere else. I’d also suggest moving the 1 point you have in Annoyed Android into Rational Anarchist. 1 point doesn’t make that much difference to DT but RA will at least give you that instant boost to stacks. I’d suggest a new class mod too, but it’s not that much of a big deal.

I’d get rid of any weapons that aren’t within 2 levels of you as well (except the Slagga which doesn’t matter being lower), you can easily save and quit, and reload in Sanctuary and just farm Marcus and the gun machine until you get something better, or burn through some golden keys if you have any. I’m not a Gaige expert, but this is all just general stuff from the gear you posted :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve been using the Slagga as my slagging tool. I was hoping to replace it with some Slag Magic Missiles at some point, but first I need to get there. Singularity grenades have been incredibly useful for their control,(Pulling bandits out of cover so I can blow them up, bringing down an Ion Loader’s barrier early so I can kill the other Loaders that hid within it, among other things) so I definitely don’t want to get rid of that if I can help it. Been keeping an eye out for a Longbow Singularity, but no luck on that front. I figured the Slag would make it so that I could let the grenade slag the batch of enemies it just pulled in, but it turns out that Paul was absolutely right and it just doesn’t actually slag as much as I’d like it to. Perhaps an element change wouldn’t be the worst thing.

I mostly picked up Explosive Clap because I wanted DT to have a little bit more to his arsenal then just Robot Rampage and I seem to recall people saying that The Stare was bugged. It didn’t seem to be too bad, but then it didn’t seem overly strong as well, so maybe it isn’t worth the point, yeah. DT really could use more points into Annoyed Android; I’ve been hoping for another Anarchist class mod that gave AA instead of FM, but a satisfactory one hasn’t come around yet. I might take a point from More Pep to put into AA. RA I’ve always been kind of 50/50 about. It’s great when you’re at 0, but once you’re at or above 20 it doesn’t do anything. That said, based on how much I’ve been eating the dirt lately, it’s looking like a better talent all the time.

I’ve vendor dived a lot actually, hah, sometimes weapons just don’t show up though. That and I’m getting broke now from so much death. I’m not asking for perfect part weapons out of these vendors either, I’m just asking for manufacturer and elemental. That’s it. It STILL won’t give me an at level Hyperion corrosive shotgun. :frowning:
I need to do more apparently though, cause I’m just getting hammered and not killing things fast enough it seems.


In other news, I think I broke a world record… The worst possible kill of OP8 Tinder Snowflake :rofl: I went there and on the way forgot I was on Krieg, who wasn’t really built for that fight, so I improvised haha

Also check this out for Christmas trolling.


I’m going to start by saying that this leg of the story missions was definitely a rough patch for Exit,GaigeLeft too. It’s not you, it’s her. But, it does get easier with your gear and build finalized.
@Kuolemanlaakso said what I would have about your spec. If you think prestacking sucks Rational Anarchist really takes the edge off. I am compelled to ask, have you tried Jakobs shotties? With Smaller, Lighter, Faster they can be one shot guns, they put out a bunch of damage on their own and Anarchy only increases that number. I prefer Coach Guns for ammo efficiency reasons, but really any model works. With Close Enough accuracy makes less difference, so even a Quad can be effective. If you’re still looking for nades to slag, I think singularities are close to the worst option. Bouncing betties, Bandit Muvr, or Maliwan transfusions are the non uniques I prefer for slagging. And I think you’d get more mileage out of a Bone of the Ancients relic. Gaige really needs cooldown more than resistance, and Elemental damage buffs really amp up damage.
Oh, re:money. Can you twink over some gear to sell? You can get some walking around money pretty easily that way.


Mhhh. You need to farm a Necromancer class mod probably. A Punk is a good one too. If you have the DLC then try for the Necro. As someone said i think you might want to do Marcus DLC chest to get better gears, you just need a Lady fist and a Bee, there’s a cheese spot where he can’t hit you. Try to get a Fastball from Boll, a Ruby for survival at least, if not the grog, Tesla grenade, a Ricochet fibber too… If You can find a shock one, try to invest in Wires don’t talk, it’s a pretty good combo. Look out for Ravagers/Hulk too! PBFG and Topneaa are best suit for second winds


Also remember that if you Slag a midget before it lands after popping out of his box of whatever, he will become immune to Slag and DOTs, if you can farm them game will get better, the Bones of the ancients are a must in uvhm


Just did it for the 2nd time (back to back :open_mouth: ) not long ago. Beside maybe my very first time. Not sure. Gearbox really succeed in putting in all the little things paper & dices rpg players hated…
Also an infinity on Sal? Seem counterintuitive… but obviously worked!

OMG! That is a load of Bul! Rage quit potential is high on that one.

Gaige can be a pain sometimes with her “Anarchy loss” but hang in there. With Toil & Trouble and Data mining done. The worse is behind you. Hang on there.
I don’t know Gaige all that much so I’m not going to comment on the skill tree much. First glance tell me your difficulties come more from your gear than your skill tree.
Everyone love singularity grenades but the slag one is probably the worse as they’re not quite reliable at slagging. Favorites are usually shock. Fire work fine too (for me), against flesh foes. For pure slagging you’d be better with a slag transfusion.
As mentioned before, the “right” Fibber works marvel on Gaige but make sure you know how to farm mission item reward first.
Here’s a guide for the Fibber .
Knowing your gear (and where to find it) is key to your success in UVHM. I’m amazed you made it that far with what I see.
One thing I would do is some Tubby farming to upgrade your COM. Not a fan of Turtle shield myself but from what I know the green ones are not recommended because of the Health penalty. One good shield easy to get is the Antagonist. But you’ll need Seraph Crystals for it… Pete (Torgue’s DLC) is an easy cheese for them. The “trick” is all over Youtube.
Some links to help you learn more about gear. Derch guid to The good, the bad and the ugly of red text guns. And the Wiki for weapon’s Special effects and their locations. Warning: there’s is a few mistakes here and there in the Wiki but for the most part it’s quite useful.
One last comment about your build. Personally I don’t have Blood Soaked Shield max out. 3/5 work for me. I would max Nth Degree thou. With Claws. While not “magical” does help. … If you remember to use it! :smiley:

Now back on topic…
First I did that.

Then I went there.

Any day in Opportunity without dying is a good day. :slight_smile: Got scared one time. Was on a ledge over the Constructor while collecting voice samples. …And fell! Right behind it. Didn’t had much room but apparently enough not to trigger it’s nova. Spammed the ol’ Harold and it was down around the time the last turret died.
Now debating if I keep pushing the story or start working on Peak runs with the other characters.




A slight tweak and the resoning behind it:
With BSS there’s really no need for FM and UF unless you’re doing raid bosses with few to no minions (Hyperious after his loaders are gone or Pyro Pete if you don’t open either of the drain pipes for example). If you still want to reinforce your shield regeneration take Buck Up, since it’s not a kill skill (but does require DT to be out). A % boost to your fire rate is always a good thing though- the faster you can shoot the quicker things will die. I believe Close Enough and The Nth Degree work best when both are maxed out so that’s the reason for having both at 5/5. If you want to get more out of More Pep put your next points into Electrical Burn and Evil Enchantress (EB & EE respectively). Both offer a chance to do burn damage when Gaige inflicts shock damage, making it that much easier to kill fleshy enemies.

Considering you’re really leaning on shotguns and pistols I’d suggest using either the Deputy or Sheriff Badge over the Skin- and if you haven’t been to Lynchwood to get either of these items consider doing so now- they’re worth it. Also, get yourself a Jakobs Coach shotgun, preferably with a 2 round mag. Smaller, Lighter, Faster will make the mag size 1 so not only will you always have a weapon that can take advantage of CuT but it can still deal out some decent damage.

With Sharing is Caring you need a better shield- no sense taking that hit to your health if enemies are taking it down that swiftly. Try the Love Thumper if you want DT to really help out or the Law & Order combo if you want Gaige to melee as well (just be aware that the bonus to melee from the L. Roboteer com only applies to DT). Adaptive and absorb shields are also good choices IMO. The following link to class mods can give you a better idea of what you might want to keep an eye out for.

Hope any of this helps! :grinning:


What? How did I not know this all these years!?


I love Coach Guns.


Yeah and that is for any enemy that spawns airborne and then lands. Like for example airborne outlaws, if you Slag them on the buzzard, they are immune when they land if they are still slagged or under the effect of a DOT. Same for Bikers in the Torgue DLC, Motor Momma herself, midget on nomad shields, The ancients Dragons, and for some reason, also Hyperion loaders slagged when they are being digistructured in Hero’s Pass too. There might be more that i don’t recall tho


Yeah, I knew that OMGWTH is immune to slag if you try to slag it while it’s spawning, I guess it’s based on a similar theory