What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

You can strip shields with it? I don’t know how. I just meant to do a melee build…which I’ve been contemplating quite a bit lately.

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It’s a joke, and a stale one at that.


D’oh! I missed that one…should have figured that out from the :wink:

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Good idea. :wink:
And welcome to the club.!

I started with a Love Thumper (Inflammable). Work great and “soften” the steep learning curve as you don’t have to deal with shield stripping. (Much) Or turn BAR off with it.
Recently farmed a Hide. It really is the best. Also provide a good shield for in between compared with the LT with which you’re stuck with no shield at all most of the time.

I almost never use them anymore. Reserved for the toughest foe. Even then. I prefer missing a one shot kill than killing myself.


Yes, I’ve been contemplating this farm…it’s just not one that I’m very good at. May have to call in the cavalry!


I assume you’ve found this already, but just in case it slipped past you…

If you are going to learn, you should learn from the best. :grin:


About “My first melee shield”. The very first one was a Punchee. A decent upgrade over a regular purple maylay.


I have indeed, but I need to watch it again. He makes it look so easy…much respect.

Believe it or not, I’ve not had great luck even with the PimpDurp, but I’ll give it another shot. I recently upgraded my Duurp and have been itchin’ to try it out.

Ahh!!! This is why I love this forum…I will definitely check this out as an option.
edit: I see the Punchee offers grounded option with the Maliwan capacitor but it’s not listed as grounded. This should keep me from zapping myself with my grenades no? Will the shield still break? If so, I need to learn how to identify the maliwan capacitor.


He really does. His videos make me think “it is beautiful, I could do that”. Then I sober up, do a little research, and think “drunk me is way overconfident.”


The capacitor is the part at the top. If it’s Maliwan, it will be missing AND the shield will indicate Grounded, etc.

Grounded protects you from DoTs, not the initial strike, so is handy if you have an overly aggressive grenade. Grenades have several hidden stats, one of which is damage over time. If you get one with low DoT (and there’s no way to know this), then it won’t be a big deal. A high DoT grenade will eat your health if you don’t have your Rubi up.

Edit - @zer0blivion, I forgot to mention that Grounded shields can be hard to strip if they have high capacity (from a Pangolin or Anshin part). If you find one you may have to play around A LOT with different level grenades, shock Bone, maybe even BAR.

An excellent place to practice MMF is Pete’s Bar with the Love Thumper. At 72 you can ignore kunai and slag for the most part and just concentrate on Backstabs. You can slowly add slag Betties and kunai on the big guys.


When you guys are ready, we will do some Ninja Time Trials @ OP0.
Welcome to the PS4 Ninja Club!


It’ll be a little bit for me, but sounds great!


ehh… yeah, sure! :fearful:

Oh right. That OP0 thing! Once again spaced out on it. Not that it matter much for blades (They are lvl 72 anyways.)but dumb me still playing at OP1. Some farming ahead


Just looked and the Chain Lightning is 72 too. So a new Hide and some trinkets.

Back on topic…
Change of pace. I saw a vid not long ago with a Siren Beehawking the Peak (OP8). Never really used the Bee outside specific fights. Bit scared to run around with that flimsy shield. Figured I’ll need to get accustom to it and this was the best way.
Fired up Mia and headed for Tannis playground. OP4 Unlocked.
oh and that lvl 72 Slag Pitchfork combined with cloud Kill and a Corrosive BoA still hit like a train


I actually really like using the Bee. It’s a great way to learn to play defensively.

Of course there’s the best defence is a good offence thing (meaning : things die so quickly they don’t have a chance to hurt you), but still - it forces you to really focus on avoiding damage.

Being able to get through a quad-Assassin spawn on the Peak with a Bee is a very satisfying thing.


I actually used the Bee on my later peak runs, but not on the assassins. I used it when I could create substantial distance between myself and whatever I was shooting at. A Bee amped Pimp made short work of the Scorches, Boneheads and Black Queens.


Took SaVladof Bandi to Thousand Cuts to play mailman and muse. Initiation was kinda dicey, but we slabs now. Picked up the Opportunity sides from Lilith and Moxxi, but stopped before heading to Opportunity. Maybe next time.


I became a better defensive player using a bee.

I am in for a Ninja Quad run.


Trolling me Jefe?! that made me watch the vid. and crack the f up, you sumbitch! :rofl::crazy_face:

Maybe I’m misunderstanding this statement. But DoT is displayed in the body of the item card for the nades that have DoT. which would only be electric, incendiary and corrosive. Slag and explosive don’t offer DoT. But you know this so I think I’m not understanding your statement.

edit: As I ponder on this, something comes to mind. Would it be TimeOfEffect you speak of? meaning, the time the DoT lasts? that stat isn’t displayed, but i never thought of that as a stat that should be displayed. There are different “procs” with the DoT. for example: when you have corrosive DoT you’ll see the little ticks popping off the enemy. when you get the “splash” type of proc your enemy is now coated with corrosion and more and larger DoT start ticking off the enemy.


Whoops - yes. You definitely tripped the BS alarm.

The variables (which are all independently rolled) are :

  • Delivery (lobbed, etc.)
  • Trigger (fuse time)
  • Element type and grade (which is elemental damage)
  • Damage (I believe total “Grenade Damage” on the card is a combination of these two)
  • Blast radius
  • Status damage (DoT, which is clearly indicated on the card :man_facepalming:)

Redacted my post :wink:


then disregard my edit. lmao apparently I was giving you too much credit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: