What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

The only time I’ve ever done that is at the beginning of the final mission, I love his rant about Jack and stairs and his only weakness(es).

“Your brilliance is matched only by your malevolence!” :joy::joy::joy:


Still playing newly op10 Deputy Sal. Finished up upgrading his gear. Finally got a couple clumsy kills in on Hyperius for a couple Evolutions. Neither with great stats but not terrible either. I’m really liking the Evo better than the RR in most situations as it seems to give me better survivability. Farmed an OP10 slag Lady Fist. Ended up with Core prefix, bandit grip which is great for my needs.

Tested my new LadyFist/ROM combo farming the Handsome Sorcerer for a bit. Really hoping for a Conference Call. Got a handful of his standard legendary drops other than the Conference Call…oh well, I’ll come back later. The HS fight is a bit tougher at OP10 but after a couple runs I got into the rhythm of it and I was able to reliably kill him in about 30 seconds repeatedly. Also picked up 2x Magic Missle during the farm.

Lastly farmed a new Harold from the Torgue Machines. Went with my tried and true Intense w/ matching grip. Sure I would have taken a DPUH had it showed itself but I was going to take the first matching grip that came. I only use it while waiting for my Zerk to come back.

I then started the new DLC. Have gotten as far the Scooter mission that allows you to farm the Loot Midget. It’s gone surprisingly well so far. Only one New-U fee at the very beginning of the DLC. So far have only gotten one of the new effervescent weapons but I’m still pretty early in the story. During my cool down time I’ve been using the Harold/MM combo. The Magic Missiles are actually quite good for grog healing as well as slagging. May have to go after the 4x variant.

After I finish this DLC with Sal I may try to get another one of my Vault Hunters to op10 as this has gone much better than expected.


Sally Siren Xbox
Farming for “new” OP5 gear now that she’s level 80.
Going pretty well. 2nd run on Hunter got me a bee, as I mentioned yesterday.
Then Gettle. Took about 15 runs, but got the Corrosive Lyuda I needed.
As I was experimenting with something else on Uranus (he is a great test dummy) I was able to pick up a Leg Siren from him.
Off to the Bunker and 7 runs for an OP B-tch. BTW, with the 2.5 mil from he new Bee and 1.2 mil from the Lyuda the Bunker is dead in 1/3 of a mag if he holds still so you can hit his sensor pack crit spot. Even if he’s doing the sashaying back and forth thing is just one mag. Also helped refill the eridium I used experimenting on Hadrax.
What else? I think I’m going to go pick up a Hellfire, not needed for the Peak but I love having one.
Edit - Hellfire obtained.


Got this from Hader

Then Flakked Uranus.
Holy nutcracker. Never have I ever seen a Flakker do so much so fast.


maybe haderax have some dedicated drops. I got lots of flakkers, hellfire, pitchfork, skullmasher,


We have a new source ladies and gentlemen.



i feel he has a designated Shotgun, SMG (including plasma casters), Launcher, Sniper, Class Mod, grenade, Relic (Hard Carry) Shield (easy mode), AR (peak opener) drops.



I think you’re onto it here. This may explain why Uranus seldom drops shields or relics. His loot pool may be a copy/paste of Hade’s, but since the rainbow shield and relic are unique to Hade, when they “roll” nothing drops in their place.

Come to think of it, I don’t often see legendary ARs, shields or relics drop from Hade, so when they roll they almost always come out as rainbows.

He did drop a Deadly Bloom once, which threw me off. I usually pass over purples, saw Deadly Bloom and had to double back to have another look because I didn’t think it was possible. Based on that, presumably Uranus should be able to drop it too, since they seem to share a loot pool bar rainbows. I wonder if they’re possible sources for a Cracked Sash too?


i had also a few bunnies on him (which is a tubby drop), so it is possible.

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Started the Lilith DLC on TVHM with a level 50 sniper Zer0, skipped farming and simply went with the loot I found on the way. Which on this DLC is enough, considering the number of drops…
For the record Chatterb0x went from level 50 to level 52, clearing the main story and most of the sidequests (Soloing Raid Bosses is for better players…), so starting UVHM with level 50 gear should not be too bad.

The Bandit Technicals now try to chase you everywhere including places where one would think that a mission can be accepted quietly and peacefully…
The award for most aggressive driver goes to:

First and only Chubby I met in the whole playthrough:

So, time to start UVHM.


Spent a level trying to get a Fire and a Corrosive Fastball. Game gave me 2 Explosive and a Shock. Decided to move on, as I was afraid I’d spend so much time trying to get them that my weapons would end up under-leveled. Spent the rest of the night doing most of the quests in Lynchwood. All I have left is getting Slag Tongues for Dukino, and then clearing out the cave he moves to. After that, it’s off to Opportunity.


I picked up an OP3 Flakker from Uranus 2 days ago, from his world-drop pool. I assume Ur and Hade both have WD plus a few dedicated items (like the Electric Chair).
And I’ve never been much of one for the Flakker, but this time I used it as my Second Wind weapon in the Peak and it was very effective.


I got another one


I’ve seen lots of Skullmashers too. And lots of Volcanoes and Invaders, a couple of Lyudas too. And a couple of Molokos that I’ve been wanting forever for my Vladof-Hoarder Sal. :smiley:

Those chests are kinda like an amped-up version of the loot train with their designated types of gear to be found. (And Hader is actually a quicker farm than the snowman with the proper cheese setup heh.)


I’ve picked up one Skullmasher from Uranus so far. Again, except fo a few special weapons Hader and Uranus seem to share the same huge world-drop pool.
Though Uranus has the subsequent issue of dropping gear below your level, which can be annoying. I get a feel for that when I drop down into the corridor (down the elevator shaft) and open the red chest there, that seems to indicate the level of weapons you’ll be getting in a minute or two.
Uranus vs. 2.5 amp damage Bee and 1.5 damage Lyuda? Very quick carnage!


I dropped my 67 Gaige down to Normal mode to start farming for head/skins, and haven’t had any luck yet.

I decided to do some more work in the new DLC, and got my 73 Maya to clean up the rest of the side missions up until Shooting The Moon. I knew I was done for the night when I kept falling off bridges for no apparent reason. So far, I am enjoying the new content except that I never knew the outcome of the Tales of the Borderlands game, so I’ve had a couple WTF moments b/c of it.


I didn’t know it either, so I searched out a few sites that had rather complete summaries of what happened in Tales and that helped. I’d strongly recommend that you do so before BL3 comes out since we’ve already seen Tales elements in the bits of BL3 we’ve already seen.
I’d post links, but I didn’t keep track of 'em, but a search on “Tales from the borderlands plot summaries” is what got me the info.


if you are into episodic point and click adventures, I suggest you should try the tales, there is more to it than the summary itself, there are a lot of decisions and choices that affect your gameplay.

I am Team Fiona btw. Anybody for Sasha?


Not really an item find since it’s a mission reward, but I decided to finally get this thing -


Reverend Pain finished the new dlc but left a few open missions until he hits the new level cap or OP10. He’s about to storm Bunker Hill in his OP8 (now level 75) reset. Should finish off the main story in a day or two but have already noticed that the former OP8 RR is getting dinged a lot harder nw than before- the Sir Hammerlock dlc will be one of his first stops at endgame…