What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

Level 50 though. It’s not going to last too long in UVHM.

True enough.
I almost always wear an Adaptive in UVHM since DOTs are more prevalent and more dangerous.


And off we go in TVHM.

Of course the first thing I did was give her the appropriate lvl 31 guns from previous VHs.
And I saw that ole lvl 30 Kerblaster which I never use, because Maya, and said Heck, lets play with that.
And on the way to Sanctuary managed to nearly blow myself up twice. Then tried to use it on Big Bertha and nope no good, in fact B.B. put her in FFYL twice cuz she didn’t kill it fast enough, fortunately the lil psychos were around to revive from.
The KerBlaster did work fine on the two tight groups, the ones beating up Clappy and Reese. But getting rid of that thing again.

Oh, and one more little bit of fun;
The Warrior had given her a homing acid Leech. So when I got to Fishguts Outpost (where you get the network adaptor) I stood not eh other side of the fence and tossed 'em over. I’ve done this with Storm Fronts a few times, but not this completely.
Total of 28 Leechs (the ammo vendor is right there) and everyone in the camp was dead. Only had to shoot two Psychos which ran out of the camp to find me. Fun.

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My usual MO is start a new character, reset once, maybe twice, so 25-35k each one. I do like plodding along at level 17 or 27 trying to complete all the location based challenges, switching weapon types so I’ll rack up those challenges.
BAR adds another dimension to it for me, beyond the missions and/or farming. I REALLY notice the difference in reload speed when I turn it off, the others not so much.

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Oh yes. Having built more than 100 characters over the years on my Xbox my reload BAR buff is 65.9% which is very very noticeable.
So instead of prestiging I just make new characters :slight_smile:

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Haven’t been to BL2 for a while… long enough to notice things I took for granted to be more noticeable.

  • I seriously miss not having slides, slams, or mantles. Their stock jump is still great though.
  • Not being able to Fast Travel directly from the map is limiting… glad they added that to BL3.
  • I seriously miss the old PhysX from BL2… such goopy greatness.
  • The soundtrack in BL3 is good, but it’s epic in BL2.
  • The grenades in BL3 are fantastic.

I do love Death From Above… wish the anointments for airborne buffs were still a thing.

I couldn’t wait to throw down some Madhous… one of my favorites (this shock one is absolute murder against Stalkers, since most of the shots bounce right into their crit spot, and it strips their shields).

Deathtrap getting my Stare fix until the ION Loader is patched up.

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According to Fandom, Spycho was a creation of Dr. Zed. This is a cross between a psycho and a spider. As a mini-boss, it cannot be phaselocked. At level 80, the takedown is problematic. As a undermuscled scientist who cannot shoot, I decided to hide behind a bandit tent, and take potshots with a magic missile and conference call. This way, the bandits spend most of their time attacking Spycho, and not me. After 33 tries and no deaths, I received a Neogenerator with under 2 second recharge delay. Ho hum.

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He’s good at this, his work on the Shrakk which terrorize you in the Arid Nexus and the Pumpkin DLC is very good. Not sure if he created PumpkinHead on the Zombie island, but I suspect he did, and we know he created the Wereskag.


Those were created by Dr. Ned, who is totally not Dr. Zed from the first story.

Oh gosh, I forgot, they just look so similar, so dashingly handsome and suave.

Some folks might notice that I haven’t posted a progress update in a bit.

That’s cuz I’m Chicken. It’s time to take no-phaselock Maya through Liliths Lair in TVHM, and I worry about that without PL. The four Badass Psychos on the way are one thing, since I usually phase lock at least two of them.
Then there’s the Lilith fight itself. Badasses, of course, but also the danged ironclad Psychos which can be nasty, and often get phaselocked.
So instead I’ve just replayed Sniper Elite 3 and 4 again, started a new Lilith in BL1, and dithered other ways.
I’ll get my nerve up soon.

OK, started messing around to get serious about TVHM.
Had to gain two levels, she entered T at 32 and Firehawk is 34, and I do not want to mess about with no phase lock.
Did a bunch of small things, now ready to go.

BUT, I happened to check the PS store and I’ve never downloaded the hi rez graphics pack! Been what, 2 years, and I never got it. That’s silly, textures downloading now…

EDIT: Through the Firehawk. Wasn’t an issue. The final Liltih lair battle went very smoothly, the spawns in the first wave were placed and people’d just right.
Second wave was also fine, though she did go into ffyl with the final two badasses, but that was my fault, I backed her into a corner and let one of the tesla tower from a Storm Front expire too close to her and hurt her, revived off the B-A, no phasing.

EDIT: Gotta paste progress here since y’al aren’t posting.
Off to rescue Roland. And again, I’m two levels below mission, but the dam is easy so sure.
All good, except went into FFYL 3 times to badass maniacs. Worst enemy (besides rabids) to not be able to phase lock, they just keep coming no matter what. Revived, but ick.

