What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!


I prefer “perpetuated” :wink: - we all know about K6’s ridiculous assertion that he made years ago. He’s never going to live that one down. He even posted a comment on demonite’s vid that got pinned. I almost feel sorry him.

All in good fun.

Only according to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9671

Yes, but we all know you’re the real leader. So… I’ll do it from this point forward just for you :joy:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9672

Man, I’m still looking for a purple version of this… it’s the only green-rarity Maliwan-barreled SMG in my collection.

(Dandroid16) #9673

Well I said I wasn’t going to go for any Sal’s exploits through this playthrough (just reset everything at 72), but then found a green durp, and… Couldn’t help it.

Sometimes you just need to feel like a god, running through Opportunity in the story mission one-shotting everything. I’ll be back to my totally strict rules next time. Probably.

I did have some fun pimp-seeking while guarding the beacon. It worked ok.



Just finished an approximately 5000 eridium dashboard farm of Butt Stallion. In my extreme boredom after the first 3 or 4 thousand, I was thinking that there is no reason for me to ever do this again. Then she spun around and farted this.

75 eridium later, this!

Not bad for some 3-4 hours and 490 eridium :roll_eyes:

Edit: I’d never seen her spin around and fart a rainbow at me before. I thought, what does that mean?

(Is this thing on?) #9675

Two legendaries = DOUBLE RAINBOW :rainbow: :rainbow:

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9676

Jakob’s Z Jr is nearing the end of TVHM. Pushed through Sawtooth. While there where a number of New-U fee’s paid, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. I got lucky with a number of B0re shots on the Ambush Commanders and took them out pretty quickly. Accidentally jumped off the wrong side of the tower and landed in the hidden campsite. Found a new Muckamuck in the chest at said campsite.
Picked up a Tidal Wave from Arid Badlands and killed Saturn with it…multiple times.
Progressed to the point of running through Hero’s Pass. Tidal Wave was awesome for taking out all the Loaders guarding the entrance.
Now at lvl 49.5 just have to get to Jack and kill the warrior. I expect to be starting UVHM right at lvl 50.

Looking forward to grinding my way to 72.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9677

SaVladof Bandi went in search of level 35, when he gets the Bar Mitzvah Magic Missile that Exit,GaigeLeft farms for all new toons. Assassins assassinated :ballot_box_with_check:, Happy Pig powered up :ballot_box_with_check:, new names for Bullymong cycled and sorted :ballot_box_with_check:, level 35 (mazel tov! :tada:) :ballot_box_with_check:. Just about ready to Hunt the Firehawk and do the associated sides. Next time, although probably not tomorrow because I need to help prep my mom’s basement for waterproofing. Maybe Monday.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9678

Best way to farm eridium for upgrades still the Dragons, right? I realised that all but two of my characters still need some upgrades.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9679

Yup. As far as I know.

After a failed attempt at climbing Dragon Keep. Zorg equipped the Pimp’a’Durp to deal with those pesky Skeletons. Not in a patient mood. :wink:
Everything else went well. Disposed of the H.Sorcerer with a “fair play” Deputy combo. Even got a Volcano! That was nice. Fed ± 80 Eridium to the shiny poney with awesome legs. Two gemstones of no use.
Back to story mode Retsam the commando. Time to climb to the BNK3R. Run up to the first Constructor was surprisingly easy with a spawn for kids. Not a single RPG loader! Didn’t knew it was possible! One death due to the pavement painted in mortar targets and an untimely jump which ended off the ramp. Oh well.
Only somewhat scary moment was with the 2nd Constructor which de-spawn for no known reason. By the time a “reserve” one came in it was War Loaders and Surveyors galore. Didn’t waste too much time on these. pheew! Not being well equipped against armored foe at long distance. Tried my luck with an under level corrosive. (lvl 71 @ OP3) Lyuda. Didn’t equipped a BoA or anything. Spent all my Sniper ammo on it. Not enough to kill it but enough damage to quickly dispose of it.
The turrets and BNK3R were a lot of fun! :stuck_out_tongue: A couple mag of Intense Harold and it was gone.
Nothing from Marcus. As usual.

(chris) #9680

So I am a idiot. I will get to that in a moment. I moved further along in my progression of UVHM by restoring the beacon finally. I only died once, so I was pretty happy about that. I got back to Sanctuary and avoided picking up any of the side missions b/c I would need that later on down the road.

I did the birthday party with Clap, and moved on to meeting Mordecai at Wildlife Preservation. I made my way to Natural Selection Annex thinking I was going to farm the loot midgets. Jack released all the animals, and that went as expected, and I walked in the room to open the first box, and nothing happened, the same thing happened with the 2nd and 3rd box. I then realized that I forgot to talk to Tannis, and there would be no farming on this trip.

I thought about running all the way back to Sanctuary and talking to her, but decided that I would end up going after Bloodwing next time.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9681

Hey, don’t feel bad. I forget to do this 9/10 times :man_facepalming:

(Dandroid16) #9682

I’ve yet to actually kill the Dragons on any character (on level anyway), but I usually go for the Warrior if I’m low on Eridium. He’s pretty easy and drops quite a bit. Doesn’t hurt to nab a CC or Flakker once in awhile either. I’m not sure how much he drops in comparison to the dragons though.

The dragons are the only Raid Boss I haven’t done on level yet, actually. I’ve just always dreaded it as Maya, and I’m not comfortable enough yet with Zer0 or Sal. Hell I even cheesed Vera with that goofy Kitten/white turtle shield build. Lol

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9683

Same here! I usually realize it mid way through. Not so far so I can’t come back but far enough to make it a :rage::alien::japanese_ogre::poop::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: pain!

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9684

Just played with a Goliath in Bug Gulch, he leveled up to Ultimate Badass with the spiderants, so I took him up to Mobley and Gettle, I had to kill Mobley because he was firing at me, while Goliath was fighting Gettle, and I kept a corrosive DoT on Gettle so he didn’t heal, and the Goliath didn’t level up. Turns out he can’t go any further than just after you jump down from the hill to the main area of the Dust, where the Technicals drive around. I was hoping to take him to some more spiderants to get a God-liath, but it seems it wasn’t possible :frowning:

(Is this thing on?) #9685

After a long holiday, MayaHelpYou took the plunge and picked up from Clappy’s ship in Three Horns. After much shooting, burning, corroding, and electrocuting of things, she arrived safely in Sanctuary and promptly advanced through all the stuff I’d done in co-op ages ago with @Carlton_Slayer. I also found that she had a level 54 Neogenator sitting in the Stash and, since she only just turned level 55, that looks like it will be good for a little bit at least.


The best I’ve seen. After getting each new mule to Sanctuary and meeting the gang there, I run them through the dragons with a higher character and get the 1120 rid to max out their vault and backpack. Takes about 3 hours on a good day at the 70 to 80 rid per run. I only do the mimics and dice chest run at the end.

Been there, done that :roll_eyes: I feel your pain

I haven’t done them on level either, I’ve dropped back and done them in New and True many times. I’m thinking that I know their ways well enough now to give on level a try, but I also know that it will be hard to stay alive.

Ultimate is a far as I’ve gotten one. I’ve heard that Sawtooth is the place with the best chance for success at that. Not sure if that’s true.


Are you suggesting that she can do that? :thinking: sounds unlikely

(Is this thing on?) #9688

It was a joke, son. You’ve done the secret camp in the Highlands thing, right? The one that’s a reference to a famous video?

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9689

I prefer Southburn Canyon for that. Quite easy if your after trophy/challenges. Good for gunzerking and Deception “rewards” too.