What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

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if only i could figure out how the mic on my headset works thru xbox live :frowning: sometimes it works, sometimes i can hear people but they can’t hear me. Probably a PICNIC issue (problem in chair, not in computer).

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Gaige&Purge went to meet the Slabs today. Did all of the associated sides, Poetic License and Face McShooty, and then lounged through initiation. Got back to Sanctuary and received orders to head to Opportunity. Noticed that we were oh so close to 26, so grabbed the Bane and headed to Lynchwood. Dinged 26 after waxing the Sheriff (dropped a Sheriff’s badge), picked up our corrosive and shock Hails, and then went back to finish out Lynchwood. 2/3 of the way to 27, chilling at Sanctuary to wait until tomorrow.

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Privacy settings, probably - had the same thing myself until I changed them back to the defaults.


Finished up the UVHM main story last night with Maya at lvl 55. Left Jack with his head in the key hole.

Was an interesting run because most gear was lvl 50 or below, including the Pimp, which got a lot of use in Hero’s Pass. Got an at lvl Hornet from the red gun case at the end. I believe it’s my first legendary from that case. I don’t know what’s up with the Hornets lately but since I started running Maya, I’ve gotten about 6.
After leaving the vault of the Warrior and going into Eridium Blight, I could not resist farming the sky hunters a bunch of times to see if I could get a tubby. It’s fast and easy from there. No luck though. I did do King Mong when he showed up and got a new Badaboom.

While I have refrained from farming through all 3 modes with her, I wanted an upgrade to her Siren com and gave in. She headed off to Marcus’s Mercenary Day for some winter sports and train looting. Took awhile, but did get the new Siren com. Mr. Tinder Snowflake was a bit challenging with her gear. The only fire weapon she had was a lvl 50 Pimp which was 6 lvls low by that time. It’s easy to see why so many people love this gun. Took on average about 35 shots with the pimp to take down His Adbominableness.

Next stop either TT or Torgue DLCs.

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UVHM @ 55? Impressive feat, especially with underleveled gear. And I have a theory that the Hornet is a cursed weapon, in that it shows up whenever you least want it.

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Joined someone on Xbox asking for help with OP7, sadly they appear to have been using some illegitimate gear so I left at the Scorches.

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I must have missed the fire swamps location in BL2.

I am still farming w/72 Maya, and really haven’t found anything yet to improve anything. I ran into a handful of tubbies and they didn’t drop anything I could use, except for a mod for a character that isn’t even close to ready to use it.

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Make me feel less lonely. :open_mouth: Now not that I’m the kind of guy whom other people misery make feel better. Kinda needed that chuckle today. :wink:

That remind of a friend of mine… We were both playing Mechros (Late TVHM to early UVHM).
He had a “DeathTrap dependent” build yet kept charging head first. Meanwhile I was keeping a safe distance, clearing the area so I could go in and revive him…

Exactly. Always puzzle me how much people don’t know their game! Would be like some “GOAT” not knowing about the Pimp!!! Could you imagine that! :open_mouth:

Same here. In theory! :smiley: There was this co-op game I let people join because I wanted to save some time with Where Angels Fera to Threads. Was playing a Zero and had to keep reviving “tanking Maya”…

On topic I started farming The Warrior. Less hassle than the HS imo. Nothing really interesting so far beside maybe a matching grip, Jackob’s stock Siah Siah Muckamuck…

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Wasn’t miserable tbh, doesn’t take long to go from 0-500 Eridium in that fight if you don’t open the dice chests! Plus I got some nice gear too :slight_smile:

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If you’re using illegal methods and STILL ask for help then this isn’t the game for you- gin rummy perhaps? Or Solitaire?

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I’m actually doing The Hunt for the first time! Been a long day, but managed to get into 21st at end of session. Really rough Normal run, struggled hard for good gear. But all is well now, starting TVHM tomorrow.

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First session in a while. If me falling madly in love with GRID 2 (yes, old game by today’s standards, I know) is an ample explanation for my hiatus for so long, then that is my explanation. But tonight I had an urge to put some bullets in those steely-eyed bandits first.

So I had two separate skirmishes with Hoarder Sal and Queen Bee, both in TVHM (still), both in Lynchwood. With the former it was just a primer of reminding myself how to play after such a long layoff, not really maximizing Chain Reaction’s potential, and then wildly aiming with the Bitch to get long-range headshots and rinse and repeat for the Invader and Lady Fist. As it happens, I realize that there was another Anarchist, blue rarity, no prefix, and stronger than the Fire Anarchist, green rarity, that Hoarder Sal had. So that went over to him, and I paired it with the Rubi when starting his own boondoggle.

But it’s clear that even with the Vladof Recoil bonus from the Allegiance Relic (replacing the Shield Cap relic now with the RR as the main shield), a non-Righteous Anarchist doesn’t hit as often. Obvious. So if/when Hoarder Sal charges headfirst into UVHM, that will have to be addressed.

But at very least there’s now somewhat of a cohesive setup for armored mobs and everything else. The Kitten and the Rubi in the off, and when fighting bandits/creatures, that purple shock Spinigun from way back when will be rocking the right hand with the Kitten, and the NE Anarchist with the Rubi. With Hyperion, that Vanquisher from way back when will do work with the Kitten, and another Anarchist (Corrosive) will be paired with the Kitten. That is going to be a problem… for the first few missions because, you know, underleveled stuff will not work out fine.

I’m going to sleep over what’s next though, since I don’t want to commit to anything only to fall asleep at the end. Right now it’s either taking Queen Bee or Hoarder Sal to UVHM, OR… trying to do an honest to goodness 1 to 50 run with the cookie cutter commando, Axton.


Well, had a pretty humbling session today. Started the TTAoDK DLC and was rolling along like “I got this” and then I got to the 4 kings. :confounded: It’s always tough, but It wasn’t the kings that were getting me. I kept getting into FFYL from the Eternal Skeletons and would have nothing to kill but them or the king, neither of which give second winds. After about 5 deaths, I finally was able to keep enough distance to finish off each king. It also helped that I discovered I could PL the kings head when it came off. :wink:
The mines and Hatred’s were not much trouble, but then I got to the Lair. Again the Eternal Skeletons kicked my butt. It was nice to be able to PL those pesky Mages but not much consolation overall.
Next came the Sorcerer’s Daughter and more deaths. Could not keep Maya on her feet or whittle down the Daughter fast enough. Eventually got her and moved on to Dragon Keep. Should have stopped there and regrouped, but noooo, I had to try and finish. :crazy_face:
Didn’t even get through the first Handsome Sorcerer. After about 6 deaths I called it quits.
As I said, a humbling session, much harder than I expected. Not the first time the game has put me in my place and I’m sure it won’t be the last. :sweat_smile:

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Sif “Ended This” for the last time in her career.
Obligatory milestone :

Since I had that shock Conference Call that had dropped a couple levels ago, that did all the work…like in seconds. Same on the Warrior : Harold to bust the chest, PL a crysalisk and unleash the CC.

I had never noticed this before but since @piratebones2 pointed it out, looks like my Jack similarly was praying to the porcelain god (“I swear I’m never touching that evil Truxican mescal ever again”). His legs were actually twitching :rofl:

Or maybe he was fishing :man_shrugging:

A Slagga dropped which was cool ; and this which was even cooler :

Otherwise got a crappy parted Conference Call.
Then off to see Tannis, Terra, Tannis, Tinder, level 70.
She’ll mop up some quests for XP then she’ll hit the Peak - and which point she’ll probably get deleted because she never did turn into anything unique this time. The Maliwan thing didn’t really stick.

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This is the exact reason I had to get help for Krieg doing that part on OP8. A nightmare!

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Dr. Colt and Huckleberry (Maliwan), the Sirens, ran the WEP to find Claptrap’s upgrade. David’s and super badassses were +3 and took a pounding. 3 out of 4 cardboard boxes outside of Bloodwing’s first holding cell had loot midgets, no drops. The actual Bloodwing fight took so long the room above it respawned, but we made it through with repeated Phase lock ranged second winds and stubbornness. That in TVHM.

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For fun, I once went to that map and wanted to see if that mob was bottomless, so I ignored the Ghost King and worked on clearing out the mob. It was bottomless (went for maybe 45 minutes?), but the skeleton types seemed to be on a rotation where I could eventually get to just a handful of ‘weak’ ones. Then you can decapitate them and (as long as they don’t start infighting with the Ghost King and die) otherwise ignore them if you really just want to focus on the Ghost Kings (though this does take a while).

My Maliwan Mechromancer has literally zero weapons that can kill those kings at OP3… she has to break allegiance.



?, Did Sif do the honors or let Lilith do it? I usually let Lilith do it and Jack ends up on his back. This last time I let Maya do it. Just thinking that face up or face down may be dependant on who finishes him off, or it may just be RNGdom :smile:

NIce, A Casual Ravager with Torgue grip!


Bottomless mob, good to know!

Probably why my better sessions out there were the ones that I avoided the mob and focused on the kings.

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Kottos made some progress in his story reset. Firstly he made the trip up Thousand Cuts to the Bunker. Did all that stuff, here’s the Bunker fight.

Bunker dropped this

After that he went to Sawtooth, met a Pyre Thresher who killed him once (StV three times in a row followed by it burrowing) but eventually he progressed and finished the area. After that he dealt with the pumping stations and ended up in Arid Nexus - Badlands. Here he made his way to collect the map data, and fought this guy

He then facetanked the Super Badass Constructor with his Corrosive Butcher, and collected the data required.