What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

Played around with Gaige and the Shock infinity.
This is at lvl 50 with a 50 shock infinity.
It’s OK. Still not going to use it.
Still takes a lot of shots to kill anything, and as you build up anarchy stacks it gets more iffy. Above 300 stacks the natural spread of bullets combined with the reduced accuracy make it useless further than a bit away, you really have to barrel stuff to get enough pellets on target.
Glad I tried it, but not worth using for my play style.


Took my Krieg to visit Frosty and I abused him for awhile. At the end of it all, I am now close to level 58 and I have once again saved Roland. Bloodsplosion is a bit of a revelation, and overall it can be pretty loltastic. It is a pretty joyful occasion when a chain of explosions procs and everything in the room just ends up dead. Fastballs are pretty awesome in this scenario. I think I will next be off to abuse some varkids with an injector and more splosions.


So I just hit level 60 while farming Savage Lee. The Harold I had was 5 levels under mine so I figured it was time. My reward was my first Double Penetrating Harold I am pretty happy about that, it would have been nicer at max level but you take what you are given. Along the way I was also farming Bol and I got my explosive fastball. Also picked up an electric and corrosive. All in all a very successful period of farming.

Questing wise it is time to head to the fridge which means it is almost time to deal with Rabid Stakers. The new gun should help with those stupid things.

The only irony in finding the new weapon now is that I will be heading back to BL3 for the new DLC. I hope it lives up to my hopes.


Well, Porno’s time has almost come to a conclusion.
Tina’s DLC is finished…with melee rather than Hellborn and NO FASTBALLS!!

And hey, got a Grog out of the deal.
Not a lot of specific interest (perfect parts Crit first try, that was neat) but I had a funny little moment on the Handsome Dragon’s bridge. I was setting up a cluster of three of the little dragons to get a Bloodsplosion so I could get Blood Bath going. Well the Handsome Dragon happened to fly over just at that moment and got caught in it…I assume, since all the sudden he was lying in front of me.

Not exactly 'sploding the Ancient Dragons but still amusing.

There aren’t many quests to wrap up : Murderlin, Hoard of Horrors, the repeat of Scarlett’s finale (and subsequently Gee), Hyp, Doctor’s Orders and tier 3 of the repeatables in Torgue’s. But I too shall be heading off to Krieg’s brain in BL3. Tomorrow.


Well, I am back to Krieg. I think I am about halfway done with UVHM, not including DLC content. Krieg has hit level 65 and along the way, I found a Legendary Torch. Which is just beautiful given that I am Mania/Bloodsplosion. Figures…


I found a Legendary Reaper mod. Is it worth respecing to use this mod if I am mainly a Bloodsplosion/Mania build? I now have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to find all the coms before I find a legendary sickle.

I have finished the Bloodwing quest. I was surprised at how easy it was to take care of Bloodwing. She is very susceptible to explosive damage and the Fastball I had combined with Harold made short work of the fight. I have also completed the quests in the fridge, minus the one that is somewhat random. I am now level 66 and two levels from being able to the Rough Rider that my Maya found years ago. I am surprised I still have it.

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If primarily going with RtB then not really but it’s remarkable what it can do against bosses. The Blister as well (blue with Fuel the Blood/Bath). The L Reaper only seems to come with either +66% duration or +99% - the difference is very noticeable.

L Reaper concentrates solely on Blood Bath so if you’re not intentionally triggering it, it won’t really help you. Say with your Bloodwing fight : Fastball one of the skags and let loose with the Harold on BW and her health will plummet instantly.

Do keep it, play around with it for bosses - even for chucking.
Melee for FtB, Bloodsplosion takes out another add to trigger Blood Bath and your thrown axes will have something like +350% damage.
It’s an odd COM that took me a long time to figure out how to use, but it’s actually pretty simple : Blood Bath ---- unleash hell ---- dead in seconds.

I used it quite a bit with Hellborn even for mobbing.

Blister is great for melee-triggered Bloodsplosions (i.e. Pete)


Very useful to know thanks! I would guess that I am better off with a blue at this point. I think I will take the Reaper out for a spin just to get a sense. Lead with the fastball.

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Took a slight detour to farm some level-appropriate gear and I am back to crushing things. I now try to lead with killing a minor enemy with a fastball where I can before rampaging. I do notice a difference, so thanks again. I will try to get all the coms to try different stuff.

Right now my most important pieces of equipment are the Slagga and Explosive fastball. When I am not rampaging I am busing trying to get things slagged and trying to make things explode. I am enjoying Krieg as a whole. I think BL3 trained me well for Krieg. In BL3 there are so many effects that you often can’t see the enemy. Learning to deal with that has helped with Krieg as he has the same problem. Honestly, it is a crappy problem to have to deal with. At least in Krieg’s case, it was story/character-driven. He is not going to overtake Maya as my favorite VH, but he has been pretty fun. I should be able to get him to 80. Maya is 80-OP3. Zero is 72. I have Axton and Gaige in UVHM. After I get him to the end I might go back to Axton and Gaige. Gaige, I just couldn’t get over the beginning hump of UVHM. I also don’t like anarchy. Too annoying worrying about not reloading. If I really feel crazy I might have to try Salvador.


That’s something I quickly got over with by firing the last few shots for automatic reload. I didn’t specc her into Anarchy until late in the game when she had enough points to make it worthwhile. Will never be my favorite but she’s fun to take a break and play something different. A Twister really shine on her paired with a “reflection” Fibber.
Yeah… Pain to farm both. I know.

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I’m way late to the party here, but for Bad Hair Day in UVHM, wait til you’re at the point in the story where you’re able to spawn a technical. Then go back to bullymong territory, fire up a sawblade technical, and kill the bullymongs with sawblades (they count as melee). Safe and easy. :smiley: You’ll auto-pickup the hair tufts while in a vehicle to boot.