What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

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Today turned to hell mentally, and then I made the mistake of attempting to escape to the OP7 run, trying to unlock OP8. Died 4 times to silly ****, but nailed it the 5th time. I’m not proud of it, but nobody wants to stay at OP7, so whatever it takes. In this case it was pimper-derping, with a green derp. I forgot how much I hated the OP7 run. There’s some variation in spawns, but the constants suck. Like Scorches and 4 repair surveyors. I’m done for the evening. -.-

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Beehawk, Money Shot and Execute (Killing Blow) is overkill



@Sun_Tsunami @Brantron

Also just a PSA. Ready your EXPLOSIONS. 200+ post to go… :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:


On topic : experimented with more Hellborn/Mania variations - most importantly spec-ing Fuel & Bombadier. As per BookEm, I ditched Thrill o’ the Kill and kept Elemental Elation for healing, which helped but it was still preventing RtB. So I reversed it :

I’ve run Frostburn with each variation and this one seems the most effective. At OP3 Raving Retribution is a wee bit more powerful than I’d like (it’s stolen a few kills that messed up my RtB timing) but not too intrusive.

So far the Chain Lightning / Slagga combo has been the best (rather than say, Hellfire and slag betties).

He’s now off to rescure Roland.

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Jakob’s Jr. Unlocked OP1. Don’t really intend on leveling him up through the OP levels. Did it just for the hell of it.


I didn’t allow him to use a slag gun, which is a first for me. I think anyway. My other Jakobs Zer0 got to OP2 during a night of too many beers, I really don’t remember if I allowed him a slag gun or not, but I think I did. Jr. did use the Bekah so that put him at a huge advantage as that gun is beastly. He used that and the Skullmasher for the majority of the run.

The Dahl red chest did, however, offer up a perfect slag snider. I grabbed it just in case the assassins got too overwhelming, but it was never necessary. Just used slag type-Os and they worked fine. Even had some left over by the end of the fight, which is also unusual for me.

The game did throw two rabid skags at me immediately before the assassins spawned it. That was probably the toughest part of the run. One of the spider tanks in the middle section put me into FFYL and I thought it was over as the other one was on the other side of the big rock. He crept around just in time for me to get a second wind. It was very close.

I do need to work on getting one of my Zer0’s to the upper op levels.

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@Sun_Tsunami @Dr_Do-Little @Kuolemanlaakso

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Here we go, today’s entry into the genius looking for group on Xbox category.

I wish I had a level 50-56 shame. Heh.

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How is Borderlands a competitive game? Unless that person is referring to loot ninja duelling? Such a sham! :drum:

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I know right? :smiley:

Anyway, I recorded the OP5 run with @Sun_Tsunami and @Dr_Do-Little , and the whole run is only 18 minutes, which is pretty cool. I’m uploading it, because if nothing else that Bone Head area needs to be seen again :rofl:

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There’s an empty moonshot container right next to him you can hide inside of, I usually cheese him from that spot. If he sets up shop before I’m down there I just run like a maniac towards it and hope not too many missiles smack me. :smiley:

(I’ve noticed that where there’s a dedicated BA Constructor spawn, oftentimes there just happens to be a handy Hyperion container to hide inside… (Thousand Cuts, Hero’s Pass… though I can’t think of others ATM. Edit: ah yes, in Opportunity as well!)

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It was around 4am your time. You definitely would have been the 4th if you were on. :wink:

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If nat insists, maybe we should just wake him up :rofl: Also sorry but these are addictive… I wish I knew some krage builds.

Anyway, here’s the OP5 run I mentioned with @Sun_Tsunami and @Dr_Do-Little

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Maybe you should stop sharing these. People will think console players can’t right. :wink: Or is it speel?

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So uh… I was taking Axton through OP1 on Xbox One… Well, it seems i’ve turned into a noob. Because this happened :man_facepalming:

For the record, I was laughing at it happening so much that I forgot to kill the WAR Loader with the otherwise superb Flakker.

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Unless you’re shamefleeting or a collector do you really NEED a Shame?

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Knowing the kind of people who post on there, I’d say his/her intention is shamfleeting. No doubt it’d be followed by a post asking for a northfleet :joy:

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A fleeting moment of shame… :blembarrass:

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NVHM journey of Mahya Mahya continues.

Travelled to Tundra Express to light some varkids on fire. The process took a lot longer than expected since the larval varkids kept dying instead of catching on fire.

Met up with Tina and agreed to retrieve her badonkadonks. I had to S&Q right after accepting the mission, which brought me back to the entrance are of Tundra Express. Consequently, I entered the Buzzard Academy from its southern entrance for the first time (for this mission, anyways) and collecting badonkadonks went much quicker than usual.

After listening to Angel talk about Wilhelm for the last time, dealt with Wilhelm rather quickly thanks to corrosive PC from the golden chest.

Watched Sanctuary teleport away and made way to the Highlands.

Having not played normal in ages, it throws me off a bit whenever I realize I have to actually trek over to the next location instead of just fast traveling.

EDIT - Also got the King of the Buzzard World challenge for the first time.


Ah yes - the joys of Save/Quit - in particular I’ve mastered the art of powering through Clan Wars with this. It’s almost worthy of Things…Ridiculously Late, but I can’t believe how long it took me to figure out that I can just S/Q after a mission has finished rather than trudge back to the FT.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #9848

Yeah, it’s only that it’s a farming method that made it dawn on me, to be honest. All the time we wasted wandering back!


Nice video, You guys made it look easy :smile: