What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9750

That leave me… a week! To get to OP8! :grin:

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9751

More tubby farming, got this, which I believe is the maximum percentage :blhappy:

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #9752

NICE! :smiley: Enjoy the melee chaos! :slight_smile:

I just ran WEP back to back (with a quit/load cycle between :wink: ) using only 1 gun and 1 grenade mod. Slagga & Skyrocket are a deadly duo! Only downside is my COM is giving me a boost to Blood Overdrive which reduces grenade fuse with Bloodlust stacks. Current ‘bonus’ is -1.5s to the fuse.

Yes that’s right a Skyrocket with a 0.1 second fuse. Luckily it triggers Blood Bath as it drops me to my knees :smiley:

(Dandroid16) #9753

Welp, on this episode of RNGeezus is a Troll: I defeated the Dragons (at level with my OP3 Sal - yay!), opened all the Mimics and dice chests, and got not a single monk COM. Went to Unassuming Docks for the Swordsplosion quest, hit the first not-Mimic chest for fun, and it was full of purple monk COM’s. Lol

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9754

I’m back home tomorrow and i’m looking to start a new playthrough, maybe. With that said though, i’m also quite interested in trying Deputy Krieg, I saw Demonite’s video on it and it looks very different to how i’m used to playing Krieg. Tempted… Anyone here done that?

(Carlton Slayer) #9755

Solo at level 72 it’s possible, depending on character. At OP8- I’ll let you know when I get that :smile:

(Is this thing on?) #9756

Did some major gear-shuffling with my high-level-but-not-yet-max characters, then took my Psycho (Psycho Naut) to see if he could level up from 64. Ran the first two Monster Mash missions, tried to run Mercenary day and got confused by whether I’d completed any or not. Turns out I’d done the main mission but still had the side quest, so I did that then polished off the snowman. Got this for my troubles - my first ever Bearcat:

That is an interesting gun. I decided to see if I could use it to carpet bomb the skeletons in TTAoDK since I had barely started that (just arrived in Flamerock Refuge, apparently). No dice - that has to be the most singularly inefficient way of killing things in BL2 with an on-level weapon I have ever experienced. So I sold it; no regrets! Got through and started the forest, but I need to get on with something else IRL so that’s it for this weekend.


That’s @Enderborn1’s baby

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9758

I saw that, the two builds are quite different. Maybe i’ll try both. Demonite even stakes a claim for using HH… Which intrigues me because I like being insane!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #9759

Melee Maya and Forum Friends vs Master Gee L72.

Kitty Maya and Friends vs Son of Crawmerax

Nice kills @Sun_Tsunami, @Dr_Do-Little @Brantron :+1::+1:

(spectacularly mediocre) #9760

Did some more Prestige grinding with Call Me Sal. It’s a nice relaxed affair as I don’t have to worry about getting killed in TVHM.

Dusted off Mahya Mahya to continue with her NVHM journey. Went out to look for Lilith, met up with Ellie, then stormed through the Bloodshot Stronghold and Ramparts to save Roland. The trunk chest at the end of the Ramparts gifted me with a Baby Maker. I think this is the first Baby Maker I’ve come across.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9761

Jakobs Jr made the trek up to the bunker. This was probably the toughest time I’ve had with this part of the game. Two things I think made it difficult. I didn’t have a good sniper and I didn’t allow myself to use a slag gun. In the past I’ve always had both. I almost went to get a slag gun, but decided against it.
Maggie did most of the work and did a fine job B0ring Bunker.


This is the second purple sniper I’ve seen in this playthrough. Last one was a lvl 50 chinook from warrior. Good thing this was acquired as he’s about to go to Sawtooth.

We won’t talk about the hideous scope on the Maggie. Damn you Tediore.

Dinged 63 after Angel Core and about to head to Sawtooth.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9762

(Rumplebunny) #9763

Ah yes, my love/hate relationship with the Bearcat! It’s a weapon I want to love, but the non-elemental ones just don’t bring it. I like elemental ones because you can obviously pump them up with an appropriate Bone. One of my Mayas usually has a fire one equipped when dealing with fleshy enemies.

You know, I’ve never tried out a NE one with my main Axton who always has an explosive relic on. He sometimes uses a Cobra because that relic is one of the very few things that can boost a Cobra.

(Rumplebunny) #9764

I think the key thing is to listen for the “we got a badass over here!” <neildegrassetyson.gif> callouts by the characters. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them for the various rabids but certainly for Procreator spiderants, for example. But who knows for certain, there are all kinds of weird game logic rules coded into the game. :smiley:

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9765

So I’m currently on a bus, going home. Pretty hyped to start a new playthrough when I’m home. Not sure what I’ll do yet but I’m open to ideas. Quite like the Pain challenge from another thread!

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9766

Jakob’s Jr went to Sawtooth. Started off pretty rocky. Blaster Goliath and Grave Digger all up in my bizness. Sent me to the New-U several times. Things smoothed out after the Ambush Commanders, and even they weren’t that bad.

Early on at Sawtooth the game world dropped a Slagga(albeit over-leveled). I think it was trying to tell me to use slag gun, but I resisted. Jakobs really needs to look into making a slag weapon. I would trade all my other Jakob elementals for one (although this current Jakob’s Zer0 has none).
Sometimes I’ll just run past Mortar, depending on how things have been up to that point. Not this time. He refused to take slag. But I eventually wore him out and took him down.

Maggie (even with it’s big dumb looking Tediore scope) proved very effective on taking out the Buzzards. Did so without issue.

Pushed on to do Data Mining. Got a new Ornery Tidal Wave. Saturn didn’t go down as easily as he has in the past, but he went down. It was the subsequent constructor that gave the the most trouble. I couldn’t get a good B0re hit on him and ended up wearing him down with the Maggie.

Back to Sanctuary and collected items from everyone to use against Jack. Nobody gave anything that I’ll actually use. Hammerlock did give a new at-level Callipeen, but blue rarity…bah.

Decided not to go straight to Hero’s Pass but rather upgrade some of my gear. Raised myself a couple levels just from farming. Now at 65.

Found that the Tidal Wave is great for farming Slappy. He finally gave me a purple Jakobs sniper. It’s even at the correct level. Tum-Tum Diaub. He’s also given me a couple under-leveled strikers.

Next up is Hero’s Pass and the Warrior. I might try to upgrade my Hammer Buster or might just go for it…haven’t decided yet.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9767

Started the “I Like Pain” challenge. Chose Axton, not that it makes any difference whatsoever, since I can’t use my action skill or any skill points… :smiley:

(Trahurn) #9768

0R30 (melee Assassin) and DeadEye (my attempt at a snipe-zerker) took their first steps on Pandora. They got so far as killing MidgeMong. They got to do it twice because my computer crashed near the end of the first run and the save was corrupted.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9769

Started my challenge run. A couple of gameplay videos here, one is Symbiosis (via Ebonfloe) and the second is Best Minion Ever. Had some decent weapon luck so far, a Rustler’s Scattergun, a matching grip Apparatus pistol, and a nice enough Jakobs sniper rifle from Hammerlock for the “Bad Hair Day” mission.

Then I jumped over to Xbox, my Axton and Zer0 are still on OP0 on xbox, so I did the OP0 run with Axton.

Got this from the chest near the elevator