What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

It’s not rubberized, so it’s good. Use it to your advantage!

Dusted off my gun-based Zer0 with the idea I’d make a pistol-based Zer0 using the lady fist, since one of my other VHs scored a non-elemental redundant one. Started from Claptrap’s Place and moved my way through Captain Flynt’s camp. Tried all sorts of combinations of coms and relics…legendary killer com, sheriff’s badge, stalkers, etc. but settled on legendary hunter and a relic that boosts pistol damage. Found myself needing more cooldown rate and The Hunter’s cooldown rate and healing is too good to pass up, while still providing some good skill points and critical hit damage. But had to break character sometimes due to running out of pistol ammo.

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It’s kinda weird to me how pistols, and when I say pistols I mean revolvers, changed so much between BL1 and 2.
Pistol builds in BL1 were many and varied, you could rock a Masher or a Justice or whatever and do just fine, and never seem to run out of ammo even though the pool is smaller than in 2. And no legendary needed (though they were fun) . But BL2 made pistols in general so mediocre that I just don’t. Even a good Maggie is a struggle in UVHM. Though I will say a Hornet can be a great OP level Peak weapon.

I think they did a good job reviving pistols in BL3.

As I putter around in the Dust in normal mode, I have questions;
How many of you have launched your truck up to the Buzzard camp, killed everybody, jumped off to the C-A-R station nearby, pulled up the truck menu, and hit “Teleport to vehicle” immediately without thinking, resulting in you teleporting back up to the Buzzard camp?
And how many of you have done it more than once?

Answer for me: Yes to both…

I’ve done it at least once. Then I tried to drive it off the buzzard camp, got stuck on stuff, bandits shooting at me. I think that was enough to make me remember not to do that again.

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If you aim your jump to land the truck in the area with the volleyball net, you can successfully drive off. The other three (depending on how you count) areas, no.

Assassin, Commando, and Siren started in through Sawtooth Cauldron. They made it as far as killing the 4 Ambush Commanders.

Those guys and their damn shields…I really don’t like that fight

Took melee Zer0 to the magic slaughter as I saw I never attempted it with him. Made it through round 2 with some randoms who joined my game. A couple of attempts at round 3 failed and had to call it a night. Magic slaughter is my least favorite map; pit traps, spikes coming out of the ground kill me more than the enemies.

I’ve done this once or twice. What’s more annoying to me is when I’m using two vehicles to knock out the Clan Wars missions in the Dust, and I teleport to the wrong vehicle. Done that too many times to count.

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Just got back into Bl2 during my rona quarantine. I’ve been playing my Maliwan allegiance Maya, currently around level 23. I was about to do Opportunity, but I was kind of bored and decided to jump into a DLC. I decided on Captain Scarlett because It’s one I rarely go for. It’s kind of refreshing for that reason. It’s been pretty good so far. One thing that jumps out at me are the message in a bottle quests, mainly because of the echo logs. The story of captain Blade told through the echo logs is a refreshingly serious one, as opposed to the non-stop, sometimes forced zaniness that Borderlands really doubles down on.

So this is an allegiance playthrough, and here’s what I’m working with right now. I have plenty of Maliwan SMGs saved on mules from past games, but I found an impaler with some pretty good stats. It goes well with kinetic reflection and inertia, making it a bad move to shoot Maya in most situations.


Fire up Dahla Dahla Bill for the first time since last July and found myself… farming Verucs in TVHM. New playthrough, same story. Went from level 40 to level 43 just killing Mobley.

The definition of insanity…


Started up a Jakobs allegiance Zer0. I have a huge stockpile of Jakobs guns that I never use, so I figured it would be fun.

I started the build with a Zer0 I had leveled to 10 a while ago. I decided to use tediore shields/relics because no shield play just wasn’t fun. The grenade is only there so I don’t randomly equip other ones on pickup. I already had plenty of Maggies, but I spent a ton of time farming son of Mothrakk for a skullmasher. Even with rocket jump Salvador’s shortcut it was still tedious. But it was sort of in vain because once I started using the striker, that’s all I’ve been using.

Before I leveled to use it, I just thought the striker would act like a poor man’s flayer. I was totally wrong, it’s just as good if not better on normal mode. I have Zer0 specc’d heavily into increased accuracy and reload speed because of how well it synergizes with Jakobs shotgun type legendries. Those boosts take the striker over the edge. I’m going through the fridge putting down rats with a shotgun blast from across the room with this thing! I got really lucky with the parts, 4 quick shots of 9 pellets each, and insanely good reload speed.

So the moral is, don’t sleep on the striker, especially one with good parts. It’s kind of insane. I always liked the Maggie, but it really doesn’t compare after using this thing.