What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

Have you actually seen an ad for it yet? I’ve seen nothing despite getting the update.

Anyway, Axton resumed main story, this time tackling the pipeline and data stockade. I handily got past Saturn, dinging level 79. It turns out once Saturn has jumped down and been lured to the building, if you drop a turret close enough to one of the end walls Saturn will try to stomp it repeatedly but will be unable to do much damage. Which leaves him a sitting duck for whatever you want to spam at him while he’s preoccupied.

Had a lot of difficulty with the rest of the mission, though, due to shield issues. A had a purple Vladof absorb shield which had decent capacity but not much else going for it. FFYL and death far too many times. Got through eventually and completed the mission, but it was not pretty.

After that, I decided to hit the Golden Chest in search of a better shield, which was successful. Then I did the Highlands Hidden Journals quest by vehicle - got through without firing a shot! Finished with Torture Chairs and a couple of the Monster Mash missions. I’d like to get to level 80 before talking to Clappy and going to Heroes Pass. Got about half-way there so I’ll polish off a few more easy side missions next time.

Oh yes, similar treatment to what they did for BL3.

Huh, haven’t actually had one pop up on my system yet, and I don’t have the menu item either. Weird.

Forgot to mention in my last post that I ran into a couple of Tubby skags during my last run, one of which coughed up a higher level Legendary Pointman COM than the one I had in the vault. Sure, I’ll take it!

Dang it.
My new siren was going along fine, then I decided to take her to Capt Scarlett at lvl 17 to get a lvl 18 Pimpernel in my arsenal.
Hit the fast travel, and boom the game crashed.
Re-launched and the character had been corrupted. So lost about 8 good legendaries with that character, gonna be hard to get some of them back, like a world drop Transformer and Skullmasher, but thems the breaks.

Was that on XBox by any chance?

Nope, it was on my PS4.

Two crashes in a week, which is unusual, after the Tiny Ad was applied.
Correlation does not assure causation, of course, and the ad code should only run when the title screen is up so it shouldn’t be a cause. But it’s irritating none the less.

Oof, I don’t like the sound of that for my multiplayer game prospects.

It sure implies it pretty hard though.

Only things left now in the low level coop challenge is infiltrating Hero’s Pass, somehow getting through it and then shooting Jack and the Warrior in the face for an extremely extended period of time.

Tried to figure out if there was any place I could farm for lvl 18 gear but I’m not really finding one. I might have to pop into Sanctuary hole to see what the gear level in that chest there is. I tried scouting it with another character but it looks like both the hole and the caverns scale up to lvl 30 at the end of NVHM (something for random information? I didn’t know this at least). Can anyone tell me what that chests level is if you pop in there at lvl 18 so I wouldn’t have to take the extra exp from discovering multiple areas?

Also as we are nearing the end of this ordeal I was thinking of perhaps finally giving a try to my first ever allegiance run. Character will be Zero but which manufacturer? I’m kinda thinking of Bandit or Tediore as they’re the manufacturers that have the least stuff that I’d regularly use. Hyperion could be kinda cool I guess although I do forehear a bit too much Bee noises in my future if I’d do that. Any opinions or votes on this? I’d rather stay away from Maliwan and Vladof as I don’t see picking either of those really changing my playing experience too much from what I’d normally do.

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Golden chest in Sanctuary?

I’ll have to check what levels my characters are, which won’t be until tonight.

My notes say that all the Caustic Caverns side missions (which are accessed through Sanctuary Hole) are minimum level 15, while Bright Lights Flying City caps out at 18. I would guess that Sanctuary Hole then sits at whatever level you are when you first visit following completion of Bright Lights or taking the first of the CC side quests.

That one is not allowed for the challenge. Well, then again neither is multiplayer but we’ll still try to keep this as legit to the original rules as possible.

That gave me an idea that I could try checking the level of the sidequest to determine the probable level of the area and as it turns out, I most likely won’t find what I’m looking for in there :smiley:

I’m honestly surprised it’s that high. What’s your current character level?

18 but the main story is at the final mission so I guess it scales like Sanctuary does. Dust too I guess. I’m actually not sure what the logic behind Dust level scaling up is.

I think it’s because there are several points at which you can end up returning there, especially if you do the side quests for Mordecai or Clan Wars parts 1-3. Given that you can pick those up at multiple opportunities, it would suck if the rewards and enemies were all locked to the same low level as when you first entered The Dust.

I kind of wish the Highlands did the same tbh - it does seem a bit inconsistent.

Took Axton out to finish levelling to 80. First off, I had a rare Michael Mamaril sighting, and an even rarer purple :grin: bandit pistol :cry: Oh well! Did a Dust run looking for Tubbies with no luck, then Southpaw S&P which got me a Judge, then another Dust run and one Tubby - legendary class mod :grin: for Gaige :cry: I suppose I’ll get to her eventually. Still, would have been nice to have something in more of a Commando size.

Finally dinged 80 and looked out the weapons I’d been saving, only to find that the Butcher I’d been given had strangely disappeared. Augh! Oh well, easy come easy go… Plus, both it and the Conference Call were slag.

And that was it. Next time will be Heroes Pass and the Warrior. (If I can find a couple of decent corrosive weapons, that is!)

Assassin, Commando, and Siren launched Sanctuary, found it again, and then returned to its former location to recover Marcus’ possessions and information about crystalisks. No mine cart this trip. They’ll do that on the return for the secret treasure.

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Zer0 was called upon to do what vault hunters do best, dispatch targets and acquire the loot. For that, he does so with unparalleled efficiency. He acquires his mission objective in the end, a prototype Maliwan rocket launcher. This weapon might not seem special to the untrained eye, but it is indeed worth a vault hunter’s priority due to the value of it’s pioneering history.

You see, before the events of Pre-Sequel, Maliwan didn’t accept the parts of different manufacturers on their guns. Most companies didn’t. This practice was strictly in the domain of the Tediore corporation, to raise their stock market DPS. Though there where some black market munitions (The Roaster) where similar transmutations were done, this rocket launcher was the first to be retrofitted with a different manufacturer’s parts for the retail market. After a love affair between a Maliwan vice CEO, and a Vladov sales consultant, this synergy of complimentary manufacturers was born.

Lovingly bound to each other by the great eros of high-borne romantics, they strapped a Vladov barrel onto a matching parts Maliwan rocket launcher, and the first official Maliwan intercorporational chimera was born. It was transferred to a high traffic weapons vendor, and promptly bought by Wilhelm in order to, as he put it, “zarp the don”. The story of how every manufacturer’s weapons parts ended up on every other manufacturer’s guns is a story for another time (not all of the “Great Homogenization” 's catalystic events were nearly as light hearted as a love story).

(played on my greens only zer0, so the ending is canon)

Assassin, Commando, and Siren were busy. They recovered a weapon stash in the Dust and got a shock Veruc out of the deal. A nice find because the Commando is sticking with Assault Rifles. They also went through the WEP and retrieved a clap trap upgrade while learning about slag testing, returned to bring the pain to Hyerion engineers, helped out the folks of Overlook with their medication and shield, Zed with some arms dealing, Tannis with two recording recoveries, and hijacked some Rackahol - not necessarily in that order.

Newly level-80 Axton cleared out some backpack space, then headed to Badass Crater to run the three chests there. Got a couple of promising e-techs, including a corrosive Tediore Dart. Found a couple of legendaries. First up, I know ‘rubberized’ is not generally a fan favourite, but I found this in the Arena vending machine and it worked pretty well in several spots on the run through Heroes Pass:

Found this in one of the easy-farm chests as well:

Pretty excited about that at first, but it feels really weak even landing crits on slagged targets. What do folks think - is it just lacklustre parts, or is the BL2 Skullmasher just not that good?

Getting through the door from Eridium Blight was interesting - this bot really took off!

I was a bit concerned about gear still heading to the Warrior - the second constructor was quite a bad bottle-neck, but I got through in the end. Jack was actually quite easy - broke out an under-levelled Thunderball Fists for his shield, and the CC/Lyuda alternation finished him off. Then the Warrior was not as bad as feared either. I ended up doing a little moonshot farning; so far, got two Flakkers, a Volcano, and a non-elemental CC. And that was it for today.


I was just trying to do some moonshot farming last night. Maybe it’s just me, but the spot where you have to stand feels pixel precise. I tried experimenting with stupidly precise degrees of variance, but the one spot that did work was even hit and miss. I wish someone had a picture highlighting the exact spot on the ground that worked.

IME you can stand pretty much anywhere, as long as you have a good view and can move fast. I took up position slightly forward and between the ‘dome’ shield and the rocks to the right, facing more or less directly into the Warrior’s mouth.

Get close enough and you do notice the texture being not as smooth, though, especially from the VFX layers.

Assassin, Commando, and Siren raided Opportunity and generally trashed the place. They also acquired a means of replicating Jack’s voice. So far as rating based on percentage of time spent, that was a secondary activity.

For all that Jack is evil and needs to be stopped, Opportunity is impressive. With what all we know about Pandora from BL1 and 2, creating a clean city area without it being overrun by bandits or creatures is no small feat. I question whether it is sustainable though. I was going to say maybe trashing it was the wrong approach and it should have been repurposed, but likely its materials came from off world and its upkeep would require the same.