What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

I should issue those same thanks, because his guide taught me how to minimize my respawns. @Adabiviak, thanks for helping me understand the misunderstood gears of our adopted homeworld. You have truly earned the title of Maligned Gear Maestro. :smile:


Stay tuned for Hattie’s next entry…in May :stuck_out_tongue:

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June!! If it’s May things will be dire as I submit May 31st :rofl:


Maya have no skills in Raiding

Son of Crawmerax Edition

Master Gee Edition

Tried Voracidous but with no luck so far, best I could is got him to half health. If only I can get just at least a Fleet so I can get some distance of him I can kill it.

Fed up, I spec some skills and kill him, I think I do him 5-6 times consecutively (yehey I can consistently do it). and this is one of the kills.


A while ago, @akdere1 made a build like that with a ravager. The best you could get was 3 shots, but it hit even harder than a Jacobs.

It was dubbed “Umpire Sal” (because you were out after 3 strikes :wink: )

I think you might be able to find it in the forum still.
I helped a bit refining the specific gear and skill choices, but I don’t remember much.


I remember seeing that build when I started my first excursion in Gunzerking goodness. @Jefe ported it here. @kawashiultimate, the Sheriff has spoken and enlightened us :grin:, link following.

[Build] Umpire Sal

I think we have found your starting point. Thank you, @DeputyChuck. :+1: :pray:


Someone ask me to kill voracidous with fastballs at level 72. Well here how it goes

Trap him then unloaded most of my fastball until he is just above 25%. Then i let the chief transfer the shield to vora so that i can regenerate some grenades then once the chief take it back, trespass him and unload my remaining fastballs to vora until i got to ffyl. Since the minions are too far away to get a second wind i just finished vora with norfleet shots.



Decided to take my TVHM Psycho Naut for a spin. He was sitting at level 45, waiting to do the Bunker run. I wasn’t wild about that since the mission was listed as level 46 and most of my gear is a lot lower (40-44). Tried anyway, but failed repeatedly due to a lack of a decent shield (level 41 against a level 47 Constructor - not a good match!)

Decided to just level up a bit more in the hopes that some of the gear I had in the vault might help. Ran Clan Wars, managing to get my first invincible Tector along the way, and finally dinged 46. I did have a few things at that level: a pandemic, quasar, and Shreddifier. Still no shield, so I’ll probably blow some keys on the Golden Chest next time.

No health, no shield, and yet he’s alive?!


Build checks out :laughing:


Third eridium pumping station in the Badlands, and surprise!!! two Hyperion Predators,both with corrosive launchers running at me.
First one took me down, I was able to 2nd wind off him, then phase locked the second and pimp’ed him.
Did get my blood pumping a little faster…


Oh snap, I remember Umpire Sal. I had viewed that build looking for a guideline to use for my other Zerker. I will keep that in mind.

So the newly Hellborn Krieg… man, when they said Loaders would be a problem for him, that was not a joke. So many visits to the New-U Station trying to manage things. Didn’t want to dump more Golden Keys than I did (5, which yielded only a Maliwan Launcher, Incendiary SMG, and a Bandit Blasster).
Eventually he did get past the Bunker but it was a slog. Walked him over to Control Core Angel and I might leave him there for a while.

Mainly I have a heck of a time staying alit. LOL


Loaders giving you problems, get a Gub. It’s what I used to bust the BNK3R. Elemental Elation makes it absolutely fiendish. As for staying on fire, play with those points in the tier 1 skills and Flame Flare. You can add more into Flame Flare until it becomes problematic. Are you using Toast or Torch coms? I started TVHM with a Magic Missile and an Infection, the nade set me on fire (Delusional Damage for the win) pretty regularly and the Infection was good for Elemental Empathy Heals (but became less effective for actual kills in UVHM).


I have a Legendary Psycho, that came from the WEP (not sure if from a Loot Midget or a Hyperion Chest, it seems so long ago).

Haven’t been able to find either Toast or Torch Class Mods ample enough.


At level 60 I’m using a leg Psycho and having pretty decent results. I can snap a pic of my build when I get home later if you think that might be helpful. Re: staying aflame and gear, I prioritize elemental effect chance for my Maliwan gear. As long as you’re putting out dots you have a good chance of self igniting, and Flame Flare will extend that time. 5/5 can be suicidal without enough enemies to keep Elemental Empathy going, but it will keep you burning longer. I usually rely on stacking dots for that. And a Flame of the Firehawk is helpful too, although a Rough Rider is helpful for staying alive while on fire.

The Legendary Psycho enables javilineer gameplay. That might be something to consider carrying the gear for in your backpack.


Well didn’t get to Op3, farmed the bunker instead. 8 hrs later… finally got all the heads from him! And krieg got his baseball cap booyah!


This is a snapshot of my build at level 60. Currently rocking a Legendary Psycho com, FotF, Maliwan/Torgue quasi-allegiance (so everything Maliwan except for: relic, com, and Torgue shotguns, assault rifles, nades, and a Harold). I’m using a Magic Missile for slag/self ignition and then going to town. I started TVHM with all of the Hellborn points and a Blue Razed toast w/o Pain is Power (I think Elemental Elation and Fire Fiend?) and then built toward Bloodsplosion (specced that point at 59) with single points in Mania tier 1 for the com. I’m sure it’s far from perfect, but this has been working pretty well for me so far. Maybe there’s something I’ve got going on there that could help you.


Here is the clip.

Fastball Axton vs Voracidous L72


White gear Sal is about ready for WEP now. Finally found some better white gear and just wrapped up a few side missions to get a little closer to the WEP mission level. It’s been a lot less work with the better gear, and that I’ve become accustomed to the limitations.

Rescuing Roland from the Gulag was not much fun. The constructor would not lower his face shield long enough for me to do any real damage, so I had to resort to the run behind him and unload everything I’ve got. Died on the first attempt but killed him on the second one, then Sal took a knee and Roland killed the exploder I trying to get a second wind from. I hate it when they do that. Brick has done that to me before.

I forgot to mention in previous posts a strange event that happened during the meet and great when Sal first got to Sanctuary, in the Rock Paper session with Marcus. When I shot the Vandal with the fire weapon, he popped off of the target board and died on the floor. I’ve never seen anyone come off the board before. Tried to get a screenshot but flubbed it. Always something new in this game.


Decided to take my chances with the level 46 stuff I’d levelled into with my TVHM psycho, and took the run up to the Bunker. Found a random blue Tediore shield in Sanctuary that was better than what I had, so I skipped the Golden Chest.

I actually blitzed through the bots on the way and the first constructor with just the homing Quasar and the Shredifier, despite still being a bit under-levelled. Unfortunately, the loaders and troops that spawn in when you hit that area and then take the Constructor out got me.

After that, a quick jaunt up the hill to the second constructor; switched out to the homing Pandemic and had a couple of close calls, but managed to take that one out before going down to a DoT again. After getting back, the chests coughed up a green rarity spike shield which was again an improvement, and a couple of purple corrosive Maliwan SMGs.

The Pandemic, SMG, and Shreddifier did for the turrets, bots, and Bunker, who dropped me TWO purple corrosive launchers (one Maliwan, one Tediore). On to the Control Core, and that was a cake walk in comparison. Pandemic + Bloodsplosion is a very interesting combination - I was able to target a single loader, then watch the circle of death spread around to the other side of the room. Levelled up to 47 as I completed the fight, and grabbed a corrosive e-tech sniper from Marcus’ strong room, so I should be good for the next little bit.

One odd thing though: I know the stats on the COMs are basically down to RNG, but this was unexpected:

So the level 42 COM has twice the health regen of the level 46 one, with the same shield recharge delay? That is weird…


Hey, I’m Krieging it up today too. :smile:

NightOnKriegMT went to settle some unfinished business with a Constructor and a Thresher with an eating disorder. The constructor was a problem until it derped out. It just sat there and let us take shots at its unprotected eye until it popped. The Gluttonous Flogger took its lumps like a man while I got a second and third wind off of some loaders. The Beacon. That went well until the constructor spawned. After 4 respawns I activated the Holy Spirits transition and used TheFunCannon’s repair/save/quit/repeat trick, that I only know about from @nat_zero_six and the low level NVHM challenge, to get a fast travel. Did the Sanctuary sides that pop up, decided that I would try TTAoDK after upgrading my Harold, and maybe my Kerblaster. Dinged 62 without getting a Harold, but 2 shock Fastballs. Will hit the fields again before I go to the Unassuming Docks.

Edited to give credit where it’s due. A previous version of this post credited the trick to @nat_zero_six. The trick was learned from TheFunCannon speed run videos. Apologies sir.