What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

Call Me Sal went out to deal with Bunker and Angel. I’m embarrassed to say I just learned of the benefit of accepting (but not completing) Rocko’s Modern Strife prior to going to see the Bunker. It was really weird to get to Claptrap without needing to shoot at anything.

The climb up to the Bunker wasn’t great, but not terrible. One death from the turret that I stupidly missed in heat of the battle. Couple LLMs popped up but game me bupkis.

The fight with the Bunker was weird. Aside from the initial mortars, the Bunker kept shooting at air where there were no targets. I’d never seen that before and it made for a really easy fight.

The fight to free Angel went really well, thanks to remembering that shooting the Eridium injectors triggers Get Some.


Oh that’s weak.

So I’ve now sent Velocidad Revolucion on his way to Firehawk Town, but had first opted to deal with the Happy Pig Motel before anything else, taking No Vacancy, tearing up mobs with the Kitten/Spitter combo. On the way to getting the gearbox, TUBBY SKAG.

It only got to charge me once but the Spitter Kitten was having no further shenanigans. The reward? The bloody Bunny.

This game sometimes… >_>

And what makes it worse is that this is the first particular Tubby he’s fought in the entire playthrough (from Normal mode to now).


It is indeed a badass run. I run it with full nurse build with thoughtlock :wink::wink:.

Too bad sun went down in the final wave of round 5 i thought he can get back up so i went the other way.

Will upload the round when i get back to the office.


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KittyZerker has its limitations. I was only running with Kiittens of each flavor with no real FFYL weapons. Had a blast, as usual, with you guys.


Starting tomorrow, 3rd Annual “UNOFFICIAL” Hunt! All are welcome to join.


Unfortunately I did not…but I do have a witness…

Been trying to do Petes Bar at OP8 but having a bad time of it. So…I did this…I lowered my OP level to OP0…cleared the bar twice…raised it up one OP level…rinse…repeat…now I can clear the Bar at OP8…for the most part. I still go down on occasion, but most times I can clear the bar.

Now I’m going to do the Peak in that same manner…


O Topneaa, you mah bes’ friend.

So to explain, last night Velocidad had to grind through the Bloodshot Stronghold/Ramparts, with plenty of FFYLs and deaths to spare. Ugh. He does break Roland from Hyperion’s grip in time before sent to the Friendship Gulag.

This morning, he heads over to the Tundra Express packing a few new Vladof toys after some Tinder farming (a Homing Fire Bee, a Longbow Fire Burst (0.7 fuse time), a purple Anarchist, and THAT CORROSIVE TOPNEAA, all on-level (56) ). Varkids ignited, Buzzard Academy raided for the badonkadonks, yadda yadda yadda, up to Wilhelm.

So the Topneaa is paired up with the Kitten (Anarchist with the Rubi) for End of the Line, and I found out I can hit surveyors flush with it, keeping 5 Shots or 6 sustained and the ORBS OF DEATH FLYING ACROSS THE SCREEN – by the way, also found a neat little Lucky War Dog Class Mod (+5 5 Shots or 6, +4 Out of Bubblegum, +3 Filled to the Brim, +29% Reload Speed, and a THICC +40% Magazine Size). And that combination outright flogged Wilhelm in no time flat. Seriously, Angel had not even reassured me I could beat Wilhelm before the Topneaa rotted him away with seemingly no effort at all.

Topneaa > Everything. <3

Next up, the rising action part of the story. :slight_smile:

Also just bought the last Launcher SDU upgrade, allowing for a total of 40 rockets. Filed into the “IS THAT GOOD?!?!” Department.


Awesome. Last summer I did the Peak from OP0 to OP7 with level 72 Ninja gear. That was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had yet. I’ve yet to complete the OP7=>OP8 run. I think Sun gave up on that one too. Striker did it last spring (and with a Love Thumper iirc).


That’s impressive…just to be clear…I’m doing the exact opposite(playing op0 with op8 gear). Just trying to get this ninja stuff down…I have to say this is the best way to play Zer0. It’s not easy, and I die frequently…but it’s SO REWARDING when you do get it right(between all the failures…LOL)


I did the same with raids. Level 72 with OP8 gear then increase the level every few runs. I capped at OP4-OP6. I haven’t solo’d a raid at OP8 yet.


ahh…ok. I may do the same. I just got a second wind from 72 Reeth via Melee…with op8 gear…not impressive…but F that bastard…damn it feels good to be a gangsta


More Topneaa madness… the travel back to Sanctuary.

Well, before that… I hate Rabid Stalkers even with Salvador because there was one in particular that killed VR twice, even as he was wildly chucking Fire Bees trying to get rid of it. It does sort of prove how flawed of a delivery system Homing is because stalkers (especially Rabids) move way too fast to get a direct throw on from anywhere except long range. And the worst part about it is it took trapping itself in a corner to bathe it in the fire of the otherwise admittedly potent power of the Fire Bees. Once that problem was clear, the rest of the trek back to Sanctuary was high-larious. The Gluttonous Thresher could not withstand simultaneous, constant Anarchist and Fire Bee power, the corrosive Topneaa bathed every loader in sight in acid, and it just tore through Constructors too during the beacon defense. I even got so wild with it that in the process of spamming E-tech rockets, I legit saw the FPS go down in real time.

I also forgot to mention dinging 57 after turning in Rising Action, and I expect to be halfway to 58 upon turning in Bright Lights, Flying City. Effectively, Velocidad is just bumrushing through the main story. Appropriately. =|

Whoa. Another Tubby, this one Stalker. Not an issue taking care of it with the Fire Bees and keeping it slagged, but there is an issue with the Legendary it left behind and it was cleansed with heat:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

To quote the Tourettes Guy: “This is the second time I’ve been [REDACTED] by this game.”


Bandit Slaughter round 1 with Gun Zero, Kitten Sal and Full Nurse Maya with Thoughtlock.


I wanted to get an on-level Hornet for my level 72 Mechromancer, so I went farming Knuckle Dragger… About 90 minutes and quite a lot of kills later I gave up on that, being slightly bored and slowly getting frustrated…

For a little variety I started a new assassin. After a few minutes Chatterb0x killed his first named enemy and got a level 2 Hornet. Thanks a lot RNG!


0r30, the melee assassin and DeadEye, the snipezerker, cleared some side quests in normal mode. The Happy Pig is running, and its back has been inspected. Mail is delivered. Bullymongs have had Hammerlock’s identity crisis resolved. After reading other posts about the difficulty of off-host melee 0r30 hosted. I did notice some difference in trying to snipe off-host, though not untenable. The melee was reported to be somewhat cleaner, so those two will likely run with that hosting scheme going forward.


72 Melee Zer0 finished the main story. The fight against Jack went well, using melee I was able to take him out in about 10 seconds. Did have to grab a second wind from his shield surveyor. I ended up using guns to take down the Warrior. I’ll need to study up on how to do this melee. I’ve seen several vids on the subject so it’ll go on my TO-DO list.

On OP8 Melee Zer0 I’m doing Pete’s Bar…finally maxxed out my torgue tokens. I’m not focusing as much on MMF chains as I am just surviving. Also get the farm the machines for Duuurps and Harolds.

Getting to and from Petes Bar through the Beatdown is also very challenging. Neverending DoTs. Brutal.

For the hell of it, I got a matching grip Law for both of my Melee Zer0’s. OP8 has been farming the Zaffords and working on MMF chains while doing so. The Zafford clan is pretty soft, but they have some mean guns. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to Second Wind from them. Working on avoiding going down at all.

Eventually want to do a full story play through at op8 but not ready quite yet. I will eventually start a new melee Zer0 to play from 0-72. I’ve just played through the story so many times lately I don’t wanna burn myself out.


I find that run to be very challenging regardless of who i’m using. Those enemies pack a serious punch!


Took Gaige&Purge through the Nexus and into the Badlands. Respawned once at the first pumping station and then steamrolled the other 2. Saturn went down easy peazy to a few corrosive Hail magazines lobbed over the bus station, and dropped a corrosive Invader, which in turn trivialized the badass Constructor. The lesson I learned is that at 150 stacks you can still snipe to decent effect and a corrosive Invader is evil. Did Uncle Teddy and dashboarded a few times hoping for a shock Lady Fist. Gave up there, will probably take the first one offered to me when I get back. If anyone needs me I’ll be in Lego Middle Earth for a little bit.


Give my regards to LEGOlas.