What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

Annnnd she died.

For dumb reasons. Was doing the stage fight in Overlook at the same time I was on a work conference call that demanded more of my attention than usual, so I was half-fighting, half making points.
Got zapped by a Surveyor and had my shield stripped and down to 1/4 health. Reacting, I backpedaled fast to escape a death blow, and dammit fell off the edge of the map.

Ah well, not the first 1Life character I’ve lost in TVHM.

Going back and starting a new Siren. I’m not going to continue the “no phase lock” thing, I believe, after getting through the rabid stalkers, that I can do a no phase lock run, so the personal challenge is gone and now it’s just a chore, so I will be phase locking.
But still 1Life.
And my new Siren just woke up on the Windshear Waste…

Sorry to hear this…This is why this forum needs a “dislike” button :frowning: at the bottom of the posts.

Happens. I’ll say I’ve had more than 100 1Life candidates die over the years, so I start another and try again.
My all-time winner got to level 59 in UVHM before she died, so there’s still a goal ahead of me.

Which is why I still play BL2, still some challenges to complete and still interesting fights. That’s why I do not still play BL3, I one life’d that 6 months into release at top mayhem level, it’s just too easy.
But BL2 is the gift that still has little things to get better at, even 8 years in.

My new gal is already headed to fight Wilhelm, so the battle goes on.

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Climbing back up, just through opportunity.

Just two interesting things;

  • The radio next to the skin mag in the Fridge was missing. Magazine is there, radio wasn’t. Hm.

  • Just found a great lobbed, zero fuse time corrosive transfusion. Oh yeah babay!

Onward. Nice to be able to phase lock again.

Bit of excitement going up the hill to Angel’s lair, she went into FFYL 4 times! for cryin’ out loud. Lots of surveyors blasting her shield and grenades downing her. So many targets that getting up was easy, just should not happen in NVHM.

A bit underleveled going into the Arids, and oh my, the Hyperion Hawks were out today. Ran into 8 of them, which is more than usual. No damage because I do expect some, but man o man.
Now ready for Hero’s Pass, but she only lvl 27 and but the mission is lvl 30. Can probably do it if I weren’t 1Lifing, I’ll gain a level to 28 somewhere to even the odds a little.
Edit: Jeez, dropped into the son of Craw DLC since I haven’t used that to level up much (don’t find it too engaging). She’s level 27, enemies spawn in at lvl 22-23. That’s not right, they should match my level from 15 to 30. Need a patch! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Edit: So i still had Good Bad Mordy to do, so did that and Missiles, and picked up Zeds schraks missions too. Did almost all of them, got to lvl 28 (which should be fine for the end game), went back to Arid to kill the Zed creations and BOOM my PS4 shut down. No heat warning, nuthin’, just off. Irritating.

EDIT cuz y’all aren’t posting again.
And done with NVHM. Warrior dead, nothing dropped, nothing unusual in the last stretch. 0 deaths of course

Into TVHM. And need to make a reminder to myself - Note: If you find yourself taking an unusual amount of damage getting to Capt’ Flynt and can’t figure out why the enemies are so powerful today, please check to make sure you took off the Bee you used to beat the tar out of the Warrior. I’m a dope.
Oh, and for this trip past Fishguts camp I didn’t toss Storm Fronts over the fence, I had found a nice purple Homing Fire Burst and used those.
Even better than the Front, since it homes in. Took 18 grenades to clear the camp without firing a shot (or seeing any enemies) vs. 27 Storms Fronts. Probably should have been just 15, but 2 didn’t clear the fence and I threw one extra after everything was dead.

In Sanctuary. I’m leaving town for a week today so will be on Xbox at my other house, so this lady will be sleeping for a week, one of my other characters will be active.

Edit Again
Twenty five days since I last posted on this thread and no-one else has? Sheesh folks.

Anyway, onward in TVHM. I went back to no phase lock just because.
Off to find Lilith, level 33 and the mission is lvl 34, and I know I’ll want to phase lock the badass psychos, we’ll see.

And all good. Did go into FFYL 3 times on the trip, each time to a BA Psych, but revived from them each time, fortunately Lilith didn’t steal any kills during her fight.
That fight went better than usual for a TVHM run. The ironclads usually are more of a problem, but for some reason they weren’t as aggressive and they died fast.
But now we’re two levels below the Rescue Roland mission, and that won’t do. Lemme see what I’m going to do to level up.

