What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9730

For Buzzards? I think we may be in a crowd of maybe five people that use these guns at all, and while I love 'em, even I wouldn’t use it against a Buzzard… I find there’s a sweet spot at mid-ish range, which comes and goes randomly with the random splash triggers, but when those stars line up, it hits hard AF (but don’t tell anyone else). If you are managing to drop Buzzards with it, do tell! They are generally out of its range when I fight them, though if they swung within that things range, I think it’d wreck face. :thinking:

(Is this thing on?) #9731

Spent some time twinking gear around this morning, only to discover that my level 58 shock Norfleet had been hijacked by MayaHelpYou who was under-levelled and couldn’t use it. If only I’d had that on Da DukaNuka yesterday, my rabid stalker issues would have been GREATLT alleviated!

All items duly transferred, and both characters now have multiple new on-level toys to play with. SInce I’d left it hanging the other day, I finished the Hyperion Gift Box side quest, then hit the train one more time. No more legendaries, but I did get an upgrade on my storage relic: more rockets and grenades!

Next up: WEP and Doctor’s Orders.

Oh, and what might have been a perfect grenade mod for that trip buuuuuuut:

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9732

Some of you might recall I made a gif a while back of Axton defying death in the Peak thanks to Grit, well I made an admittedly less impressive gif of Maya getting irritated by a Rabid Skag… :smiley:


(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9733

No, why? It’s a collectors things. Ya know. :slightly_smiling_face:

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9734

Totally agree. That’s why i gave it a shot and why I quickly turned to another option.
In some situation it’s totally brutal. (Close encounter of the 1st kind.) Some other its just … not there.

(spectacularly mediocre) #9735

Started up my on-again/off-again Prestige work with Sal. I’d completed far more random challenges than I’d realized, most likely due to the fact I was playing fairly haphazardly with Sal through NVHM and TVHM. Spent some time completing bunch of weapon-related challenges, except for the shotgun challenges as they were completed during regular play. Never knew how much I’d hate the Quickdraw challenge.

While doing the FFYL challenges, I learned that FFYL timer gets shorter when you repeatedly go into FFYL.

(Dandroid16) #9736

I used to keep one just in case my ammo started getting low, but I found I just never used it. If I need to scratch my itch to just hold the trigger down and kill things without ammo concerns, I’ll just do a Sal Butcher/Kitten build. Lol

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #9737

Still doing this Bandit Psycho playthrough and it’s been tough going. On level for most stuff and the damage output is lacking from the guns. No trouble if I go all melee on them though!

Just high enough level to get Blood Bath so we’ll see what happens!

(Is this thing on?) #9738

All right, WEP time. The shock Norfleet really showed it’s worth running through the first section to the docks, and also helped out greatly through the docks. That, a corrosive fastball, and a corrosive Tediore plasma caster were pretty much all I needed through there (with occasional Good Touch use to top up health). I didn’t even bother with slag…

The downside was running out of rockets at the first skag pen past the docks. Fortunately, DPUH and Good Touch + Bonus Package. I picked up a few extra rounds of launcher ammo along the way then took the roadway around to the upper area. Cleared out a ton of stuff from up top then dropped down to finish off P&T. No drops from them sadly.

Ran into the CSD to sell/buy, then pushed on through to the holding cells. Again, really didn’t feel the need to slag at all. Did one run of the box room before checking out the pens and got this:

The -2 level was a bit disappointing, but I’ll take it for now as it pairs nicely with my non-elemental level 58 one. Used up the last of my rockets taking out the next batch of stalkers, then on to the open area beyond. Started using a green lobbed slag transfusion grenade I found - the fuse time is on the long side (2.4s) but it’s still easier than weapon swapping.

There was a super badass war loader in the room before the elevator, so I unleashed the stalkers on it. The weakened it enough that I could finish it, then slag + Good Touch took care of the stalkers. I got unlucky with the skag spawns in the second phase of the BW fight and died, but the second time I came through by the skin of my teeth.

After that, I was sitting at level 59.9 or so, so I decided to start Clan Wars just to finish. Did that right up through the Hodunk speedway. That was odd - for the first time ever one of the race cars was so far ahead of the other two that I couldn’t get all of them on the bridge. I blew up the first one as usual, but had to finish the others off in person.

Headed back to Ellie’s and dinged level 60 by taking out the last few spiderants on the door step. That’s excellent, because I have a ton more stuff waiting to come down from my Psycho. Not sure if I’ll keep running story mission through Thousand Cuts next, or switch to Torgue DLC.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9739

Just like that little Energizer bunny, Jakob’s Jr just keeps going. Speaking of bunny’s, have killed exactly three tubbies, and have gotten exactly three bunnies. Sold them all.

Finished Clan wars, farmed Zaford, matching grip Dastardly on the second try.

Finished Bloodwing. Went pretty well. No deaths and a single FFYL.

Train finally gave me a decent slag transfusion. Been using an under leveled one for forever.

Game refuses to give a good Jakobs sniper. Got a purple rarity Quad, Rifle, Revolver and Widow Maker…but no sniper.

Gonna farm Slappy a bit, he’s been good with purple snipers in the past.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9740

Butt Stallion finally delivered!..kinda…

Not the best accessory…but still matching grip, dahl stock…it delivers.

Still not on par with my purple Muck(skookum)…but I’m stoked about it.

Now I have a legit full citrine loadout…and it kick’s ass…

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #9741

Had an afternoon of Boss killing w/@Dr_Do-Little, @nat_zero_six & a new Forum member @Brantron. We knocked off all Raids at OP0. Had a great time.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9742

Quick question, which Skag do tubbies replace? Rabids, or just the Badass ones? I know for example that a Spiderant Procreator is classed as a Badass enemy without actually being one, so that can be replaced by a tubby.

(Dandroid16) #9743

I’m thinking the elementals, and maybe Fossils? I don’t see them very often. I’m pretty sure we’d see Tubby skags way more often if they could replace rabids (same with stalkers), but that just may be my bitterness surfacing. LOL

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9744

Yeah that’s a good point actually, now you mention it. It must just be the elemental badass ones then.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #9745

Ugh! Just spent a solid hour (I think!) trying to get a Slagga. In NVHM. Tector sure likes being exploded with Skyrockets a lot! :open_mouth:

Bonus is I dinged 3 levels and maxed Blood Bath now though! :smiley:

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9746

For some reason I always thought they all came from the same “gene pool”. Badass, Rabid and Tubby.
Rabids are more common than Tubbies but not guaranteed…
Thus my saying “Where there’s a chance for a Rabid. There’s a chance for a Tubby”.
No idea where I got this from though.

So yeah. Had a good time killing Raid boos with forum acquaintances. :wink:
Went’t thru the A.N. Boneyard part before it. Managed to survive all three pumping stations. :slight_smile:
Either I’m getting good at this game or a fully loaded Axton is just OP at OP3.
I’m afraid it’s the latter. :relaxed:

Went back to it after the raids. Saturn got me once. My bad and too bad. I was doing good until I made some stupid move.
Fooled around and farmed Knuckledragger for a while. Sometimes I think game devs use bad algorithm on purpose just to have fun at our expanses. Must had killed it 250 times before I got the first drop.
(ok, I may be exaggerating . Just a tad.)
Have to thanks my numerous saves and the PS+ automatic save upload. For some mysterious and unexplained reasons my on level explosive fastball “disappeared” from my inventory! Scary moment.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9747

Glad you had a good time! Sorry for not being able to join you, the connection here is fine to connect and message, etc. but it isn’t conducive to actually playing online with others where i’m expected to actually kill stuff :rofl: I will happily join you next week sometime if you do further runs.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #9748

Looking forward to it. :wink: Always enjoy co-0p with Forum members.


Finished bringing up a new mule and ran him through the dragons in New. Got one Legendary the whole session, a Rubberized Quasar, nice surprise. :sunglasses:

Decided to give the dragons a try at level (63 Sal) , :skull: 67 them, Incinerator was not too bad once he stops his shielding. Still, the only way Sal could do enough damage was to PimpDuurp him. Managed in one round to dispatch Incinerator, Boost, and almost had Healianth when gunzerking went into cooldown and Sal went down. That was the best round, did not get much further than Incinerator in the others. I still havn’t found a better Neutral Evil Monk com so I decided to leave and go look for one again.
Spent the rest of the evening in the Forest farming. Found just about every flavor of purple and blue Monk there is, EXCEPT the Neutral Evil. That’s how it goes sometimes. Got 6 Bees, the best being an at level Alkaline.
Was able to dispatch Warlord Grug all but once before he leveled up into the Duke w/Harold and Grogg.
Will probably head back to the Forest again today for at least a few trys before jumping into the Torgue DLC to look for a better Duuurp.