What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

So, doing some OP10 gear farming and one of the first pieces of gear I realized I needed was a Chain Lightning (crusty old level 72 one definitely wasn’t cutting it anymore heh). But of course I hadn’t done that side mission in the Lair of You Can’t Get There From Here that unlocks that sorcerer-fest room (the best farming spot for magic nades) so I had to slog through that. And luckily, I got a CL on my first proper farming run after doing that quest.

Now I need an Evolution so I guess it’s time to find out how awful OP10 Hyperius is.


On my bandit playthrough again. Opportunity was pretty difficult. My best weapon was a corrosive synergy pistol, but it really wasn’t doing much. When you’ve maxxed health like I have for this guy, you realize that there are fair attacks that take a certain number of health, and unfair ones that seem to be percentage based. Opportunity had a lot of the ladder. I died a lot, especially to Jack’s body double.

After that I did some TK headhunter DLC. Surprisingly easy compared to opportunity.

I rushed through the bunker, managed to do pretty well in that chapter thanks to a nice pistol find. Very much outclassed the synergy.

I assure you that my game is 100% vanilla :smirk:

So the next part was interesting. Sawtooth Cauldron to me feels like the finale of bandit type enemies in the game. Conquering this level would mean that I have truly become the apex bandit! I farmed the vendors for some new gear and set off.

I managed to do pretty well utilizing everything, though I definitely died a few times, especially to the ambush commanders. All of the weapons served their purposes pretty well though. I managed to beat Mortar (mainly buy buying and chucking grenades in his face) and acquired the explosives. Bad news though, they got Ulysses (I have no idea how this happened).

What I’m probably gonna do next is assert my dominance over all bandits by completing the capture the flag quest. That’s would be the pinnacle of bandit achievement (aside from Fink’s slaughterhouse, hopefully that scales.)


Well OP10 Hyperius sucks heh. Time to get the gear to just pimperhab him instead of a slogfest. No Evolution but it kinda occurred to me my shield’s pretty much just going to be broken all the time anyway so I’m just gonna stick with a Rough Rider and see how it thrills me, as Hammerlock would say.

And then spent a good chunk if the day doing this:
“Blade’s log, had to st-”
“Blade’s log, had to st-”
“Blade’s log, had to st-”
“Blade’s log, had to st-”
“Blade’s log, had to st-”
“Blade’s log, had to st-”
“Blade’s log, had to st-”

until finally the payoff:


Just finished rescuing Roland’s ass, stopping this damn thing, and noticed this ship for the first time, flying away(?)


That’s the same barge that comes to pick up Roland and haul him away to the gulag if you don’t stop that damn thing and rescue his ass in time. After you rescue him successfully on the dam it flies over where you are, sees that it can’t do squat now, and then casually cruises away. (Notice that it’s headed to the Dust area, I love attention to detail like that.)


Continuing my noobish OP10 journey: there’s no way I wanna farm an Ahab so I hit the Torgue vendors for a Duuurp that would work OK for Duuurpineling. Didn’t get a perfect one but it’s enough to delete the Snowman and I returned to Hyperius to let him know his bloated health is no longer a concern (also got an Evolution).

Didn’t work too well against Haderax so I went and followed my old vanilla level 80 setup of using a World Burn and fire Bone along with the Pimpernel to vaporize him. Took awhile to farm a World Burn that didn’t have too much projectile velocity but nabbed one.

Farmed him a little bit and got some OP10 upgrades for the Peak Opener and also this, which I really wish was a fire-flavored one heh:


So my main Maya (which happens to be the very first character I created in BL2 untold years ago and who I have since named, appropriately, Number One) has been sitting at OP8 for years now (though I normally play her on OP0 with level 80 gear) and I figured might as well get her up to OP10 as well.

I had a silly thought: why not try out the Peak Opener/Hard Carry/Easy Mode combo and see how it works. So I farmed up OP8 versions of each with Sal and gave them over to Maya and had at it. It actually worked a lot better than I was expecting really. Getting through to unlock OP9 was a breeze. Maya’s built-in slagging and crowd control abilities of course helped a lot too, as always heh. Ammo was a bit of a concern since the Peak Opener tends to chew through it, but it was still manageable (I did switch to a DPUH for certain bosses and some of the spidertanks to conserve some AR ammo). (And no Bee was used.)

OP9 unlocked aaaaand that’s enough for tonight. :smiley:


Woke up Monday with a strained muscle in my neck, so I’ve been off work. Yesterday I spent the day consolidating and transferring items to mules in the hopes to delete some characters. I probably had around 27 when I started. I think I deleted around 10, and all of the mules are perfectly organized. Took a WHILE.

Today I hopped on my Maliwan allegiance Maya. First thing I did was opportunity, which was very fun thanks to a corrosive snider I found earlier.

After that, I decided to jump into the Mercenary day DLC for some gear and XP. I waited until now to get a good touch, and decided this DLC would make the best use of it.

His big dumb head is a really easy target for the bad touch. And the volcano for that matter.

I’ve found this playthrough to be pretty fun throughout, and not very difficult either. I’m well into TVHM and still haven’t enabled my BAR.

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Speaking of BAR, just got my reload speed buff up to 64%.
That’s all :wink:


On the subject of elder scrolls, Dagerfall unity is currently free on gog. I just recently picked it up. The GOG version actually comes pre-loaded with quality of life mods.

Never did play Daggerfall. And won’t now, cuz there isn’t a Mac version on GoG. Ah well.

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Got Number One up to OP10, hooray.

The peak run to it was a bit dicier this time around. Ammo concerns were more… concerning and I almost ran completely dry around the Black Queen / Doc Mercy areas. Managed to scramble to some nearby chests to clutch it out though. Also, the Doc Mercies left two Infinities behind and I picked up the better of the two, just in case I needed to lean on that and Cloud Kill to get me through. :clown_face: But luckily after that, ammo wasn’t much of a problem.

The assassins were another dicey spot: I got the all four at once spawn. Yikes. Tried to knock off Reeth first, but Rouf kept getting in my face (I’ve always hated that assassin the most of the four) and that f**ker almost stopped my run, but luckily he was low enough on health for me to 2nd wind off him. After that, the run was pretty ordinary. I always figure if I can make it past the assassins, the worst of it is over.

Now it’s a farmfest to get Maya some OP10 gear, woot.


so in my old and slow ignorance, I am going to ask… when you “mule transfer” how do you do it? by:

  1. opening clappy’s super secret stash
  2. dumping items for transfer
  3. save / quit
  4. open mule game
  5. access the stash, pull the items
  6. rinse / repeat

or some other way? I keep wanting to think there has to be an easier way, but I haven’t figured it out…

(I am playing on both Xbox and PC, FWIW - and no, I don’t want to transfer between platforms, only between characters on a platform)

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You use another controller/character to hold items for you. Drop all your stuff on the ground then have the mule pick it up.

On PC it’s pretty much just that. There’s other ways, but they aren’t exactly vanilla.

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That normal mode done. No deaths(of course) but did go into FFYL 4 times, which is irritating.

Only interesting thing I did was try a different weapon for the Jack fight in the vault of the warrior. I usually use a SMG (B*tch or Hawk), but I have used a Hive effectively. This time I looked through my stash and saw a lvl 30 World Burn, wondered how that would do.

Very very nicely, thank you. Took out all the shadow Jacks instantly, then one hit on Jack himself and ka-blooie. No nonsense with getting his survey shield, just downed instantly.
Of course, the Burn did not a thing to the Warrior, but the Hawk was enough for him.


ok cool - I was hoping there was a smarter way (i.e. more efficient), but like most things it appears I gotta work for it.

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Been doing some farming the last couple days. Maya needs a new Chain Lightning so it was off to farm for that… and I’ve decided I like farming that one guaranteed badass sorcerer that pops up better than that other area that unlocks once you’ve done the My Dead Brother sidequest. It’s quicker and you don’t have to wade through a bunch of lesser wizard spawns before the badasses appear.

Then decided to farm the bunker for a while in hopes of some Bitches (my favorite weapon with Maya, we’ll see how useless they are at OP10 though heh) and possibly even a decent Sham. Got neither so far, but BNK3R spewed out this:

and this, good ol’ Barfy! Hello old friend.


DING! Finally hit max level on my first character!

Lol, jk. This Axton is my first character though. Until recently, he was stuck in limbo at level 68 since I started out not very fond of UVHM. I’ve now decided to level him to max, and I started by resetting my playthrough. I’ve been able to rush through a lot of the main quests thanks to my heavy investment in onslaught.

Last time I played him, I played through the Tourge DLC to farm the bastard (boom pupy).

Today I’ve decided to try my hand at farming the orge, so I completed the Tina DLC.

It’s going to be a slog trying to get to the badass round, but I really would like to have a collection of ogres.

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