What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

i got borderlands 2 handsome collection with psplus a while back and decided to play it, started a krieg from level 30 (i did some research and decided i would rather only do 2 playthroughs). just got to sanctuary, flynt dropped somethin called binary thunderball fists.


My Jakobs weapon allegiance Zer0 did another WEP runthrough for Animal Rights.
It’s a good thing I had the creatures to help fight the Hyperion personnel because that was painful. I see my first Tubby (stalker) in UVHM, but it survives the experience (I don’t) because it brought friends. All this to get the Trespasser so I don’t have to mess with the Body Double’s shields when I head to Opportunity.

As a side note, the fact that Tubbies have “normal” AI is disconcerting. Something that… well… tubby should not be that aggressive.


is this enemy a special enemy? it seemed to give me like 5000 exp when the others are only giving me 150-300?

theres also some called rabid that give that much exp so i guess it is just how it is meant to be?

Yes. They have a chance to drop legendary items. Once you level up past 61, the version you get in UVHM also has a chance to drop special class mods and pearlescent items. They are basically the creature equivalent of loot midgets. Which is also why they are aggressive and have high HP - can’t give those extras away without making you work a little bit for it!


ok then thanks for explainin

In my opinion, this is an under appreciated gun.
It’s not straightforward to use, it’s direct damage (bullet damage) is just OK.
But the shock orbs it creates can be very useful.
Think about it as a rapid-fire shock grenade launcher. I’ll often empty a mag at or around an enemy, sometimes simply on the ground in front of it, and let the shock damage eat away at the enemies shield or health.
Play around with it, it’s fun.


Don’t think I ever got one of those in BL2, but I found the BL3 version. Do they work the same way? (Shock orb rises then drops all many of electrocuting goodness in all directions.). Extremely useful for those “hide behind cover” types.


Yes. To my feel they are very similar between the two games. Orbs of Shock for Great Fun.
Though as I think about it I think the BL3 version has a larger mag. The BL2 one is based on the Aegis pistol type which, as we all know, are good guns but their mags are too small. I’ll double check to BL3 one when I get home this evening.

Not surprised you didn’t get one in BL2, since it drops from Capt Flynt and he’s a bit of a pain to get to for a typical farming run. Looks like I have 17 in BL2, including an OP6 one, mostly world or W.E.P. box room drops.
My favorite thing to do with Thunderball Fists is to backpedal away from an enemy and shoot the ground in front of it, gives it a line of shock orbs to get through before I switch weapons and finish it off with a Hellfire. Have done this a bunch with Rabids of various types.


exactly 1 year ago today. Just doing casual raids.

@Sun_Tsunami @Brantron


Weird seeing us all play together its been that long kimda crazy to me tbh but i am also playing melee Zer0 which is even stranger :smile: but it was cool to see a ckip from memory lane :smile:


Some of my best memories of BL2 with you guys. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Ye it was good i owe both of you a lot for inviting me along on the journey and helping me with some of the in game stuff and all that and inviting me to the TTs in first place :smile:


Somehow I saw your conversation and got a lonely feeling.


Just glad to see posts here and hope all you ■■■■■ are still playing. Sometimes I feel like my wife and I are the only folks on the planet still playing. And we still have to get the new DLC ■■■■! But it’s just so damn good that I’ve got a feeling this game will be played in 2040 so…

OT: Trying to get the Grog in UVHM for my level 53 Sniper Zer0 and just getting absolutely ■■■■■■■ spanked. The crit spots are ■■■■■■■ tiny in TTAoDK. FUCkK!!!


Nah, lots of us still play. While I don’t play 2 as much as 3 now-a-days I still put in an hour or so a day. And time in BL1 also.
I just did the Wildlife Exploration Preserve section in NVHM on my 1Life Steam Siren, for example. Pretty easy, though I did the final weaken of Bloodwing too fast, he got into the flap in place loop with Jack repeatedly saying Corrosion. Let it play that way for 10 seconds, then moved closer to the bird and it breaks free.
Oh, and none of the loot midget/loaders emerged from the box room. Zero. And yes, I had Doctors Orders active and yes I had not picked up any notes. Weird, I think I’ve seen that once before in hundreds of runs. Fortunately I have all the lvl 19/20 legendaries I need stashed away already.
These games will last a loooonnnngggg time.


My daughter wanted to resume our couch co-op game last night. She’s a newbie when it comes to FPS games, so I had started her off as an Anarchy/Close Enough Gaige while I took Maya.

First we headed to The Dust for Positive Self Image, and my daughter practised hitting things with explosive barrels; really helps when a Buzzard drops right in front of the technical as the barrel is firing!

Then it was off to Three Horns for In Memoriam; found Savage Lee along the way, but no drop. After that a quick trip to Sanctuary to sell/swap. Since I have an embarrassing number of keys I hit the chest and scored a nice Jakobs Quad - perfect for loaders at close range since it’s pretty much guaranteed crits without aiming to carefully! Then off for Dam Fine Rescue, which we blasted through quite happily despite not having a single corrosive weapon.

And that was it. Finished up with both of us at level 13 and pretty happy.