What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

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So I now have a Zer0 at OP8.

I announced here yesterday that I’ve decided I need help with the OP7—>OP8 run. Of course this forum, being as awesome as it is, responded promptly. I was a little disheartened when both @Dr_Do-Little and @Kuolemanlaakso said they couldn’t do it right now. Not to worry, @Sun_Tsunami came to the rescue!

Prior to our run I haven’t really interacted with @Sun_Tsunami much and so I didn’t really know what to expect. Well, he is a great guy, and a tremendous player. Total Bad Ass. If not for him I would still be at OP7 for certain. He offered his assistance anytime, gave me some great advice and turned out to be a really stand up guy and very humble as well. I just can’t speak highly enough of him.

Before we started, he said he was going to try Melee Zer0 and if that didn’t pan out then he’d use someone else. I can tell you, there was no need to worry. We almost just coasted through the Peak.
I had a couple close calls, but no FFYL. @Sun_Tsunami did have a couple FFYLs but always got himself up before I got to him. He is very proficient at melee. I did get a couple good kills in myself, but Sun made the run so much easier. Again I have to express my gratitude for his assistance. Thanks again @Sun_Tsunami. Those assassins never had a chance!!

On a side note, I never got the “wall of text” announcing that I unlocked OP8. Sun said he didn’t see it either. That was odd.

I’ve toyed with the idea of trying melee Zer0, but after seeing it in action its definitely something I want to explore.

It’s nice having a Zer0 at OP8. First thing I did was upgraded a bunch of my gear. Fortunately, my OP8 Sal had farmed an almost full set of OP8 Pimps, good ones too. Still have to get a better fire pimp.
Also upgraded my Slagga to op8. That was a pretty easy farm.

I use the Leg Sniper COM primarily. I have both OP7 and 71 versions. I’ve not decided which to use yet. The 71 has a considerably lower shield penalty but it’s other stats are inferior to the OP7(as is to be expected).

I believe next I’ll do a reset and play through the story at OP8. This will also allow me to farm a Maggie which I’ve not used in so long I’m going through withdrawals.

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congrats on reaching OP8! you co-oped with a true gentleman for sure. @Sun_Tsunami is awesome. reading thru your story reminded me of when @StrikerZidane carried me thru the peak when my Sal was low level. I was looking for free XP and he carried me thru an OP8 run. was funny cause I was running around trying not to take a knee and collecting all the money that was dropping while screaming “i’m rich!” lol

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #549


LOL…that’s great!

Yes, again, I can’t speak highly enough of @Sun_Tsunami. I’ve always been hesitant to co-op for fear of embarrassing myself. He was encouraging the whole time and just a pleasure to co-op with.


I made a new Zero a bit earlier and ran the sidequests in Liars Berg. I haven’t played BL in probably several months now. I’ll have to see how far I’m willing to take him. I thought I might try to replicate one of my very first Zer0 build ideas from years back and stick a Bitch in his hands (while mainly using smgs and pistols in general and while leveling).

EDIT: Good grief. I just realized that it’s been at least 4 years, probably like 6 since I’ve last time done any Zero specced into Two Fang :smiley:

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Congratulations! @Sun_Tsunami helped me a lot too so I fully agree with your comments. @nat_zero_six deserves a mention too, would feel wrong to mention one without the other!

On topic i’m currently farming for a good Trespasser. I had a question though, would it be better to get Skookum or Tumtum? I’m guessing critical is better, but i’m not sure. Any input would be great.

Edit: For now I accepted this because it’s the best one i’ve seen in two days of reloading my game. I can always farm a better one on another character!


The funny thing about this one is that the line where Scarlet for the first time mentions Leviathan ate Roscoe is completely missable and I heard that line for the first time ever last year when I decided I’m not going to fast travel to the quest turn ins because I’m sure there’s things I’m missing since there’s a few of them in that DLC. That’s also the first time you’d actually see Leviathan outside of the initial intro cutscene.
It’s kind of remarkable how something like that ended up being missable because of the placement of fast travel station in the area.

What’s that? :open_mouth:

I vote Tattler.

