What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9810

I think I have a better idea of what was going on watching the vids then I had being there!

(Dandroid16) #9811

My Sal jumped quite a few OP levels, up to OP7 from 3, in 2 days - oddly enough on the strength of a slag kitten and the seeker, and then finally sucked it up and grabbed a grog and ROM for OP6 and 7.

Yeah I’m kind of in the weird lonely (for good reason, probably) Seeker fan club, but other than a stupid mistake vs the assassins somewhere in there, I practically snored through 3 Peak runs. Helped it out with a nice explosive relic.
After unlocking OP6 though, the whole explosive thing started struggling and I took a more traditional Sal route.

So now he’s at OP7, and I went and wrecked the dragons a few times for fun and crystals. First kill and run through the dice chests, I picked up a Doc’s Striker. I rather like this thing with Sal. Found an aggression shotgun relic in the next run. It all worked pretty darn well, paired with 200% type B grog action.

Still haven’t gotten a blockade drop, but got a few stingers, and 2 omens - the Omen being one more thing I’d never gotten to drop (obviously, having never killed the dragons before), so that’s a bucket list thing!

Not a bad evening.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9812

After killing the Warrior and hitting 66 Jakob’s Jr. farmed the Zaffords and Ole Slappy. Ran bunch of maps and leveled until he hit 72.

Rummaged through the mules and found several items that would be useful. Doc’s coach gun, Doc’s Striker, Boss Hammer Buster, Straight Shootin Maggie. Everything with matching grips. Also had an Antagonist and Leg Sniper COM.
Only thing missing was a good sniper…OP8 Sal to the rescue. He farmed a Skullmasher and an Elephant gun…both with matching grips. He actually got both on his 2nd runs. Skully had Chikamin prefix. Probably could have farmed longer for something better but I usually stop after good parts.

Anywho, Jakob’s Jr is decked out.

Next will probably start one of the DLCs.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #9813

Dahl Commando went to Thousand Cuts to do the Defend Slab Tower mission (which I love for a quick/intense Loader attack). For once, the enemies carrying good gear helped me out with stuff like this Marauder who was packing a Ravager.

Fun detail: Goliaths appear to have ten otherwise normal toes.

Then, loaded for Loaders, I did the run up to BNK3R and took it out with a Bearcat… great fun spraying it from a distance with so many corrosive grenades.

I want to play King of the Hill on this map from within this suspended container, but I have a fairly difficult time getting into it, much less without attacking the crowd or otherwise dying on the way up. I managed to get on top this time though… should be able to pull it off someday.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9814

Xbox Zer0 is now OP2, i’ve run the first two levels without a relic, because this guy had very little in the way of gear (I must have got rid of the old gear, pretty sure someone did the Bar so I could get him to 72 quickly). Corrosive Butcher, Slagga, Slag Rubi (bladed) and a corrosive Lyuda. He also has a corrosive Norfleet for emergencies. I grabbed him a Florentine via Salvador mainly for Oney. The only grenades he had was a Magic Missile (pointless to me since I have two slag weapons already) and a lobbed storm front with a 0.9 fuse, it’ll do. It will be interesting to see how far I can get, the Butcher is lacking something compared to what I normally use with Zer0 on PS4 (ROM, mainly), maybe I should grab him an OP2 ROM. Anyway, i’ll maybe do OP2 later.


That works with many other irritating foes too. For example, throw an axe at an approaching surveyor, observe how it halts in mid-air, prepares to fly off again, and eats your second axe.
My Krieg reached OP6 solo using a Bloodlust-Mania spec - and most of the surveyors on the Peak were dispatched with this method. (Other methods were: a corrosive Conference Call I moonshot-farmed at OP3, melee strikes from directly underneath, and on a few occasions a bloodsplosion of another surveyor that usually chained to whatever they were healing.) Also, if the second axe doesn’t kill the enemy, it should still stun them again, so you can follow up with yet another axe, and so on until it does bite the dust (or until you get interrupted by other enemies or by RtB ending).
The guaranteed stun of the buzz axe is indeed pretty useful. In TPS the Oz Kits give us guaranteed stuns via slam moves, but BL2 has some of it too: Maya has Phaselock and Converge, Axton has Nuke, Sal has Fistful of Hurt, Zer0 has Execute, Gaige probably has to hope for Deathtrap to use Explosive Clap (good luck with that), Krieg has a limitless supply of throwable axes. Everyone, feel free to use the tools you have instead of wishing for Elpis tech to come down to Pandora.
One might throw in singularity grenades too (including the legendary one: Quasar), but at least those have been recognized as stun tools already. A hit bringing enemies below about 30% of their health seems to be another stun source, but that’s probably only really useful if you can bring them there with one shot, recover from the recoil or chamber another bullet (with a very slow weapon) while they are stunned, and kill them with the second shot. Otherwise it’s just a little bonus in the heat of the battle.

(Brylantor) #9816

Spent time farming for various weapons on my “Wish list” I had a decent haul, I can only put up with so much farming before my brain says no more. I got a lvl 50 shock Lyuda and a lvl 48 Kerblaster. I’m pottering about in TVHM because what I’ve read about UVHM scares me tbh.


The usual advice there is to move into UVHM already. The longer you linger in TVHM, the more you level up, which makes the brick wall that is the first exploration in UVHM even bigger than it needs to be. That is so because in UVHM the enemies are on your level (with the usual +/-2 randomness), but your weapons are the level 50 or lower things you got in TVHM. It may be possible to move into UVHM at level 56, but it requires a very careful approach and lots of patience, and it will cause many deaths. Moving on at level 50, 51 or maybe 52 lets you have almost on-level weapons that actually kill stuff, which makes for a relatively smooth ride.

(Brylantor) #9818

Thanks for the advice, I guess I should just give it a shot.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9819

I wouldn’t be put off by all that. Once you get used to the needing to slag most enemies, it’s pretty simple. What platform are you playing on?


The irony is that UVHM gets easier as you level : the enemies level with you so they’re always the same difficulty relative to you and your gears’ level. However, your character’s significantly more powerful at level 72 with the additional 22 points.

Obviously you get used to the mode as you go, playing more defensively, using more effective tactics, figuring out preferred methods of slagging, when you can do without slag, etc.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9821

You should. :slight_smile:
I can imagine UVHM being a nightmare for someone unprepared and over level with 48-50 level gear. But if you take the time to educate yourself. It’s really not that bad.
Take the time to look at the different builds proposed for the character class you play and learn why they work. (or not) UVHM is when you start to really need to understand some of the game mechanics. (Splash damage among other things.)
Know your guns and where to find them. If you get stuck somewhere or if it get frustrating. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. There’s no such things as a dumb question.
If I can not only manage to play in UVHM but have fun playing. Then anyone can do it!

Pro tip: Learn how to farm mission rewards (And keep them open if possible.) for your platform. This will come very handy.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9822

Played through Journey and started a new Castlevania Symphony of the Night game… wait. What forum is this again? :wink:

Decided to grab SaVladof Bandi a slag Kitten. Sent AxTNT to NVHM Torgue with that in mind. Sped through the story until I got to the mission and only had to dashboard once to get slag+matching grip. Then Hunted the Firehawk and called it a day. Will be back soon, I promise.

@Brylantor welcome to the forums. Just jump in with both feet, and if you need help you’re already in the right place. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all got your back. UVHM is an experience you shouldn’t deny yourself. At least not out of apprehension and nervousness.

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There’s a section for that!

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #9824

I’ll get there, one day when I overcome my compulsive need to read an entire thread before I contribute to it. Eventually I’ll appear in every thread on this forum, but this one will always be home for me, and you guys my online family.

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #9825

I came to these forums(not too long ago) because I was also apprehensive about UVHM. I was hoping someone would tell me that it’s ok to stay in TVHM. Of course that didn’t happen.

UVHM is fairly tough at first, but as @Jefe said, it gets easier as it levels. I just leveled up another Zer0 and found TVHM and early UVHM much tougher than OP2 where my other Zer0 is.
Also, I just find UVHM alot more fun, especially after you reach 72 and the stuff you farm, never gets under leveled. Well, not until you get into OP levels, but that’s another topic altogether.

(Brylantor) #9826

I took the plunge, and it’s not that bad really, I’m 52 with some 50 and 48 gear, just got a 53 kerblaster which should help shortly.

(Dandroid16) #9827

Yeah, what these gents said.

It’s kind of amusing in hindsight, but when I first jumped into TPS, I had a helluva time in normal mode. I mean, I went straight from OP8 BL2 to NVHM, and it was anything but easy. I was pretty frustrated. But then I realized that’s because I had no skill tree, no BAR, no mule gear to port over, nothing… You really feel those painfully slow white gear reload speeds when you have literally nothing available yet to help you. I restarted a playthrough at max level after getting 2 characters through UVHM, and it was so much easier. I’d much rather do a fresh playthrough at UVHM than start fresh.

Point being, as they said, the move from TVHM to UVHM is not nearly as drastic as some would lead you to believe, because you’ve already got a workable skill tree, usable gear at least to start with, and BAR (available at least - I know a lot of people don’t use it). And it just gets easier, because you’re just adding more points to fill out your skill tree, everything is more or less right at your level so you can farm replacements as you level up, and you can take challenges as they come. There’s no more grinding runs just to get your level up so the next stage of the story isn’t populated by 4-levels-higher enemies and bosses… Honestly once you get over the initial curve from things like enemy health regen and slag importance, it’s just generally a much more fun experience to me.

You’ll be glad you made the jump. It’s the fun kind of challenge, IMO.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #9828

Was ready to try my luck at an on level Blockade with Zorg. Both my gunzerker and Retsam the commando being OP3. When I got a message from @Sun_Tsunami. Want to make some Peak runs?
Sure! Had to get my PS+ back first as it just ran out … :expressionless:
@Kuolemanlaakso joined . Was really nice. I tried not to be a useless weight. :grin: Slagging stuff when I had the chance. Not easy with their Siren and Zero blazing thru. Managed to pull my weight … kinda. Taking care of isolate target. Throwing an occasional turret .
Until the OP5 -> OP6 run. Was )slowly) taking care of Hyperion turrets with a newly found Maliwan shock PC when I went down. Couldn’t really reach it while on my knee. Got revived by a kind teammate but got shot at right back in FFYL.
… And again… A couple times. “We” managed to worked it out but it bit me later.
The run was almost done when I went back in FFYL. No idea what hit me. Wasn’t the insta death timer but way too short for any of us to react in time. :disappointed_relieved:
So they did the last area without me. Still count. :wink:
Got a bunch of Hellfires through the runs. Mostly under level though. A bone Shredder or two.
Also got an OP4 Nuken and an OP6 Nukem. Which I use to kill myself/auto revive once. (Another notch on the FFYL timer.)

A lot of fun and 3 quick OP levels.
Thanks guys.

Unfortunately. It look like this on level blockade will have to wait… Back to the Antagonist.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9829

Was a fun run, the chain of one or the other of us in FFYL in the Bone Head area was intense and also awesome :slight_smile: those pesky turrets up top can be irritating if you aren’t in the right spot to ignore them!