What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #427

I enjoy the sarcasm, truly :wink:

Knuckledragger is being an obstinate so-and-so today… I can usually get a Hornet every ~5 kills, but so far i’ve only had one, and it was only OP7.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #428

Nope. :grin:

first legendary i’ve gotten from Rolands Chest from what i can remember. lol and its a perfect leg siren com. sweat! :star_struck:

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #429

Got found by a forumite earlier, so dropped into his game to do a few sides. Didn’t have anyone around his level, so I just dropped Salvester in and steamrolled some stuff. Showed him the minecraft room, cleared out the Caustic Caverns sides for him, and then we parted ways. Then I picked up Gaige&Purge and took on the WEP. Even with an accidental reload Bloodwing went down quick and easy. Then decided I wanted more than just a shock Hail for her, so I sent Exit,GaigeLeft to do the bandit slaughter. I did all 5 rounds without DT despawning. Dashboarding for a corrosive, still haven’t seen it, gave up there. I’ll probably try again in the morning.

(Carlton Slayer) #430

Lady Killraven made it back to Sanctuary and reached level 19. With a slew of side quests available now the quest for eridium continues. May try to take a shot at the Tiny Tina dlc once she hits level 25- I’ve never done the Ancient Dragons in normal (unless doing eridium farming for mules)…

(spectacularly mediocre) #431

More tubby farming, this time at Unassuming Docks. I’m happy to report that the 2nd gen Pearls aren’t myths.


(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #432

On the plus side, if you’re going to get a Wanderlust, a slag one isn’t the worst thing :stuck_out_tongue:

(spectacularly mediocre) #433

If I’m lucky, tubbies will drop me a Godfinder next.

(The doc is in.) #434

Started with some Tubby farming in hope of upgrading my OP1 Leg Engineer COM. Few spawned, no lucky drops.
So I decided to try my luck for a Conference Call. Had a brain hardware glitch and thought it was a Terraphormous drop… Probably because I’ve been thinking about that fight for a while.
First I had to find where I misplaced my Sandhawks…
Started with my usual explosive Commando setup … didn’t got far.
Made two other attempts at BeeHawking it…
I wouldn’t call it better. Just less bad. :smiley:
I should know better. Raid is not my thing. Perhaps if I had some specific raid guns like an on level Baby Maker or… A Conference Call! :sweat_smile: It’s the egg or hen conundrum!
Should probably tweak my build for raids too if I am to try it again. It’s a bit all over the place. (I prefer to call it balanced :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.) Or stick to the Leg Soldier Com. Which I already found an OP8 one.
Oh well. Debating between the Warrior or Handsome Sorcerer…

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #435

I’m available to drop in and help if you wanted to farm :slight_smile:

(The doc is in.) #436

It’s a tempting offer…
Farming for a slag Crossfire right now. The blue Magic Missile is so so and I don’t want to rely on Double Up for raids.
I’l probably send you a PSN mssg when I get a decent one.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #437

I farm the Handsome Sorcerer w/ Sal all the time and have gotten numerous CCs.(and Flakkers and the Occasional Volcano). Using Sal makes the farm fast and easy. I’d be willing to help too.
Was there a specific CC you are looking for? I may have it.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #438

It’s really down to how quick you want the farm to be, I guess. Obviously it takes a bit longer to get to the HS than the Warrior, but otherwise i’d suggest farming HS. Much better farm plus you get to farm a few chests for the DLC COMs.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #439

It takes me far less time to do the HS…usually under 2 minutes from start to finish. I must admit I have never tried the Warrior w/ Sal…whats the tactic to take him down quick and how fast is it?

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #440

I meant getting to the enemy and then killing it is quicker with the Warrior. For speed probably Pimpdurping, although he can be pretty quick I expect with other methods too.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #441

Ahh I see…I’ll have to time from when I spawn it till when HS is dead. I’m sure it’ll be fast if I ignore the chests, but my OCD won’t allow that…lol.

edit: Just ran it, 1 minute 34 seconds, and I checked 3 chests…I know there are two more but they are out of the way. I’m using ROM/Lady Fist to kill HS.

(The doc is in.) #442

I’ve read multiple times the HS and Warrior have the same drop pool but doesn’t the HS have a larger one?
(Like Kerblaster and what not.)
I’ll eventually have to level up other characters. Like the Siren and obviously Gunzerker.
Should be able to do these by myself thou.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #443

I’m not sure. Most drops I get are the standard ones like I get from the warrior. I did get a Maggie the other day, but I suspect that just to be a world drop. I’ve personally never gotten a Kerblaster.

Edit: I currently running it because Sal just spent an hour farming a Storm Front for Zer0 and those damned rats stole half my money! Just getting my funds up to an acceptable level. Those rats are tough, even for the Deputy.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #444

Rats are irritating, certainly. Those Rodents Of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.) ones aren’t so bad, but the rest can rot in hell :angry:

(spectacularly mediocre) #445

Shouldn’t have tempted the fate. A Tumtum Godfinger was the next pearl drop. Also, it seems like I get a Bunny on every other tubbie.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #446

This is such a troll drop, it’s so terrible and you’d probably rather any class mod instead than this piece of crap :laughing: