What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

It appears to be built on an island (either artificial or natural) given that the only access is over a single bridge. So keeping bandits and critters at bay does become a bit easier. It i s very shiny, though! BTW have you seen the Opportunity plans that show up in Jack’s office on Helios at the end of TPS? Nice reference there.

Did a little more moon-shotting with Axton; got a couple of Leeches (fire and shock), although I was actually hoping for an Impaler. Then I decided to start levelling up Maya. She was already at level 73 as she had been at OP1. Cleared out some of the vault and backpack clutter, then reviewed where she was.

Still a lot of UVHM minor side quests around, so it was off to Three Horns to farm Bullymong fur with a Sawblade Technical - man, is that ever easier than melee! Then Southern Shelf to do battle with… well, you know. Finished off with a Tubby/Black Queen hunt to get the level up to 74. No luck on Tubbies or the BQ, but got a corrosive Lyuda from one of Mobley/Gettle.

I may be able to get Maya to level 80 without resetting UVHM, although I’d obviously then be missing out on mission reward items like Pimpernel etc. Not entirely sure what I’ll do about that.

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I did not notice those, no. However, I also considered TPS a slog and just wanted to get it over with to see the main story line.

On topic - Assassin, Commando, and Siren made there way up to Bnk3r and freed Angel.

Axton did enough moon-shotting to get another Flakker and - finally! - an Impaler. So that’s done: went back to Sanctuary and started transferring the level 74/75 gear down to Maya.

One interesting side effect of Maya having unlocked OP1 - at level 74, the level 75 weapons were showing as OP1. I also discovered that I had at some point unlocked a new skin (Wrath - Hammerlock Hunt rare monsters reward).

Maya is now the cat’s unforsaken roar, as we’re want to say in these parts - and extra appropriate since she’s currently running with a Legendary Cat class mod:

Don’t mess with this kitty… Anyway, missions: made a propaganda film for Lilith, helped Claptrap cut down fallen Idols, and did some genetic science for Hammerlock:

That put me close enough to level 75 that I decided to run the Bane mission. Ran the gully after getting the first echo and not only did the Black Queen show up, she actually dropped a Nukem for me!

That’s the first time I’ve ever obtained a legendary drop from the BQ! Promptly used that for the rest of the mission until I ran out of launcher ammo, and I only downed myself once… :blembarrass:

Anyway, finished up the day a little past level 75, and back in Sanctuary with more stuff to come from Axton.


Assassin, Commando, and Siren made it about 3/4 the way through Lynchwood. They blew up the iridium train, got a skag-bile bomb (but didn’t place it), got skag tongues (but didn’t feed them to Dukino yet), and found and sold the Bane.


Maya’s been steadily making ground, although not as fast as I would have liked. I started cleaning up side quests in Captain Scarlett DLC, but the XP seemed really low. I switched to Hammerlock’s Hunt DLC, and levelled up at about twice the rate. I don’t know if that’s because the base XP levels of enemies in DLC1 are lower, or if it’s the enemy types that aren’t as high tier.

Anyway, getting through level 77, twinking gear left and right, and clearing out extra level 72 stuff I will never need/use. I will have to reset UVHM at some point, just not sure when to do so. I might wait until level 78 or so.


My opinion is that Scarlett enemies are all pretty middle-of-the-road difficulty. Except for the Cursed Pirates there isn’t anyone too tough in there, less xp.

On the other hand Hammerlock’s has some toughies. Those stupid spear-flingers can down you fro a long way away, some animals are awfully tough, and so on. Hammerlock is a better XP farm for those folks.


Bit the bullet and reset Maya’s UVHM play-through. Ran all the way through the main story to Sanctuary, picking up a handful of side-quests along the way. Maya is now level 78 and well on the way to 79. Got some goodies - this drop at the Raiders Safe House was honestly unexpected:

Why are these always rubberized? Why?

Grabbed Flynt before the cut-scene. Yes, I know it’s been done before, but it’s fun!

And apparently you can shoot this guy down to 1 HP, then Scorn him for good measure:

Finished up heading back to Windshear Waste for a missing Vault Symbol. Next time: Frostburn Canyon.


You can melee him to 1 HP also, I spam the melee key while Zed is talking. You can also get the “try out slag” target down to 1 HP in Marcus’s shooting range.

Maya now at level 79, and definitely the more powerful siren than Lilith at this point. :blembarrass:

Man, we really need BL2 emojis…

Took Axton to farm an explosive Badaboom from King Mong. All I got for my trouble was an under-levelled corrosive one. I did get the Licking Flames skin, though, which was new to me. So, partial win?

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Been playing a lot of Sniper Elite 4, trying to make it through every level without being seen even once and no gunshot heards. Harder than you might think, have managed 1/2 the maps so far.

Anyway, got my latest Siren to Sanctuary. A Boosted one, since I lost all those level 18 weapons to a corrupted save I might not play through normal mode again.
Warrior fight was OK, I had done Good Bad Mordy so had picked up a corrosive Lyuda and a veruc, so warriors then everything else up to Sanctuary was easy.

Oh, one other bug I’d like in the Final Bug Fix (BL2 FBF). It’s trivial, but the ready indicator on Big Bertha is not right. It turns solid blue to indicate that you can fire again a full second before it will respond to the fire key. Which is annoying,

Really looking forward to the BL2FBF release. (which is a name I just made up, by the way, but let’s perpetuate it, things are always better with a code name).


What’s this???

See the second paragraph of Raven’s post.

On-topic: Axton finally got his explosive Badaboom. And Maya scored a Ninja class mod from a Tubby while scavenging steam pump parts. Guess I know which character I’ll be levelling up next…

2 Days later:

Zer0 started his journey to level 80. Looks like it might be slow, though, as I have gotten pretty rusty at Ninja-ing. Maya, on the other hand, solved a medical mystery and assassinated some assassins, then rescued Roland:

Thought I’d have a hard time getting the bandit kills with the etech blaster due to Maya’s Helios and Ruin. However, it turns out that phase-locking your target while specced in to Wreck gives enough of a fire rate boost that you stand a much better chance of beating out the DoT. Also happy to have got all four blue unique guns from the Assassins in a single run - I don’t think I’ve ever managed that before. Also, another good tip: the Nasty Surprise grenade mod works much better if you can get one with Longbow delivery. It clusters nicely around your target without catching you that way!

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Assassin, Commando, and Siren had a productive run. They completed their tasks in Lynchwood. The Sheriff was a bit of a pain because she stayed in the section where she could get behind cover. Eventually the Assassin was able to pull her down with a singularity grenade and the process went much faster. No pistol kill though.
Then they completed the various quests in Iridium Blight. I don’t usually do recover Marcus’ refunds, so I’d forgotten where some of the mailboxes were. However, preclearing meant enough time on the clock for the necessary doubling back. Next stop for the trio will be Sawtooth Cauldron.

I’ve done that refund mission with a run in/out strategy fairly successfully. There’s only one mailbox you have to get right in the mob to deliver, and that’s usually the last one I do so I have a very generous time allowance by then. It’s certainly much easier than Zed’s Arms Dealing one, which is really tight even with pre-clearing.

Ugh, I think I’ve done that mission once in hundreds of runs. Not that it’s particularly hard, but there’s so much walking. If I want to walk that much I’ll launch Skyrim.

Again, I think I did that mission once. Same with Zed’s Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags mission. Any timed mission in almost any game leaves me cold. Don’t rush me.

Bandit technical has you covered!

Anyway, some updates: reset Zer0 UVHM since I was having a hard time figuring out what to do, and I’ll need to reset at some point anyway. Cleaned up Lair’s Berg and hit level 73, as well as got into a somewhat better groove Ninja-wise.

After that, thought about Maya but my dilemma there is she has actually unlocked to OP2. So, do I continue story at 80, 80+OP1, or 80+OP2?

So, back to Axton to grab a Heart Breaker. Had a really hard time at first because I did not have the best explosive gear, and taking down crystalisks with a Badaboom is not the most efficient. Had a really hard time with the threshers until I went back through my gear, grabbed a non-elemental Hyperion shotgun to go with a slag spiker, and switched back to the Soldier COM. Things went much better after that - even the Pyre Thresher was no match for my weapons at that point.

Not sure what to do next though.


There is little sadder in BL2 than killing the Ninjas and getting a rubberized Storm Front.
All I gotta say today…

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Revisit them, jump up on one of the ledges, and rain down bouncing mayhem from above on them. It is the way.

Little more puttering around with my latest Siren.
Was level 37, and the Bright Lights, Flying City mission was level 40, but I said “Oh what the heck, you can do it”.
And pretty good. Getting into the plains before meeting Glutinous Thresher showed that every enemy was level 40-42, so all skulls in front of their names. But not bad, even the rabid skags were dispatched without too much stress.

Old Glutty was a bit tough, he actually put me into FFYL at the end but he had just a sliver of health left and died, revive. Leveled up to 38 on the loaders he summoned.
Went to Overlook, and was wondering why Jack’s dialog wasn’t playing. Uhhh, cuz you forgot to pick up the danged bacon. Drive back, pick it up.
Stage fight was OK, though the beacon did need to be repaired twice, at least Jack didn’t make fun of me.
Now the W.E.P. is next, that mission is lvl 42 and she’s just lvl 38, and I am not going to go into the W.E.P. 4 levels under. So time to putter around and get some levels.
In a couple of weeks, off to the Seychelles tomorrow for 2 weeks of diving and relaxing…


Started a new Siren here on the trip since I have very spotty Internet connection so Steam ain’t so good, using the Mac App Store version which never needs a network connection.

Interestingly it was eridium festival time getting to Sanctuary. She picked up 15 blocks of eridium on the way to town, I rarely get more than 1-3.
Then on the way to find the Firehawk a Leg. Loot Midget popped out of a box early in Frostburn canyon, which is also unusual.
And gave me this. A stinkin’ nasty surprise, time to sell…

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