Now Wilhelm, and I’m 3 levels low. Went off to kill Boll to just be 2 behind.
On the way I traveled into 3 Horns Divide, picked up my controller and accidentally hit the phase lock button. Opps, picked up a bullymong. Just held still, didn’t fire, phase passed and the bully lived so no foul.

Interestingly, I went into Bolls area, tried to avoid killing the snow skags but they ganged up on me so I took ‘em all out. Killed Boll and still got the Mans Best Freind achievement, which is weird cuz I killed 8 of ‘em, didn’t spare ‘em.

Off to meet Tina. And chant to myself Goliath Blasters!


I’m not sure how vague I have to be to be able to post this and not get looked at by mod police, but I’m about to play Borderlands 2 in a different way. =|

Been a while.


whew, someone else posted.

Did a bunch of stuff. Wilhelm was easy (he’s not a phase lock target anyway). Did not do the morphing varkids, though, since those can certainly use a good phase lock cuz they’re dangerous.
Back to Sanctuary, loaded up a backpack character to get some level 37 guns traded. And decided to take that BP character through the Lilith DLC to get another character collecting lvl 37-39 gear from Uranus. Simple.

Now back to the main effort. The game is ready to send Sanctuary into the sky, but I’m not, she’s lvl 36 and that mission is 38. With rabid stalkers. So off to do a few things.
Took out the ninjas without getting a replacement Storm Front (the one she has is longbow, I’m not good with longbow). Then Good Bad Mordy and Too Close. OK, she’s at 37.5, should be able to to the Highlands stuff. But yes, I continue to be terrified of not being able to phase lock rabids…

Oh, and also I’ve been re-playing a lot of Sniper Elite 2,3 and 4. Leads to bad habits, like when I aim down sights with my guns I automatically hit up on my controller to scope in closer. Of course, that changes my weapon half the time, arg.


LoL I still occasionally play BL2 on 360​:joy:… I must have ever weapon possible or close to it. Even all the safes are full. I just hate the fact I can’t get past lvl 72 on 360… same name in game :+1:

Arg, I miscalculated. Bright Lights, Flying City is now level 40, and she’s only lvl 37. Edit: Yup, peeked my head into the Highlands and there was a lvl 41 super badass stalker waiting.
Not Good, I know I won’t make it across the plains with stalkers 3-4 levels above me. Hmmm, time for some kinda alternate plan…
So I went to Sir Hammerlocks’ DLC to gain some levels.
Well, really I used the Highlands Fast Travel quickly (to escape) and accidentally picked Hammerlocks. Which is OK, plenty of good experience.

Of course the first thing I did was nearly die on the repair the boat mission. Thought I was safe high up the hill above the river, but no ; one of the fan boats shot a shock harpoon at me and it fried me as I was a little stuck in the terrain. Down to 54 health! Ran like a little weasel back to the lodge, made it to the Health vendor.
OK, lets see if I can get to lvl 39 here without dying. Fortunately nothing too scary that I need to phase lock.

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Gained a level and a half in Hammerlocks.
Nothing too interesting, did the main mission up through going to kill Nakayama, I’ll leave that part, no need to test against Jackenstein.

Picking up a few side quests to see if she can get to lvl 40. Of course, the irritating Still Just a Borok in a Cage mission where you have to have Monstrositat follow you to the cages. Dislike these missions (like the Fleshstick one) since the beast keeps wandering off, and CloudKill kills it if I’m not careful.
This first time I got him 3/4s of the way to the cage, but I had hurt him so he just had 1/8th health left.
I even took my Impaler off (no shield at all) to keep the spikes from hurting him. And then a danged Shock Spore appeared and dropped shock bombs on Monstrositat, killing him. Arg, have to start again.

But at least the spore didn’t kill YOU, which would have elicited a response much more than an “Arg”, I suspect.

Oh yes, I would hav been very grumpy.

Back to main story, and the Highlands.
At the first area met up with 3 rabid stalkers. Fortunately they spaced their attacks. Got downed by two of them (separate times), fortunately rabid stalkers don’t move once they’ve downed you, so was able to revive from both of them without much fretting. Don’t have to worry about rabids again until the W.E.P.

What surprised me was how much damage the Glutinous Thresher took before he died. I can usually take him out before the Hyperion distress signal goes up, but not this time, hadda fight the loaders also. Easy though.

Now she’s level 40 and ready for the stage fight at Overlook. But first I have to search my backpack characters for lvl 40 corrosive and shock Pimpernels that I know I have, but are mis-filed in my equipment database. And of course painful since a single quit/change character/relaunch cycle on PS4 with the number of characters I have takes about 3.5 minutes. Frustrating.