I think it kinda depends on the other bonuses you’re showing up there. I honestly never paid too much attention to this but at least for CA stacking there is a point where weapon damage starts doing more than crit damage the higher you go but I honestly couldn’t tell where I’ve picked that up and when it might be applicable. From pure number crit is +20 % and gun damage is +10 (double on crit obviously). I wouldn’t worry about it too much because that thing you’ve got there has perfect parts otherwise. Matching grip, Hyp stock (best for all snipers IMO) and the the second lowest zoom. The difference in accessory should be quite minimal for the results in whatever I’d use Trespasser for which is generally Pete.

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Thanks for the input. I will probably never use it, except for those specific things like you mentioned, and for those the one I have is just fine. I’ve never even owned a Trespasser that I can remember, I just know that it’s useful for some raids with different characters!

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Made me smile while reading this. Awesome guys indeed.
Congrats sir!


As far as I can tell all gun damage buffs are additive so it shouldn’t make much of a difference. Maybe I’ll try digging that up someday because this is something I feel like I should know but I just don’t. When it comes to removing Pete’s mask or shooting Chief Ngwatu (who’s name I had to doublecheck, would’ve got it right) I’m sure both of those prefixes work just fine. Jacobs grip is also the only one adding more damage, though I’m not sure how much.

Since that weapon is rarely used for more than a few shots I started thinking non-matching grip might actually be best if you are going for TT optimization or something. If the dmg reduction from switching to Dahl won’t change the shot count then that would allow you to get the shots in faster because less recoil and better recovery.

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I decided to exploit this to the fullest extent for this playthrough. I don’t think I’d do it again to that extent, but it’s pretty damn handy.

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Anytime. :slight_smile: Had a ball co0ping with you.


I’m fairly sure you know but just in case you can also do this stuff with Lascaux. Spawn 20 of them and it’s quite likely to give you one or two decent ones. Also resetting the glitch for that is as simple as quitting and re-entering the game. The effective range is of course shorter but it’s a pretty good gun.

(Is this thing on?) #560

There’s also that weird thing where sometimes there will be TWO Lascauxs (?) lying in the pool. Never did figure out what the trigger for that is, but it’s a good revenue source if nothing else!


For most things in game, I’d suggets the 71 version, especially since you mentioned using Pimps. I’m usually running them with Ninja com these days and they still kill without those gun and crit bonuses. The bonuses from 71 should still be pretty noticable especially with all those +5 skills boosting them even more.
If you want to down a raidboss then go max level. For future leisure peak runs, I’m not sure which would be better. The one I carry in my backpack for occasional switching is OP8. I just figured I’d throw it out for damage and I’m kinda used to lower capacity (coward) tactics anyway.

EDIT: wait what the ■■■■ this is 3rd thread already?

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Doesn’t that happen whenever you leave Frostburn without picking it up and then come back? I’ve definitely done that to have choices, or with Sal so I could dual wield those puppies. That’s how you can spawn 20 of them.

@Lammas I thought that was a cool glitch, and the reason @jefe brought this to our attention, is because otherwise the Bad Touch is just once per character.


Yeah, I gathered as much. I honestly just skimmed through the first message and thought I’d make a note about Lascaux since the same method applies. Except with Lascaux you can always get more with just save&quit > re-enter.

EDIT: I have to admit it’s kind of funny to think about it but I’ve all but forgotten about Bad Touch being in the game at all. Considering I’m no longer playing on controller anymore I guess I should visit good touch some of these days too. That rumble gimmick was chuckle worthy at the beginning but I kinda used to like the controller rumbles so I never softened up to turning them off for this weapon and rather just ditched the vibrator in the nearest vendor.

EDIT2: I know this topics are kinda open ended but sorry for derailing so much here.

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Apparently I am learning the error of my ways. The bone shredder is actually pretty decent since I respected Maya completely. Now I am trying to farm the slag version of it. I’ve run into a couple of tubbies along the way, but nothing she can use.

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I had the same issue with the vibrations. I used to like them as notification of being shot at, but now I just think it’s a distraction so I’ve disabled the function on the console. The result, of course, is that I use the Good Touch way more than I ever did before. Turns out it’s a fantastic crutch for Hellborn Krieg (but I still prefer a Hellfire).

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This is the official derail thread :laughing:

On topic :

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum :

I think you guys know my opinion on the Infinity, but this one was so beautiful…

…I went InfiniBee for the entirety of the post-Assassin Peak.

@Carlton_Slayer would be proud :grinning:

It’s just started snowing hard and I’ve got a shed to refinish rebuilding :persevere: