What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

Taking down the red Dragon with Krieg and the swordsplosion. Right before the Handsome Sorcerer.

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Between playing BL3 and 1 I stopped in to BL2 to do some couch non-coop (i.e., being on the couch downstairs interacting with my wife instead of being holed up in my office upstairs :slight_smile: ).
Hadn’t played Yesxca the Siren since the remaster, she was old style OP2, so brought her up to start climbing to lvl 80.
Went back into Hammerlocks to take out Jackenstein. On the way made a wrong turn and ran into Rouge without being at all prepared, and got killed. Arg.

But on the Jacken. The fight went fine, she was using a lvl 72 corrosive Lyuda as the weapon against Jacken, and a Hornet for the loaders.
Went into FFYL 3 times during shock ball attacks (she was wearing a Bee), but each time there was a friendly loader stating by to sacrifice a 2nd wind.
And Lyuda fire to the generators made short work of them. His chest spot took a little longer, but all good.
I also realized this was the 1st time I had killed Jackenstein in UVHM, don’t go into Hammerlock often.

Oh, and on the way had this little guy decide to take his dirt nap in the air instead of the dirt, this is on what I call the Derp Bridge.
Oh, and yes I know I have a legendary Cat on when I’ve got a Butcher in my hands. And no I don’t know why I was doing that, changed soon after.



Finally found the time to continue the travails of Chatterb0x, my sniper Zer0. After killing Wilhelm he did not install the new power core, but took on “The Good, the Bad and the Mordecai” instead, with some “Too close for missiles” on the side.
While the Buzzard Camp went pretty well, Friendship Gulag turned out to be a drag without proper corrosive weapons. Let’s say, I’m glad it’s not a 1-life toon. Dinged level 59 along the way.
Gettle and Mobley were easier after that, nur they turned out to be 2 terrible misers. It took an uncounted number of farming runs to finally get a Lyuda…
Farming Gettle is something that simply has to be combined with Tubby hunting. Well, uhm, only two Tubbies found at all and both left me: a Bunny. Glory hallelujah :confused:

Took the time to create a new Zer0, melee this time, and played til Sanctuary. As of now he’s using an Evisceration Phobia (fire) which is quite adequate for shoot-and-stab tactics.


Finally completed Lilith’s DLC. Going to finish it up with a friend as well, but then for a little bit it’s adieu to this fair title. Said friend and I also have a TPS run to get through, but my solo play is going to be BL3 for the forseeable future.

Listen, I’ve had the game since launched and only started playing it today. That’s incredible willpower :stuck_out_tongue:

Just as a fond note to how much I’ve enjoyed getting back into BL2, I started my current stretch at 395 hours played. I’m now up to 541 hours - that’s a big increase in % alone, nevermind the time grown-up me doesn’t have for videogames. I always felt I could do a bit more in BL2, and my hybrid melee Zer0 success in TVHM really hit that spot for me. I’ll be back for another go at UVHM, perhaps. If Mayhem lets me!


Dropped in to my son’s game to help him complete Commander Lilith, from finding the Moonshot Cannon through to the end of main story. That was fun - much easier with 2 players!


Continued the adventures of Montr0se the melee Zer0.
After reaching Sanctuary in the last session he took some time to do sidequests before going to Frostburn Canyon. I have to say, the shoot-and-stab playstyle really is fun with 5 points in Killing Blow and a bladed pistol.

Missions were:
The Name Game: ooh, Bullymongs stab
No Vacancy: Nomads and Bandits stabstab
Medical Mystery: Hello Doc! stab
X-Communicate: 25 Bandits, no stabbing at all, darned mission weapon!
Assassinate the assassins: got careless at Assassin Oney and a respawn ensued. Maybe I will learn a little more patience sometime :confused:
Picked up a Ninja COM along the way and went to fight the last two assassins. Much stabbing to be had.

With some time left I started Frostburn Canyon, just to be sidetracked by teething kiddo… End of session. Well, another time, Lilith

P.S.: this is just NVHM, I expect more trouble later with the up close and personal style.


what do you mean a couple

thats the spot i use to kill him

nice the skullmashers i get fall through the map

Polina 1Life TVHM Mac App Store version
Woke Polina up after a number of weeks sleep to do Stuff.
She’s at lvl 41, time for the W.E.P., but not gonna go there until she’s at least on-level at 42.
So, sides. Back to the Fridge for those two.
Jeez, my sniper critting was way off for the first 5 minutes, got back into it.
Shorty was easy, using a shock Lyuda to get the optional. Phase locking him woke the other Stalkers up, and a rabid appeared, but far away so plenty of time to kill it and get the XP.
Then flowers and pizza for Lanie. Got all the flowers and all the pizza slices without aggro’ing a single crystalisk, which is awesome, not a big fan of fighting crystalisks when 1Lifing.
Took her out, no Gub. Half-way to lvl 42, I know I’m going to be dumb and dash into the W.E.P. underleveled…


Dude, in TVHM, I’d rather go down and fight all the crystalisks in Icemaw Grotto than the cloaking swarms in Stalker Hallow, and the stupid rakks and rats. I get killed everytime I venture down that nutsack speckled deathtrap, but only on the TVHM runs of newer characters. I think its cause I’ve always been cognizant of how to crit (or not), but disregard shock right after the Warden (unless I’m a Mecro).

OT: Finally got a CHOPPER to drop despite having killed Dexi at least a dozen times (Wiki says 33% drop rate?). Its NonElemental but is ridiculous and fun. Funny thing was is I wasn’t even farming Dexi really. I was just using the UBA Savages and Witch Doctors from his summoning lever to farm OOO spawns for a better Twister. Guess I’m gonna farm for a :fire: version to round out my Brigando Axton (Brigand+Commando) Bandit Allegiance build. There is actually a nice loop one can put together that farms for the Rough Rider, Twister, and CHOPPER in about a 25 min run and you’d have to go out of your way to refuse farming them all if you are going for either of the latter two. It’s a novel farming run for me and I’m getting fast at killing that Daddy-Long-Leg-Look-Alike Bastard.

Also hitting the Seraph vendor and I gotta say I forgot about how fun the Lead Storm was.


I agree with that. I have no reason to enter Stalker Hollow ever again, nasty place with no redeeming qualities.

My issue with crystalisks is their bomb attacks, so I try to not aggro them to prevent getting splatted.


The thing I learned about Icemaw Grotto is that trying to get distance between you and the crystalisks is a very effective way of spawning more crystalisks. That and, when you’re out side the tunnel system, there’s all those damned rakk as well!


Arg, these guys. The flight of Rakk that emerge when you’ve taken out the first batch of rats is the worst, since the lead one will usually super-hit you, destroy your shield and take your health down to 1/3rd. Completely unreasonable since rakk attacks rarely do that elsewhere.
When I start int he Fridge I stay close to the overhang on the right to duck under as soon as I see the 4 red dots of the rakk spawn.


My Jakobs weapon allegiance Zer0 spent about 1.5 hours in the WEP. Stalled hard on Bloodwing. Didn’t even get past the fire stage.


Zenniel Siren Xbox TVHM 1Life

Because I’ve gone through the campaigns in BL3 and got kinda, well, bored with the idea of replaying it, or doing the mayhem stuff simply to grind gear, back to BL2.

Zenniel finished up NVHM painlessly. Jack/Warrior fight was the only issue, downed once during the Jack section, got back up quickly on a rakk and all good. Once again, the lvl 29 Hive I have is excellent for taking out the jack doubles at the beginning, two Hive shots and the doubles go away. Unfortunately that’s how I downed her, got too close to the Hive projectile, picked up corrosive DOT and fell.
But all good. Entered TVHM and went on to Liarsberg, now on we go.


Chasing away the crickets…

I banged my head against the Wildlife Exploitation preserve and Bloodwing again. I’ll have to try a different strategy next time.


Jakob’s Zer0 is one of my favorite ways to play the game. If you have the Clan Wars mission available I would suggest running it and siding with the Hodunks during the final fight. After completion you can farm Mick Zafford for a Maggie. I’ve found the Maggie very effective for the Bloodwing fight.

The Clan Wars also gives you a mission that rewards the Triquetra. I always dashboard farm(on PS4) it for at least a matching grip. It’s one of my favorite Jakobs shotguns in the game.


Got BL2/TPS collection on Steam sale for dirt cheap price, and decided to start a new Zer0 just because.

Since I actually linked Steam to SHIFT this time, much to my surprise I got all my BL2 VIP rewards for my brand new character (was collecting them on XBOX before), which means he got Lvl0 Norfleet, Harold, Hellfire, Ogre, Fastball, Bee, and CC to play with from the very start. Now that’s an easy mode.

And I still managed to die at some point during Symbiosis mission, since my Lvl6 Zero had no health regen AT ALL, and I stopped paying attention to mobs. :slight_smile:


Remal Siren NVHM 1Life
Forgot to mention her. Since I’m taking a little break from BL3 until the new DLC drops or they raise the level cap (I am not a fan of slaughter circles ) started new BL1 and BL2 1lifers.

She’s done all the regular stuff from the start on, just made it to the Arid Badlands without death, and with one (1) FFYL along the way, at the Bunker trying to clear it too fast. Easy to get back up there since there are so many loaders.
Did kill Bunker with one mag from her corrosive Lyuda, it dipped down just right to get the whole mag in the crit sensor pack, dead.
Should be to TVHM this evening, unless I play more BL1 than 2…