What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

I vaguely remember the snowman, but had forgotten. I never thought about the fire towers for this mission though. Maybe I’ll try it next time I run through there.


You can also use the firemelons.


Ran Caustic and got Vermi to spawn at the very end up top, which is the second time it’s happened there and it’s probably the worst spot. Not much cover other than where I am and he can still hit you easily

Then we hit up the DLC and we were talking about how the bandit spawns are similar to the ones in Sawtooth and sure enough, 10 minutes later we spotted an LLM Rat. So the rare midgets definitely can spawn in the DLC


i remember my first play through, as Axton, and the Gluttonous Thresher was the first opponent I felt completely unprepared for, I stalled there for a bit while I did my first serious search for a better rapid fire weapon. Already stressed by my home base being gone (what video game dies that? I thought to myself) it was a dark time…


It was the badass pyre thresher that got me XP Vermi, though, I have never seen


Sally OP6 Xbox
Three more Peak runs, died to Mom each time.
I keep doing this because I did kill her once, so I know it’s possible for me. Just keep trying.

In between I went back to the Burrows to do some side quests, and did pick up an OP6 Toothpick from a sand worm, haven’t been back there since the first runthrough so hadn’t farmed 'em.
Did try Hadrex once also. Took a 1/3rd of its health away, then missed DOT’ing it one one pass and health regened. Quit out…

Edit- Another OP6 Peak run. Killed Dukes Mom, though she did put me in FFYL when she had a sliver left, killed her for the revive. Boneheads, Docs all good. Assassins were fine except for a Ultimate badass that spawned to surprise me, but OK.
Then I hit that area where the constructor spawns, I could not kill it on my first pass, he got healed, I got dotted, dead. Ah well, at least I killed Dukes Mom again.
BTW, I’m relying quite a bit on the OP6 Hornet I picked up the other day, it really does an excellent job on enemies in the Peak, and the burst speed increase with an enemy phase locked is pretty dandy.


This. Everytime. Just pop the three as you round the corner on the way to the dev chest within 2 or 3 seconds and it will wake up that Maliwan Black Label drinking layabout guaranteed.

Awesome. This is welcome news! Bout time they showed up in a DLC eh @gearbox33?

This is what separates the people here from the casuals I think. Most people don’t make it past this point in one of the 3 play modes, usually in TVHM according to my inquiries.

On Topic:
After spending a few minutes laughing at all of the ridiculous hilarity on another thread my wife and I grinded through the last of NVHM with level 20-25 gear at level 27 and 28 with my N1nJ4Z3r0 and her Whatever-IDK Siren. I Executed the Warrior with a Killing Blow which was oh so satisfying. Then we jumped into the TTAoDK in TVHM about six levels under and got slapped around until we cleared the Forest. It was a bit brutal, but I used it to convince her that we need to get the rest of the game and climb the Peak. She agreed so it was a win.


Easy way to tell the difference. Jacobs stats, 1.8 Reload, 3 mag; Tediore stats, 1.9 Reload, 2 mag.


I’ve been looking for a corrosive peak weapon. I should probably go farm Knuckle dragger for an OP5. I’ve used Hornets on many occasions and like them for the high fire rate and splash damage. I’ve been relying on an OP3 Shredifier I picked up from a peak gun case to take some of the ammo load off of the Lyudmila and Harold. Works great on the trash mobs. With Maya, ammo management has been necessary for me at times on the peak.


Played the new DLC with OP10 Axton. Sheesh…it ain’t no walk in the park that’s for sure. New Enemies are tanky and hit hard. Of course this is the 4th time I’ve played it and the third at OP10. Not too bad until you have to fight the new Pandorans. Those molokos and beefy shields are tough. After completing the story did a couple successful runs at Haderax. Used the same strat as with Zer0. Not too bad.

Next I took Spy Zer0 out for a bit. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite ways to play the game. Threw on the Leg Sniper COM and did a couple rounds with Bunker. Got a nice maching grip Doc’s Coach gun. Works great with the spy build.


When you see Constructors on DigiPeak, Phaselock something nearby (in that area grab a surveyor) and hammer it with a heavy weapon like a CC, Sandhawk, Pimp etc. Wreck + Chain Reaction makes short work of them. I like seeing Constructors as Maya, means it’ll be an easy spawn lol. Same goes for BAR TNKs.


Can I just say that seeing Cassius’ plant bits still pulsing after he dies is just downright freaky?

The enemies in Mt Scarab were mocking me today. Had two Infection Cleaner drops but both were only OP8. Any other rainbows (including from Cassius himself) were vehicle skins. Went over to Oasis and did find a Rustler’s Orphan Maker but it had all Jakobs parts (including stock).

I discovered that if I press the right thumbstick while looking at the quest reward, it does the inspect thing so I can get a close look at the parts without accepting the gun

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Moved something like 120 hay bales out of the field. Tried to take a screenshot, but I couldn’t find the F12 key on the tractor. IRL is weird.

My mechromancer is 4 levels under the story mission, so I figured I should do some side quests to get closer so I’m not having such a hard time. And maybe pick up something decently corrosive before WEP. I’ve got a couple side quests unfinished still.

Forced some bandits to put on winter hats. On the way over, I noticed an area in Three Horns - Divide right behind the Catch-a-Ride I couldn’t remember ever exploring. Explored it. 1/10, would not explore again. (Until I forget 5 years from now.)

Tried to help Tina host a tea party. Went to grab the guest of honor, but Deathtrap thought he was just another bully and …

Oops. Left Deathtrap behind and had better luck. Some people tried to crash the party, but my Bitch took care of them.

The Teapot I picked up worked pretty well on the auto turrets after I robbed a certain train. Hopefully it’ll do good against all the Hyperion stuff in WEP.

Delivered some arms for Marcus. Tried finding Tannis’ ECHOs but it turns out driving a runner is quite difficult when one hand is busy petting the cat. After a Netflix break, I came back to finish the mission. Very rudely murdered some guys to get some medicine for Overlook then tested the shield on my way to the last Tannis ECHO.

The level 41 Hyperion dudes were a good test for WEP. Teapot for loaders, Logan’s Gun for fleshies, and Peak Opener for badasses (and rabid stalkers).

Solved a murder, murdered a Slappy, and found some more ECHO logs for Tannis in Sanctuary (an “impossible” mission, given how it was 6 levels higher than me :shushing_face:).

Made it to 41. Wanted to get to 42, but I need to be out in like 4 hours to move another hundred or so bales, so I should probably get a little sleep first.

Side note 1 -- I think I'm a noob casual.

I’d really like an “easy mode” version of Anarchy. Maybe 15 stacks max, with Preshrunk Cyberpunk increasing the max by 5 per level. Then set the buff to +10% damage per level (base is +1.75% damage per level, maxing at +700% with 400 stacks of Anarchy; this would max at only +400% with 40 stacks of Anarchy, but make restarting the game or dying far less punishing) and -17.5% accuracy per level (base is -1.75% per level, maxing at -700% with 400 stacks; this would also max at -700% accuracy, but with 40 stacks). Make it so the two Anarchy skills are mutually exclusive (you can spec into one or the other, but not both) and you could just pick whichever playstyle suits you better.

Side note 2 -- Trains don't stop bullets.

Turns out you can shoot through the Tundra Express train while it’s moving. I was aiming at a Goliath when the train came through. I fired anyways and heard the ding of his helmet coming off. Needs further testing to make sure I didn’t fire first and just think the bullet went through the train.

Side note 3 -- Deathtrap's melee attack for assassin side objective.

Deathtrap counts as a “melee attack” for purposes of killing Assassin Reeth during Assassinate the Assassins.

Side note 4 -- The mechromancer's melee is a hammer.

Now I’m going to have to run through all the other characters and see what weird melee attacks they have.


In case you didn’t already know, Savage Lee can spawn there as well as in the Marrowfields (where you find Reese). If you hit the Fast Travel and see red dots back there it means he aggroed the bullymongs and you can kill him for bonus chance at an Unkempt Harold and some extra xp.


I love that place - first place I go when I get a new combat mechanic on deck that I want to try. Also, it’s weird to me that there are places like this to players. I’m used to crawling over every inch of maps whenever I visit. I even check out the penalty boxes of the various slaughterhouses when I play solo.

…but they can kill enemies (where they can’t in Lynchwood, for example). It’s fairly easy to kite a couple nomads onto the tracks and keep them there until the train comes. My record is three with one train (one of whom had a midget on his shield that shot into the sky when the train smushed him). :laughing:

…should upload those videos someday. :thinking:


I’ve heard it’s possible to kill Vermi by luring him onto the tracks. Though I bet cleaning off the train’s windshields is a chore afterward

Don’t remind me of the train in Lynchwood XP That thing has the most broken hitbox ever, and I doubt it’s gotten any better


A near-daily cause of going into FFYL for me.


Decided to start a new Gaige at 30. I wasted about 10 or so golden keys to get some decent gear to fight off the Warrior. I can’t remember the last time I fought him without a Bee Shield.

I went back to Sanctuary in normal mode, and got the secret stash open, and spent the rest of the time moving the new DLC guns/gear over for her to use when she reaches 38. I figured with all the new shock gear, it should make playing Gaigie interesting.


Yes it is. Back in the days of the good old 4P glitch I once had a triple Vermi. I was scared out of my mind. Then one despawned and one got hit by a train. I was more sad than I was scared just moments before.

Shortly after they patched the 4P glitch and I haven’t seen him since.


Got a Pandemic from a random loot goon in Thousand Cuts.

It’s a very funny grenade, very useful at the moment (Loaders everywhere, about to hit up Opportunity), but it’s also nearly killed me three times. That radius is something to watch out for :smile: