What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9650

I’ve been using Orphan Makers with my new Jakob’s Zer0 playthrough. Of course I’m not farming Rustlers for that, just Jakobs grips. I don’t think I’ll ever farm the ROM again since Sal got a pretty good OP8 one(Also has 72, 0P3, and OP4). Doesn’t have the best stock(jakobs) tho, hmmm…

My main Jakob’s Zer0 has been farming Butt Stallion for what seems forever trying to get a Citrine Muck with matching grip. So far he’s only seen 2 Citrine Mucks one with Hyperion grip and Vladolf grip. My favorite Citrine so far is a Two-Fer Widowmaker. It hits nearly as hard as a Dastardly Maggie.

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Ew, bandit grip. Yuck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:sunglasses: Yeah well… You play the cards you’re dealt. One in the mag is one in the mag…
And that’s all I needed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Lol, I’d have to go with Windows Phone on the comparison.

You had to dig a bit to find one, but (before they fell behind in features) those that had them tended to love them. They filled a pretty cool niche. Until windows 10 anyway. -.-

Apple products are so ubiquitous people would ask if my tablet/laptop was “an iPad”.

The Bee is definitely the iPhone of BL2. The Harold is any one of Samsung’s flagships.

This could go reeeeeaally off topic.

I played around with my Sal a little last night. I’ve intentionally just played him as I’ve found gear, and not ran immediately to Moxxi and exploits (nothing against either one, just trying to get a feel for what they intended him to be). He’s not really my thing, but it’s not boring either. I want to get him to OP8 so he can be my farming character. And then start an Axton.

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Win 10m REPRESNT! :smiley:

I’ve been on nephew watch for the last couple of days so R rated content has been low down my list. I had to show him how to play with LEGO and a Marble Run though - it’s a hard life! :smiley:

I did manage to get BANDIDIOT to rescue Lililth and he’s soon off to The Dust however. Bandit guns are great at point blank. Other ranges? Not so much! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! Man, I wish they’d have continued developing w10m. I miss it. It always felt unfinished, but I liked it. Windows 8 was great for awhile.

On topic: Tundra Express chest. Where the heck is this thing?? (The red chest on the left hand side near Madam Von Vartleby’s roost)


You can get there by running along the train tracks (from where it says “Buzzard Academy”) and cutting left (or jump off the goat track that leads up to Mme V Bart). You’ll get the out-of-bounds warning - just keep going.


Finished up the TT DLC in UVHM with Sal and decided to bring up another mule. Ran him through the dragons (in TVHM) for eridium to max out his storage and backpack. Picked up an all Bandit part Blockade. First one I’ve seen in at least 100 Blockades. Speaking of rare finds, got a Proactive Weisenheimer :rofl: and it’s brother the Backburner in one dice chest. Could not resist taking a screen shot to share and see if it stirs the pot. :smirk:

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Got a new PS3 with a bigger hard drive for Christmas, so set that up today. Gonna give my brother the old one and one of my spare BL2 discs in the hope that we can run a couple of toons to OP8 together (I think he’s gonna like Sal). Took the new console for a spin today. A new friend (@Shill368, what up dude?) popped into my game. I started TVHM with SaVladof Bandi, and he dropped in with his max level, possibly OP something, Zer0 and a Norfleet. Guess who’s in Sanctuary 4 levels higher in record time? SaVladof Bandi, that’s who. Going to build into Gunlust next. Still not using any Moxxi (although he’s got a level 20 corrosive Rubi if he feels pressured). The plan is to send someone else to get him a slag Kitten at 50, but he’s living pretty good so far so I’m not sweating it.

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I raise you this:


(lalala) #9660

So my Krieg friend and I (as Maya) played through the Peak again.

This time we decided to use a cheat against the Assassins, since we don’t have time to farm more powerful gears, we still have to rely on my Bee. So in order to protect myself from Rouf and Oney, I planned to use the “ledge” (actually, a pipe) near Reeth’s spawn point. It allows me to shoot Reeth without care about taking damage.

So first run, my friend disconnected on the Black Queen fight. I continued until the Assassins proceeded to mow me down.

Second run, I failed to kill Reeth before my phaselock ended, but my friend finished the third assassin. Though he went down immediately due to the lag made him unable to response to health gate, failing RtB. I ran away from the ledge, since Rouf was close, I was afraid he’d jump onto me. I took few shots from Wot after running some distance, and went back to my friend to Res him after my cooldown finished. I kept running away, trying to avoid Rouf’s presence and dodging Wot’s aim. Thankfully I equipped a singularity grenade before the assassin fight, replacing my corrosive Fastball, so I could control my enemies’ movements even when Phaselock is down. With one or two grenades, I managed to survive the remaining three assassins until Phaselock is ready again. Rouf locked and dead, Wot got rekt thanks to my friend, and Oney wasn’t much of a fight with singularity grenades in my hand.

That was smooth, wasn’t it? In the fight before Saturn, a BAR tank sniped me from afar. My friend rushed to revive me, but he wasn’t knowledgeable enough about Peak’s terrains, and got stuck below with a Rabid Skag catching him. That diseased skag was my ticket to second wind as I switched to my shock Badaboom, until my friend killed it thanks to the panic. Ugh.

So we had to make do with my Krieg friends’ limited DPS (he was too afraid, I took it, even too afraid to melee stuff even though that’s how a melee Krieg stays alive). I can see Saturn’s arena from the top, so I fired whatever can reach it. For Saturn itself I used the Sandhawk, since thankfully the bullets reached it.

Next arena… I can’t see a thing. Well I can see a little bit of the building where you can pay eridium for a chest, so I signaled him to bait the enemies to go there with a Hornet and its immense splash effect (explaining the area to him wouldn’t make sense since he’s not knowledgeable enough). Frankly, the first wave of enemies includes turrets, which can’t move, and thus I cannot see it. While I hoped my friend didn’t screw it, I tried to draw their attention with few shots and… somehow it worked. The turrets’ shots were able to pass the gate to the next arena (though we can’t shoot through it) so I knew I did good. After the turrets, there were a Badass Marauder and a Slag Skag. I managed to snipe down the Marauder but the Skag is very thick since I couldn’t crit it from far above. Good thing my friend can deal with it.

So… my friend made it to the next arena! Which I can see clearly. The only problem is possible stuck surveyors, so I took them down fast. I also never noticed about how 3 Badass Surveyors spawns immediately on the Badass wave before OMGWTH. I thought it was always 2 of them along with other 2 Badass level enemies. I didn’t know it was even worse lol.

Next, OMGWTH. Apparently, Sandhawk projectiles can’t make it to the giant spider tank. So I have to use my corrosive Lyuda. Somehow I drew its attention and it didn’t even walk up to my friend. As it exposed its crit spot on the eyes, I could crit it easily. Though it still took me more than one whole sniper ammo reserve. I went to buy sniper ammo and apparently the boss tried to catch my friend… Until I shot at it. Again, it faced me for the whole time I spent firing my sniper ammo reserve. It ended kinda… boring? I guess.

Long story short we made it to OP8. It was my friend’s first… and also my first after several months. Not sure what we’ll do after. Probably leveling up some new characters or do a raid or two.

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If you were on PS4, i’d offer to get you one. Maybe you can make that upgrade at some point :slight_smile:


That’s horse sh** :grinning:

Have you read this, It’s fun stuff.
Ronnie’s Weisenheimer thread

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I got that a day or two ago, was about to ignore it, being just a purple Hyperion SMG… Then I saw what it was haha!


Sal has a full load of Rid after doing the dragons and I was thinking about blowing it there just for fun. Maybe that’s what I’ll do in tonights session.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9665

If (or more likely when) I make that transition I’ll gladly take you up on that. Of course, I’d hope we’d be getting up to some coop shenanigans as well at that point. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Of course! I was never a PS3 owner, otherwise i’d probably still have it, only had Xbox 360 that generation. Have Xbox and PS4 now, play mostly on PS4, simply because there are more people from here that I play with on there than xbox!


Rumplebunny and I (and Ossie iirc) kind of co-opted the Items Finds Thread trying making people believe that Maliwan barreled SMGs were required on every post. Clearly we’ve not succeeded, to my great regret. I can’t remember how it evolved, but I still take pics of all the Burnys, Barfys, et al. I find regardless of how crappy they are.


So you guys fueled this urban myth.
I seem to always do a double take when I see one of these SMGs. Recently found a “Acurate Akurate Smgg” and could not stop myself from picking it up. Maybe they put subliminal messages in the names :wink:

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9669

I did not know this was a forum requirement. I’ve seen a few Barfies. Is there a full list somewhere of all these weapons of folklore, I will endeavour to take screens of them in future (and indeed dedicate a mule to storing them for no reason).