ANOTHER EDIT, one of y’all need to post.
Back at it after some BL1 and an attempt to play BioMutant. Unfortunately, I kept falling asleep playing BioM, it’s sooo tedious, so BL2 it is.
Leveled up to rescue Roland by doing the opening two rooms of the Bloodshot Dam over and over again. Stopped just before Mad Mike, don’t like to face him under leveled.
And when I did get to him dang me if he didn’t rocket me into FFLY. Fortunately the Storm Fronts I threw weakened him and he walked his stupid butt close enough that I could revive from him.
Rest was easy, then did the Ninjas a few times to get to level 37 and Wilhelm.
Entering Tundra Express chanting Goliath Blasters, Goliath Blasters to myself, and sure enough in the bandit camp near Tina’s place (why isn’t that one named, I wonder) there were two Blasters. Since I fight that fight from across the bridge it was easy to dodge the rockets.
Then another Blaster in the Buzzard Academy, all good. Was hoping to pop a loot midget, but no joy.
I did finally get a replacement Nurse comm, my lvl 22 one was getting really tired. Green one with Elated vs. something I could use like Sweet Release, but double the regen rate so OK. And picked up a runner skin I didn’t have, very weird that there are still some I haven’t picked up.
Traveled back to Sanctuary before Roland stopped talking, so I’m standing in Sanc. with the mission text saying Get back to Sanctuary, arg. Fast traveled out and back to progress.
Turned in the mission but did NOT pick up Rising action, don’t want to do the Highlands fight two levels under.
So to The Dust to kill Gettle & Mobly to level up. Found a Chubby Spiderant when I got there, yay! It dropped a Bunny, booooo!
All for now, have to do some work.
Quick edit: Hehe, got to the upper camp for Missles and a Goliath Blaster took me down to 50 health. So I immediately tried to phase walk to escape :slight_smile: Ran away safely and got him.
Adding to my endless post.
Tundra Express was pretty straightforward, and Wilhelm didn’t last long. Needed to get more levels, so did the mutated varkid mission and all of Tiny Tina’s.
Varkids were annoying. First, I missed a phase lock and one put me into FFYL, revived from it. Then popped another, and my PS4 shut down for thermals (stupid), came back in like 30 seconds and I was already in FFYL. Arg. Got back up.
Then was at 40, so off to put Sactuary into the sky.
Nothing too bad, there were 4 rabid stalkers on the plain but I was able to kill them from quite a distance.
Ole Gluttinous fell pretty quickly too.
Stage fight was simple. For some reason, even though the mission was lvl 40, the loaders spawned as low as level 35, which was weird. Finished without having to reset the beacon at all.
Now the W.E.P., at lvl 42, so more xp farming.
Back to the fridge.
And I let Sinkhole get any from me, dang it. That meant chasing deeper into those caverns, and along the way met 6 (six) more rabid stalkers. Couple of FFYLs, but didn’t die (by a mere sliver of timer once).
Of course since I had to go deep in the caverns I got lost, since I never go there, and ran into one more rabid. Stressful.
Then took out Laney. Of course, I did what I usually do and tossed two Strom Fronts before her door opened.
Except they weren’t S.F.s, I had switched to an incendiary transfusion, screwed up my plan. Took her out, no Gub.
Back to Sanctuary, after meeting with Scooter I’m still 3/4s of the way to 42, so back to Overlook for those side missions. NOT Hidden Journals*, since I won’t risk Old Cranky in a TVHM 1Life run, his emerge damage & DOT is just too awful.
Hah, and being careful was pointless. Getting the last bottle of medicine from the shipping container in the water I ran into a Super Bdass Pyro Thresher who downed me. Didn’t revive off it, a minion was there for that.
Then as I was going back to my truck a Thresher (standard kind) did its leaping thing to get to a new location. I said “Well, let me see if I can phase lock it while it’s in the air”, since you can’t normally phase lock and lift a thresher.
Well, instead of locking it in the air it was instead insta-death for the leaping thresher. Hadn’t ever done that before in 12,000+ hours….
Then finished up Henry and Overlooks shield. At lvl 42, halfway to 43, which means I’ll be at lvl 43 for Bloodwing.
On the way back to Karmia I triggered the Double Rainbow easter egg as I like to. Ain’t that an outdated pop culture reference now, huh?
But not now, I gotta go get a pizza.
More Editing;
The W.E.P. went smoothly, nothing particular in the battles, all good. Bloodwing was straightforward.
Small thing - no legendaries from the box room. That’s unusual in TVHM, irritating.
Got to Brick without issues, and back out also. Nothing interesting.
Then Opportunity. Went into FFYL like 4 times there, which is more than usual.
Also, as soon as I attacked Jack’s double everything in the area woke up. All the baddies in the next info kiosk area, all the baddies in the submerged areas (near where you plan the bomb), and even Foreman Rusty woke up early and came waaay out of his normal location to get a piece of me. Hence, 4 FFYLs. No deaths though.
Now it’s time for the Angel fight, went over the the Hammerlock DLC to get another level.
I’m always a little surprised that the second mission in there is so tough. Where you go to the fanboat summoning station and a ton of savages pop up.
It 's, to me, the hardest fight in the DLC (excluding Jackenstein (his minions are the worst)) and it comes up fast.
It’s your 2nd exposure (typically) to witch doctors, and more importantly your first encounter with those spear-throwing guys. Those spears pack quite a wallop besides slowing you, and their range is pretty danged far. Tough fight, then nothing later on even close to it.
Off to Angel.

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